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Thursday, August 25


Smile! You're on Mack Brown TV!

Mack Brown is on the cover of Texas Monthly. The full article is not available unless you are a subscriber, but the first sentences are enough for me. “I like happy people,” says Mack Brown, the head coach of the University of Texas football team. “I really do. And I like my staff, and I want positive people around. I don’t want negative people around these kids. I tell ’em, ‘If you don’t like it here, leave. If you stay, be upbeat, positive. I want you to have some fun.’”

Maybe it’s my glass half empty attitude that makes me dislike him. Or maybe it’s his eternal optimism year after year after limited off season changes. Mack Brown and staff have been nothing but successful since they arrived. But success is not what Horns fans demand. True fans demand ultimate success: conference championships, BCS wins, and eventually national championships. Mack is a great recruiter, a great motivator, and a great person. He is honest, caring, motivated, and dedicated. I am still waiting to write and see that he is talented enough to take Texas to the next level. Once again at ATL, talk and articles are cheap; we measure success with results. I hope we get them this season in Columbus, in Dallas, and in College Station.

As a Sooner fan I love Mac Brown! He is always good for a quote, "I'll answer that for Chris." and his sideline demeanor is fun to watch.

I think this could be the year for the Longhorns in the Cotton Bowl on October 8. If not we Sooner fans could wind up saying goodbye to our favorite Longhorn coach.
Mack has been the most sucessful coach in my lifetime and since Royal. No one wins every year and I think he will have his year soon. If he wins 10 or 11 this year again and still loses to OU, he will still be back. I know in Austin it is impossible to like a coach of UT, but look at how Nebraska is doing by fireing winning coaches.
Come on AW, give me a break. You're probably to young to remember all the coaches we've had sinse '76. Which one of those would you want back. I hear they're all available. In the last four years we finish in the top 6 three times and twice we are a close loss away from the championship game. That is the next level. Plus Mack does it with great kids with character who stay out of trouble for the most part and have a good shot at graduating. AW get your glass half full and appreciate what you've got. With the championship setup it takes a lot of luck to win it all. It will come our way soon. With a playoff maybe Mack would have a couple by now.
As for sooner fan. Who would want a coach that you wouldn't dare let your son go play for.
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