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Thursday, June 23


Barnes snags prized recruit

Basketball updates abound… Rick Barnes has scored his biggest recruiting coup to date, getting a verbal commitment from Oak Hill Academy swingman Kevin Durant for 2006. Durant, who would likely be a lottery pick in the NBA draft next year (but may not be eligible following the NBA’s new age limit rules), has chosen Texas over—get this—North Carolina and Connecticut, the last two NCAA champions.

Now that’s impressive. As Dave Telep of Scout.com said, “This is clearly (Texas’) most significant national recruit that I can remember. And I’m talking about the history of their program. Kevin Durant gives Texas street cred all over the country.”

I, whiter than Cal Ripken, am probably the last person to comment on street cred, but it sounds like a good thing to me. Regardless, Durant, who stands at 6’9” tall and has NBA level skills, is a huge recruit for the program and, following last year’s lukewarm recruiting job by Mr. Mack, may make Rick Barnes the new Texas Recruiting King.

It’s a very, very good time to be a Longhorn fan indeed.


If Rick's the man in regards to recruiting now, and Mack is "Coach February," what title does Rick get? Coach June?
TR -- You should know that Augie is coach June

And PB ... I hear this kid really is the next Lebron james and is getting screwed by the new age limit.

It's a landmark recruit for Texas, the best yet for Barnes. Even if he renegs his verbal commitment, it's a great marketing tool for the Texas coaches to lure other prized recruits.

An assistant coach with East Coast ties got this recruit early. Will he really come to Tex and leave the Dukes, UCONNS, UNCs in the East behind for one year? Or will he take a mega shoe deal, play in Europe for a year and build his legend before coming to the NBA?
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