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Tuesday, August 30


Herbstreet's Hardware

Best Uniform: Texas (All White). Looks good in his uniform: Vince Young. These are just a couple of the Herbies, pre season awards by ESPN analyst Kirk Herbstreit, posted on the web Monday. He hands out plenty of other top awards and top five lists as the college football season begins this weekend. I love lists like these just because so many make you gasp in confusion. There are plenty of Longhorns on the list: Vince Young, Rodrique Wright, Aaron Harris, Michael Huff. Herbstreit also includes Coach Mack Brown on a five man list of best game day coaches (Bob Stoops is also on the list). He goes further to predict division and conference winners. Big 12: Texas A&M. (Texas is his sleeper) What do you think? Who do you think will take the North and South Divisions and then the overall Big 12 championship?

how the hell can you call texas a big12 "sleeper" when 80% of the CFB punditry ranks us #2 in the country and is calling for us to win the conference. retarded.

but i do agree with one thing: VY looks badass in our all-white away jersey's. especially when it's still all-white at the end of a victory.
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