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Wednesday, September 7


All Things Buckeye

Here at All Things Longhorn, we’re very proud of this site and try to add as much fresh and insightful commentary as time and resources allow. On the whole, we do a pretty good job and hopefully everyone enjoys reading it as much as we do writing for it.

In researching Ohio State, I went digging for some Buckeye fan sites and came across the mother ship—their counterpart to our
Horn Fans. For all things related to Ohio State sports, just check out Buckeye Planet, a website with discussion boards, analyses and everything else you can imagine. It’s a great site and worth checking out. It’s what this site would look like if we had a team of eight people working on it, some of them full time. They have a fantastic preview on the game, as well—highly recommended reading.

You’ll note that they’re understandably bullish about their team and about their chances in this game, though they give Texas a lot of credit. Eight of their authors made predictions on the game; six picked Ohio State, two picked Texas.


Buckeye Plant really does have a great preview of the big game. I read the whole thing. Even their authors give Texas the edge on the field at just about every position, save wide out. But six of their authors pick the Buckeyes based largely on off the field criteria: coaching ability, coaching success in big games, and home field advantage. I still think we overcome and steal one in Columbus. -AW-
Did you see their Miami of Ohio score predictions? Pretty impressive:
Last Week's Results (OSU 34 - Miami 14)
Low score wins the year long battle of prediction supremacy! (Difference of actual score versus predicted score)
(1) Jaxbuck's prediction: 33-14, Ohio State (1 + 0 = 1)
(4) BB73's prediction: 31-13, Ohio State (3 + 1 = 4)
(4) osugrad21's prediction: 35-17, Ohio State (1 + 3 = 4)
(6) 3yardsandacloud's prediction: 28-14, Ohio State (6 + 0 = 6)
(7) daddyphatsac's prediction: 31-10, Ohio State (3 + 4 = 7)
(9) Bucklion's prediction: 31-20, Ohio State (3 + 6 = 9)
(11) Hubbard's prediction: 24-13, Ohio State (10 + 1 = 11)
(16) LordJeffBuck's prediction: 24-20, Ohio State (10 + 6 = 16)
Yeah, impressive, except for the last two--Hubbard and LordJeffBuck. Guess which two picked the Longhorns to win? D'oh!
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