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Monday, September 26


An Amazing Evening of Sports

It’s not just an exciting time to be a Longhorn fan; it’s an exciting time to be a sports fan in general. Tonight, in fact, is a particularly great night. All of the best of September are on full display, and I’ll be doing my best to keep tabs on all three. The highlights:

*Over the next week, if you watch Fox even a little bit, you’re likely to be bombarded by “It’s all about October!” ads pimping the upcoming baseball postseason. That’s true, of course—baseball playoffs are tremendously exciting. But much of the best drama is September drama, as races come down to the wire. It’s especially true this year, as there are compelling races to watch for nearly every playoff spot. Only the Braves and Cardinals can comfortably say “they’re in.” Tonight I’ll be watching my beloved Giants as they open a four game series against the Padres. They trail the Pads by four games, with seven to play. They’ll need to sweep, or at least win three of four, to have a chance. It’s a longshot, but tonight’s the big game. After San Diego’s ace, Jake Peavy, goes tonight, their starting pitching drops off sharply. Win tonight and the Giants are alive. A loss tonight spells certain doom.

Meanwhile, the Yankees and Red Sox are TIED with seven games to go. The season wraps up with a series in Boston, so this is a tremendously exciting finish to the season for sports’ best rivalry. Whether you have a horse in the race, or hate them both, this is sports drama at its finest.

The White Sox-Indians race and Oakland-Anaheim races also kick into high gear this week.

*The NFL will be on display as well, as the Chiefs and Broncos square off on Monday Night Football. It’s early in the year, but Monday Night Football is one of the great events in all of sports, and the Chiefs still feature former Texas tailback Priest Holmes. I’ll be keeping my eye on this one as well.

*Lastly, even college football is in on the action, as LSU and Tennessee square off in a game that was delayed by Hurricane Rita. This will be a great opportunity to see just how good LSU is, and certainly carries implications for the national picture. Stay tuned.

I’ll be glued to the TVs in a sports bar this evening as I try to keep tabs on it all. It’ll be my only opportunity to take it all in this week as I shut down to focus on preparation for Saturday’s LSAT. But I plan on enjoying what promises to be one of the best sports evenings of the year. I hope you will, too.


The Tennessee-LSU game is a must-watch for Texas fans (much more so than the NFL game) because an undefeated LSU is a major threat to Texas making the Rose Bowl. All Longhorn fans should be rooting like crazy to hear Rocky Top tonight.
It is a good time to be a sports fan: college football, NFL, and MLB playoffs. I am not much of a baseball fan, save the World Series so I'll stick with LSU-Tennessee. I concus with Travi. The LSU game is very interesting for Texas fans. LSU has only played one game so far. How good are they? We will find out tonight. I still see a realtively easy Tiger win. And I can't stand the Tennesse orange or Rocky Top every thirty seconds. Let the intraconference slaughter begin.
While I'm writing this with the benefit of partial hindsight (TN just came back to within 3 points) I don't see how a Lousiana team, with all the hurricane fiasco and general Baton Rouge chaos on their minds, is going to make it through the season undefeated. Even if they make it far without losing they'll have make-up games to deal with, and New Year's is a long way away. I also don't see how LSU would convince the BCS voters the way Auburn failed to last year.
Plus, they have Les Miles as their coach.
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