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Tuesday, September 27


Bayou Bungle

Wow! What a game. Tennessee shocked me, the Tigers, the state of Louisiana, and most of the college football world in a come from behind overtime victory, 30-27. The Volunteers were down 21-0 at halftime and 24-7 with ten minutes left in the game. LSU killed themselves with turnovers. But the ultimate tip of the hat goes to Tennessee. They were less than a quarter away from their season being rendered meaningless. They were about to go 0-2 in the SEC, with consecutive road losses. But backup quarterback Rick Clausen wouldn’t let it happen. In just ten short minutes of game time and two series of OT, Tennessee looks like a contender in the SEC and LSU is left scratching their heads. Where is Nick Saban? The collective moral of a state takes a third beating in the last month. Surprising and saddening at the same time.

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