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Friday, September 9



This is what we’ve all been waiting for. The anticipation is palpable as the big game draws near. It’s not just a local story; national media are covering this game like it’s a national title showdown. In some senses, it is. Whoever wins this game will be in superb shape to make a BCS bowl—possibly even the Rose.

It’s moments like these that make us sports fans. Thousands of Texas fans are traveling to Columbus to support the Horns, though they will be dwarfed by the near hundred thousand Ohio State fans that will be screaming at the Shoe. The rest of us will be glued to the edges of our seats, jumping up and pumping our fists when Vince Young breaks a tackle and gets loose in the open field. And we’ll bury our hands in our faces when Ted Ginn Jr. darts past the last line of defense to make a score.

It’s anyone’s guess who will win this game. There will be heros, and goats; winners and losers. Hundreds of thousands of fans will be disappointed. Hundreds of thousands will be elated. Win or lose, this is one of the reasons we love sports and one of the many reasons we love our Texas Longhorns.



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