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Tuesday, September 6


Aggie-OU letdowns

The Big 12 took two opening week losses, as Texas’ top rivals Oklahoma (lost 17-10 to TCU) and Texas A&M (lost 25-24 to Clemson) didn’t show up to play on Saturday. For Oklahoma, it’s a particularly stunning loss and shows that they have a long way to go on the offensive side of the football. A home loss to TCU is beyond shocking. Not that TCU is terrible, but it’s not a game you expect OU to lose. As for A&M, maybe we can stop the Sleeper Hype Machine finally. The Aggies have been so many pundits sexy little sleeper to win the Big 12. They might still do it, of course, but seriously, it’s a longshot. Texas is the favorite in the South and should remain so until they lose a game. Poor, poor Aggies.

While I can’t help but smile when those two schools lose, in reality it doesn’t help the Horns at all. Those two teams now have damaging losses on their resumes—losses the computers will not overlook. If Texas winds up in a tight BCS scram, they’ll want their opponents to have strong records and ratings. The short of it is: we might be cheering for Clemson and TCU for the next couple of months. Can we please just get a playoff?


PB ... I just wanted to fill a few small holes you left in your blogs. I enjoy reading you guys because, although this is a Longhorn fan site, you guys have been pretty straight-forward most of the time.

That being said, Maybe the Big 12 really isn't that good. Maybe the ACC is ahead of them (Ga Tech beats Auburn, Clemson beats A&M, NC State-Va Tech and Miami-Flordia ST were high quality games.)

And please don't use the words "great win" twice in the first sentence when talking about UT's win over one of the worst teams in CFB that was also dealing with Katrina aftermath.

Hang on, let me catch my breath. OK. I still think Texas is a top 5 team on talent alone. But throw in about 8 other teams that are worthy of top five - Georgia, Iowa, Ohio State, Va Tech, Florida St, Florida, USC, Michigan.

This will be a defining week for the Texas LongMacks. Win and they're among elite. Lose, and we'll just repeat what we've been saying for nearly 10 years.
Dip, I think you're right about the Big 12 not being that strong this year. I'll save that for a further column.

As for the great win, I think you took it the wrong way. It wasn't a great win in the sense that we beat anyone good, but in the sense that it was what it was supposed to be, and no one got seriously hurt.

And thanks very much for being a regular reader and posting comments. We intended this blog to be an interactive one - thanks for chiming in.
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