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Tuesday, September 6


Name him

Loyal reader Wells Person pointed out that we didn't give Henry Melton any love. That was simply an oversight—he certainly caught our eye during the game. How could you miss him, after all? The guy is big enough to be a defensive end, while remaining fast and quick enough to run the football. He’s like Jerome Bettis’s younger, taller brother. I’m also not totally convinced that Selvin Young will be the starter all year, but I suspect he’ll remain so in the near term as the coaching staff continues to work in the young crop of talented runners. If Young’s ankle was completely healthy, I’d make him my primary back, mixing in Charles, Taylor, and Melton to change the pace. But Young doesn’t look completely recovered from the ankle injury he suffered last year; he may never be, for that matter. Still, expect Young to remain the starter, but quickly cede way to the trio of younger backs. Texas led the nation in rushing last year, and it would be an upset if they weren’t in the top five again, at the least.

Now, on the matter of Melton, a guy this unique needs a good nickname. Let's hear some ideas, readers....

how about Henry "headache" Melton
....definitely have to say, it sounds like the backs are going to be awesome this year. Charles and Taylor are studs! And of course, "The Headache"
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