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Monday, September 12


Heisman Hopefuls

You might have forgotten that there were two Heisman hopefuls on the field Saturday night. There’s been plenty said about Texas’ Vince Young, but Ohio State’s Ted Ginn, Jr. was hoping to make a mark on the game as well, one that might propel him into the Heisman discussion.

It never happened. Ginn had a couple solid kick returns to set up good Ohio State field position, but he was completely absent on offense, making only one catch for nine yards. More kudos to Gene Chizik and the Texas defense for keeping Ginn under control. Ohio State said they planned to have Vince Young leave town out of the Heisman running. But it was Ginn whose Heisman chances flamed out. Young, meanwhile, remains in the race.


So Ginn was a realistic Heisman candidate? That's news to me!

12 of the last 20 Heisman winners were QBs

2 of the last 20 Heisman winners were WRs (3 if we're really generous and count Charles Woodson.)

By Heisman voting time it will have been 8 years since CB/WR Woodson won it, and 14 years since WR Desmond Howard did so.

Boy did Texas show Mr. Ginn. They shattered the poor kid's dreams!
Another critical anonymous quote. I never understand that. If you think you have something to say, stand by it and put your name up.

Anyway, no one said Ginn was going to win it; but whether his candidacy was a longshot or not, he was a candidate entering the game and, had he actually played well, there was a national audience watching. It's the kind of game that can propel a player like Ginn up the lists.
I'm not sure about Ginn being a Heisman Candidate before the game, he definately isn't now.

Young continues to build his Heisman stock and the Longhorns for the first time in years seem to have the inside track to the BCS title game.

Congrats. to all Horns fans.
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