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Thursday, June 23


Texas 4 Baptists 3

The Horns are going to the championship round of the College World Series for the third time in four years after a thrilling 4-3 victory over the Baylor Bears last night. The game, one of the best I’ve ever seen, was a tight, back and forth battle, the outcome never certain until Chance Wheeless blasted a walk off home run to win the game.

Wow. I hope you were watching, kids. I’m as big of a major league baseball junkie as you’ll ever meet, which makes college baseball a little less enjoyable for me, but that was as great a baseball game as I’ve seen in a long time. From Nick Peoples game-tying crash/score in the eighth, to Drew Stubbs diving snag in center field that led to an inning ending double play, the Horns positively refused to be beaten last night.

Texas now gets to rest until Saturday, when they will face the winner of the Florida-Arizona State matchup tonight. The championship round will be a best of three series, ending Monday with the third game (if necessary).

To those poor folks last night at table thirty who wondered why I was jumping up and down and hooting at the television instead of serving them their lasagna, I apologize… Wait, that’s a lie. I love University of Texas sports. A lot. Fuck off , don't leave a tip.

Hook 'em Horns.

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