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Thursday, September 15


Pick the score, win a t-shirt

Okay readers, time for a pick the score contest. Pick the score of Saturday's Rice vs Texas game on Saturday night and you'll win a free t-shirt of your choice. If the Horns are your favorite team, any shirt from the Co-Op is yours. If you have another favorite team, we'll buy you a shirt from your team's online store. If you pick the exact score correctly, we'll give you $50 along with your t-shirt.

Rules: winner determined by subtracting differential in points from each team's final score and adding them together. You must leave your name and email in your post to be eligible. If we can't contact you after the game, you won't get your prize.

Best of luck. Hook 'em Horns.

Texas 44, Rice 0.

The Horns' confidence is sky high right now, and Rice doesn’t stand a chance. I don't care who starts at running back, and with the way the defense played against Ohio State, I don't expect Rice to have any success, period.

By the way, this means I think Texas will in fact cover the 41-point spread.

Travis Richmond
UT 66
Rice 10
Or anything Mack wants it to be.
Jim Person
Texas 59
Rice 3.

Texas 52 - Rice 7
(Full preview and game prediction to come Friday)
Texas 49 Rice 10
Texas 63 Rice 0
texas 67 - rice 6

-matthew eng
Texas 51 Rice 6
Texas 54, Rice 3

Robby Nisenfeld
Texas - 49
Rice - 14
Texas 56
Rice 17

You guys have my email. :p
Texas 60
Rice 7
Texas 59-6
Texas 53, Rice 14
Texas 51
Rice 16

texas 52 rice 13
rice can score 13.
Texas 48, Rice 3.
- Grant Richmond
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