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Tuesday, August 16


Brown closes football practices from public

Mack Brown and the Longhorn coaching staff have closed football practices from the public and media to “protect the privacy of our student-athletes with regard to injuries.” Uh-huh. And George Bush doesn’t hold press conferences because he doesn’t want to overwork journalists.

Brown offered the injury smoke screen to shield what are probably his true intentions: to mask what the Longhorns intend to do this season. So why the change this year? The most reasonable explanation is that the Horns have a pretty damn meaningful game early in the schedule—they travel to Columbus, Ohio on September 10th to face Ohio State in just the second game of the year. That’s a change from years past, where the toughest pre-Oklahoma opponent was, at best, Arkansas.

So while you’ll hear Mack Brown talk about not wanting his players’ parents to hear about their injuries on the internet before hearing about it from the players and coaches, just wink and nod. It’s never quite that simple.


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