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Thursday, August 11


Fans beware of preseason hype

The USA Today Coaches preseason poll was released on Tuesday and Texas checked in at #2, behind only (surprise) USC. The Trojans received 1,547 points and 60 of the 62 first place votes. Texas trailed USC with 1,405 and received the other two first place votes.

Talk about respect. Looks like people feel like this is Texas’ best team in some time. Sure, we’re usually in the top five to ten, but number two? Hmm… what changed? After all, we lost one of the best running backs in the country and the best defensive player in the country?

Two things happened last January that changed the perception of the Longhorns. First, at the Rose Bowl, Texas (and by extension, Mack Brown) won a big game. A really big game. And second, a couple days later, Oklahoma got absolutely pounded by USC. They also lost their Heisman winning quarterback. Oh, and we didn’t. Vince Young had a pretty good Rose Bowl.

So, to recap: Texas wins a big game and has an exciting, improving quarterback. Oklahoma loses a big game and its big time quarterback. This, then, is the year that Texas beats OU, right? Apparently, the coaches who vote think so.

But as Lee Corso always says, “Not so fast, my friends.” What about Vegas? As I mentioned earlier in this blog, Vegas doesn’t even have Texas as favored to win the Big 12! OU checks in as the favorite to win the Big 12 at 7/5. Texas is an underdog, at 8/5. Who do you trust more? The coaches voting in the USA Today Poll, or the Vegas oddsmakers?

Forget all that for a moment, though. The real matchup problem in this game is not New OU Quarterback vs. Vince Young. It’s Mack Brown vs. Bob Stoops. The Mack Attack is 0-5 against Stoops in this century, lest we get too excited about our chances this year. And last I checked, Greg Davis is still calling the plays for the offense.

In case the coaching mismatch isn’t enough, let’s not forget that it wasn’t Jason White who bludgeoned the Longhorns last year—it was that freshman running back… Adrian Peterson. And he’s still wearing Oklahoma maroon. Texas, meanwhile, is still sorting through its running game options (besides Vince, of course).

It’s far too early to break this game down too much, and there’s so much that’s going to happen between now and then. I just caution you now, Longhorn fans: temper your expectations. Be reasonable. Watch closely. And for God’s sake, don’t look any further than Columbus, Ohio. On September 10th, we’ll get plenty of answers.


So will this year be any different? Sure, Vincent Young had a good Rose Bowl, and good comeback wins against Okla St and Kansas. What else did he do? He stunk against Arkansas and OU.

So you say Texas lost its best defensive player. Nobody will argue that. One thing that gets lost in that Rose Bowl win was the fact Michigan scored 37 points. A non-top 10 team with freshman running back and quarterback scored 37 and Texas has since lost its best player.

Back to OU. The Sooners have won each of their last five over Texas by at least 11 points. The total score over five years - OU 189, Texas 54 ... That's an average victory of 38-11.

Stoops' defense will once again be strong. Oh yea, that Peterson kid will be pretty good, too.
Let's just give Vince his Heisman already and continue the long tradition of overhyped and incompetent losers taking home that meaningless piece of hardware.

Texas will lose games this season, probably long before they ever step on the field for that complete sham of rivalry.

Better start making excuses now, they will come in handy.
Aha! Our first OU visitor rears his head! Poor grammar, incoherent sentences, critiques that make little or no sense! The rivalry begins early this year!

If you're going to bash the Horns, Jitterbug, learn to do so in readable English. Stupid Sooners.
Obviously logic isn't a priority for you filthy little Texas inbreds. Why would an OU fan bash the Heisman after wonderboy White won it? Those OU wankers are probably salivating at the prospect of Peterson getting it this year. He certainly deserves it more than that toothpick-legged gimp you call a quarterback. Last time I checked that position required you to throw the ball once in a while. Anyone can line up a shitty wide receiver under center and call him the second coming of Michael Vick.
Well, he does have a point. Consider this, what if the Michigan defense was better coached and prepared for Vince Young ? Young is a glider with deceptive speed , the first time a defense plays against him they take bad angles. Then add that he doesn't go down easy, he just shudders off tacklers, and you've got a learning curve involved in playing against Young.

So this gets us back to the Rose Bowl and an unfamiliar Michigan team who struggled vrs running QB's in the regular season, i.e. Troy Smith of Ohio State and Drew Stanton of Michigan State.

And my point is this, what if UT had lost the Rose Bowl ? Would the same off season " feel good " exist around the Longhorn program and would UT be as highly rated going into the season ?

I think not.

But if the UT FG kicker had not put that little extra ooomph that cleared the crossbar by a lousy foot, then we have a different outlook for this season.

Maybe Mr. Jitterbug is preaching reality, especially considering that playing Ohio State in the Horseshoe is no easy task and the Sooners have seen Young in 2003 and 2004. Add on top of that perilous road trips to Columbia , Mo and College Station.

I don't know, I may not be any smarter than a dysfunctional OU grad ( I know my grammar and english is not up that level ) but I do know a thing or two about college football.

Have a good day Mr Longhorn, I wish your team luck meeting the high expectations that are riding on their shoulders this season.

And PS, If I were you I'd pray that Young doesn't get injured ... my goodness what a precipitous drop that would be.

Seee Yaaaaa
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