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Thursday, June 30


Rose Bowl victory up for ESPY

Texas' thrilling comeback win at the Rose Bowl has been nominated for an ESPY, one of three contenders for Best Game of the Year. Some of you were there, the rest of us were all watching. Now go to to ESPN.go.com/espy2005 and vote so we can see highlights of the game on ESPY night.

Also nominated was the Michigan State-Kentucky 'Elite Eight' game in the NCAA men's basketball tournament, which was played at UT's Frank Erwin Center, as well as Game 5 of the American League Championship Series between the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees.

You can bet that this will come down to Red Sox Nation vs. Longhorn Nation. We all know that Sox fans are, well, insane, so count on that game getting the ESPY.

What, no mention of voting on Cat Osterman as female college athlete of the year?

I thought this was ALL things Longhorn
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