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Tuesday, September 27


Blue Ribbon Bullish About Horns

Blue Ribbon College Basketball Yearbook announced its preseason college hoops rankings, and Texas checks in at #2, its highest preseason ranking in the 25 year history of the publication. Blue Ribbon is known as the “Bible” of college basketball and it’s a good sign that they see such good things for Texas. Bear in mind that they base their projections on what they think the final poll will look like after the NCAA tournament, which means that they see Texas in the championship game.

We’ve been pretty much consumed by the football team lately (for good reason), but make no mistake about it: we’re absolutely giddy about this year’s hoops team, too. In fact, two of our authors
argued that the hoops team is a better bet to make the NCAA title game than the football team. The in-depth football coverage will continue, but we’re already starting to think about the basketball team that will feature Daniel Gibson, Lamarcus Aldridge, P.J. Tucker, and Brad Buckman.

My brother thinks Texas should be #1. However, while I'm glad the Horns are getting so much respect, I think it's important to remember that this team lost in the first round of the NCAA Tournament last season.

I'm not suggesting that we aren't a favorite to reach the 2006 Final Four, but I do think there will be growing pains along the way. And with the tough non-conference schedule Barnes has the team playing, I think we'll take our lumps as the team comes together.

That's fine with me. I don't care where Texas is ranked in the AP basketball poll. Unlike football, it matters very little where you start. We just need to be hot in March.

Still, it's going to be cool to see Texas at the very top of the rankings (for a while at least).
I agree. It is better for us to take some lumps than breeze through the season. The one good thing the ranking help with is seeding, and just like football, if you start high it is easier to stay up there.
Just some more hype for this coming season, sports illustrated has us easily in the final four..... http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2005/writers/luke_winn/09/21/inside.bkc/index.html
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