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Monday, August 22


Brown optimistic about defense

Mack Brown said he expects the Longhorns defense to be sharper in the early season this year. New defensive coordinator Gene Chizik, who orchestrated the outstanding Auburn defense last year, has left the basic scheme installed last year by recently departed Greg Robinson. As the Horns return the bulk of their starting defense from last year, the players are much more familiar with the system than they were at the beginning of last year.

Okay, Brown's optimistic. What's new? I'm happy to hear that the Horns will be more comfortable with the defense at the start of the year now that it's not new, but, uh, Mack... weren't the players pretty familiar with the defense last year when we had trouble with that team from Michigan? I remain optimistic about this team, but cautiously so. Talk, after all, is cheap, cheap, cheap. I'll wait and see how the Horns look in two weeks.

Auburn did indeed have a great defense last year. Actually, it was the top-rated defense.

Message to Longhorn fans: Don't be hypnotized by Auburn's 13-0 record last year, though. Remember, Auburn had a ball control offense with two first round running backs and a first round QB. So the time of possession thing really favored Auburn last year.

Look at Auburn the previous four years before last year.

2000 - 9-4, 6-2
2001 - 7-5, 5-3
2002 - 9-4, 5-3
2003 - 8-5, 5-3
2004 - 13-0, 8-0

Only one of those seasons is acceptable for Texas standards. Remember the last hotshot D-coordinator in the SEC who Texas nabbed? His name was Carl Reese.
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