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Tuesday, June 28


Wiggo returns with some commentary

Hey Longhorn fans, I’m back. Sorry for the lack of posts. For those of you who don’t know, I am temporarily homeless (i.e. living with my parents) while looking for a place to live. My internet access is severely limited, but I have been following the Horns. My congratulations and sincere admiration goes out to the UT baseball team. Unlike Bean, I am not a lover of our national pastime. Yet, I love the College World Series and enjoy it even more when Texas is there. I didn’t miss a game this year. The CWS is another example of how great college sports are. The World Series is fun to watch some Octobers. The CWS is thrilling every year. The story lines are real; the players are passionate; and the games are intense. From walkoff homers, seven run comebacks, and masterful pitching performances, this CWS was fantastic. Congratulations also go out to Cat Osterman and the UT softball team. They too made it to the College World Series only to come up short. I still don’t understand how anyone can pitch day after day, overhand or underhand, but Cat is one of the most dominant college athletes I have ever seen.

NBA Draft: Tonight
The NBA draft is tonight from New York City. This year’s draft will be the last of its kind. The NBA and the players association reached an agreement, which allows for an age limit similar to the NFL’s. No player will be allowed to declare for the draft until they are 19 years old or a year removed from their high school graduation. What does this mean for Texas? First, the verbal commitment we received last week from prep star Kevin Durant should hold him in college for at least one year. It is only a verbal commitment and Durant cannot officially sign with Texas until the fall, but no matter what scouts think of him, he will have to go to college or sit out a year before heading to the pros.

There is another compelling reason to watch the Draft tonight: CJ Miles. For those of you who haven’t followed this story, CJ is a 6-6 Texas signee and a McDonald’s All American from Dallas Skyline who has left his name in the draft this year. His father says he has been assured CJ will be drafted in the first round thus receiving a guaranteed contract and millions. If CJ happens to slip until the second round, there is no such guarantee. Miles could and likely would head to Texas in the fall. CJ has excited NBA scouts with his athleticism and feel for the game. He still needs to gain strength and size to compete on the NBA stage. It will be interested to see which NBA team is willing to promise time and money to this prospect. The thinking here is a late first round selection will prevent us from ever seeing CJ in burnt orange.

TJ Cleared for Next Season
In other exciting news,
TJ Ford, former Texas star, has been cleared to play next year for the Milwaukee Bucks. TJ hasn’t played in over a year since suffering a spinal injury in May 2004. TJ will likely play with the top pick in this year’s draft next season. The Bucks are expected to take Utah center, Andrew Bogut. I watched Bogut for two games in person during the NCAA tournament. He is a solid player but not a #1 pick. I would draft Marvin Williams if I were the Bucks. Either way, welcome back TJ.

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