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Monday, September 26


Conference Strength Analysis

The two BCS teams will be chosen once again this year by the combination of three components: the USA Today Coaches Poll, the Harris Interactive Poll, and the combination of six computer rankings. The first Harris Poll came out Sunday. I will be the first to admit, I was worried about this poll. They have 114 voters ranging from former players like Terry Bradshaw, Rocket Ismail, and Boomer Esiason to former coaches like Spike Dykes and John Mackovic. Some of these guys seem to have actual college football knowledge while others appear to be just names. Potential voters were nominated by conference officials and then selected at random. After the first poll, it seems this poll will be very similar to the AP poll which it replaces.

Here are the numbers of ranked teams by conference and by poll.

Harris Poll
ACC—5 teams (Va Tech, Fl St, Miami, Virginia, and Boston College)
Big 10—6 teams (Ohio St, Michigan St, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Purdue, & Michigan)
SEC—5 teams (LSU, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, and Alabama)
Pac 10—4 teams (USC, Cal, Arizona St, and UCLA)
Big 12—3 teams (Texas, Texas Tech, and Iowa St)
Notre Dame and Louisville are the others.

USA Today
ACC—6 teams (all above plus Ga Tech)
Big 10—5 teams (no Michigan)
SEC—6 teams (all above plus Auburn)
Pac 10—4 teams (same as above)
Big 12—2 teams (no Iowa St)
Notre Dame and Louisville are the others.

We looked at these ranking last week and here again this Monday. The strength rests in the ACC and SEC first. Most teams are done with their non conference schedules. Now conferences will begin to beat each other up. This is good news for the Big 12 and the Horns. The SEC, ACC, and Big 10 will begin spread the losses all around. As we have mentioned earlier, we would love for Ohio State to continue winning and make our victory look all the more impressive. So, go Buckeyes. As for the Horns, just keep winning and things will likely take care of themselves.

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