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Monday, August 29


Taking aim

The Longhorn football team has a theme, Take Dead Aim. This is one of the many insightful catch phrases of legendary golf instructor, Harvey Penick. Many of you know Penick as the author of The Little Red Book or maybe as the former coach of Longhorn golf stars Tom Kite and Ben Crenshaw. I love the theme. Mack Brown explains its significance in the linked article. Basically it is a better and less cliché way of saying one game at a time. Anyone who has ever played golf or participated in a season knows this cliché is absolutely true. You play the front nine at even par only to let your mind drift towards your first round in the sixties and before you get to the eighteenth tee you are staring at an eighty. Or you win a few games at the beginning of the season and start dreaming of a national championship. I will continue to take my shots at Mack, the coach, but this is another great decision by Mack, the motivator and Mack, the leader. So, that said, bring on Louisiana-Lafayette.

Benson signed yesterday....
Benson signed yesterday
I have no problem with the theme (although the concept of having a theme every year seems a bit high-schoolish to me, like picking a theme for the yearbook, homecoming or the prom).

I was in Austin last weekend and I read about this in a story on the top of the sports section after seeing a tease to it on the top of A1. My immediate reaction was, "How long until they are selling these?" I guess it was inevitable for someone to take the marketing concept behind the livestrong bracelets (which genuinely support a good cause, with at least some of the money raised by their sale going towards cancer research) and turning them into the ballcap of the 21st century.

Soon everyone in DRK will be wearing burnt orange rubber bracelets while doing the hook'em horns sign. Then over at Kyle Field all the morons will be whooping with maroon bracelets. Every school will follow suit, and use the bracelets as a fundraiser for the athletic department.
Along with being a good recruiter and coach, Mack is a great marketer - one of the main reasons why you can safely ignore any "Hot Seat" rumors about Mack and his job stability.
They sold both maroon and burnt orange fan bracelets last year.

It didnt really catch on then and hopefully it wont this year either.

I read where the "dead aim" bracelets won't be available to the public... but honestly, how hard would it be for me to make them through one of the hundred of t-shirt places near campus.
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