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Wednesday, August 31


A moment of silence for those in peril

Today we’ll take a moment of silence, so to speak, forget about sports, count our blessings, and offer our prayers for those suffering in the world. In particular, our hearts are with everyone in the Gulf Coast region and the city of New Orleans. Reports today are speculating that people may not be able to return to the city for as long as three months. The death toll in the region is up to nearly 100 and rising quickly. It’s unbelievably tragic, and should remind us all that life is short and we are very blessed.

Things are no better over in Iraq, where the entire country is dealing with daily crises. Yesterday, some
600 people were killed in a stampede after rumors of a suicide bomber broke a huge crowd on a bridge into a panic. Thousands of other innocent civilians have died during the campaign to establish democracy in Iraq. Our thoughts and prayers go out to our brave military personnel in Iraq and the many innocent citizens of Iraq that are living in a war zone.
--PB and AW--

If this disaster can any way be spun into a positive, it looks like San Antonio might house the Saints temporarily.

One way to help would be to sell out the games (assuming proceeds go to the Saints/ New Orleans). The Saints were to play home games against Chicago (Benson & Vasher), Miami (Ricky) and Detroit (everyone else).

I wonder if the Superdome will be Sugar Bowl ready by December? My guess is even if it is ready, New Orleans can't handle the tourists.
I still can't understand why the Independence Bowl in Shreveport didn't step up for this one. It hold 65,000 people and there's no major colleges in Shreveport area.

My guess is that money from games won't go to help Louisiana, but that there would be donation cans all over the place.

This was most likely the last season for the Saints in N.O. anyway. Season tickets were at an all-time low (even lower than the paper bag years) and talks had already been in place about possibly moving to San Antone, Las Vegas or Los Angeles.
Greetings from CollegeFootballResouce.com

This is just a quick request to join the BlogAid (I think they're calling it that) event tomorrow (Thursday). Check the link below for more info, but basically I want to have some kind of CFB blog contingent helping out on this.


Its in the name of Hurricane Katrina relief. The link should explain more, basically all you need to do is make an entry (or more if you wish) asking readers to donate to the charity of your choice.


No pressure either, I don't mind in the least if you don't participate, just trying to add a few more CFB blogs, considering that Katrina has also affected the sport we all love.

This is a late request, obviously, but if you feel like being a part of it, join me.

PS email back if you're gonna join (with your blog's name---sorry, I don't remember email addresses so easily), so I can note you on my blog as one of the participants.

Thanks! Apologies if this email was annoying (I'm not normally a fan of the Live Aid, etc. stuff, but just feel compelled given the enormity of the situation).

I think the saints should play in the Astrome. Rationally it would not work, but it would be something for people who have nothing to root for.
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