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Thursday, June 30


Horns recruit drafted by Jazz

Texas basketball recruit C.J. Miles was drafted in the early second round by the Utah Jazz on Tuesday night, but because Miles did not hire an agent, he can still opt to go to Texas instead of the NBA.

This article makes it sound like Miles is going to give it a go with the Jazz. It doesn’t sound like he has any interest at all in being a winning collegiate athlete. Rather, he views college as merely a stepping stone to his professional career.

Two points here. Number one, I hope he doesn’t come to Texas. I have absolutely no problem with the kid putting his professional career at the top of his priority list. It’s his life, his business, his well-being—more power to him. But don’t bring that attitude to Texas, where we’re trying to, you know, win. We’re not a training camp for the pros, so don’t come here if that’s all you want.

Number two, I’d be pretty disappointed to hear that from a player if I were an NBA team. It’s especially surprising that the Utah Jazz don’t seem to have a problem with this me-first kind of attitude. Without ever seeing this kid play, I’ll say that I won't be surprised if this guy drifts around the league and never takes hold as a regular starter, let alone a star. If I’m an NBA general manager, I’ll take a pass on this guy. Give me someone who wants to win any day of the week.


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