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Tuesday, August 23


The ATL Preseason Top 25

I’m participating in something pretty interesting this year, the Bloggers Top 25 College Football Poll, which you can find here. I don’t get too carried away with this blog, or blogs in general, but I will say that I think this is pretty cool. All the kudos go to the blogger from Michigan, Brian, who has put this together, and who runs an impressive blog, which you can check out here. Rest assured that All Things Longhorn is a long way from that kind of comprehensiveness.

Nonetheless, when I was invited to join this poll, I thought it would be fun and joined in. I cast my preseason ballot today, and it’s time to unveil it for the readers here. (See my ballot
here.)As you can see, I checked Texas in at #4. Can we run the table and get to the Rose Bowl? Sure we can. We’ve always got the talent to run the table. Will we win at Ohio State, in Dallas against OU, and at Texas A&M? Maybe, but I doubt it. I see Texas losing one of those games and going 11-1. Is that enough to get us in the Rose Bowl? In some years, it can be.

If Texas does manage to run the table, it would be difficult to imagine that we wouldn’t be the BCS #1 team. Even if USC goes undefeated, their schedule is a walk in the Pac 10, err… park… compared to the tough schedule the Horns face. The computers will favor Texas handily, and the standards for USC are going to be so high that even close wins may be viewed by some virtually as losses. If Texas runs the table, mark my words, they will be the BCS #1 team heading in to the Rose Bowl.

But before we start counting our chickens, let’s take off the rose tinted glasses and be realistic. Mack Brown gets outcoached by the best on a regular basis. Greg Davis is still calling the plays. And we face three very, very good teams away from home. Texas’ year to run the table was last year, folks. It was an easy schedule and we missed a grand opportunity. I’ll reserve further judgment until we see Texas play at Ohio State, but this blogger is skeptical that we can win ‘em all. Of course, if we do, I’ll be on the first plane to Pasadena. You got a couch ready for me, Windler?


I have already made a tennitave reservation at Casa De Windler, but I think we will lose one. If that one is at Ohio St I still would put a 80% chance of us being in the Rose Bowl.
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