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Tuesday, September 13


Buckeye respect

We weren't the only ones impressed by Texas on Saturday. This, from an Ohio State blog:

"First, congratulations to Texas and their truly great fans. I enjoyed meeting and partying with them - they are a class act. The Texas players are big, strong and faster than I thought. We will not see another team on their level this year, regardless of who we play.

Next, I will second Brent's comments about Vince Young - this guy is the real deal. He was better than I thought as well. Right or wrong, I think he really got our defense thinking way too much in the first quarter particularly, because he did everything so well. We had no idea what was coming."

Classy comments from Ohio State fans just about everywhere I've seen. It's nice that both teams are appreciating that great game. I wouldn't want to be an Ohio State opponent anytime soon.

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