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Monday, September 26


He didn't die?

Watch this hit from the Boston College-Clemson game and decide whether or not your sternum would collapse on itself and kill you. There's no way I could survive it, pads or no. Ouch. The most surprising thing of all is that the BC quarterback stayed in the game.

that hit is vicious, but did anyone see that hit that was put on Kyle Wright by the Buffs when he scrambled for the end zone? that was nasty. it was on a 3rd down and the hit got flagged pretty much for just being way too nasty. Miami got a first and goal again but CU held. a good 8 play goal line stand for CU, unfortunately that was their only highlight.
I saw that. There were a couple of good hits that game.
At one point Klatt(the Buffs QB)'s head got sandwiched between two Miami defenders. The next play was a roll out pass and he triped over his own feet twice and then finally fell over on his own, I think that he was still ringing from the play before.
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