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Wednesday, September 28


Ricky checks in

Former UT rushing giant Ricky Williams is still paying attention to what’s going on with the football program. Shortly after Texas’ 25-22 victory over Ohio State, Williams sent congratulatory notes to several players and coaches, including Vince Young and Limas Sweed.

We managed to get a copy of the note Ricky sent to Vince Young.

Dear Vince,

I just wanted to say that I saw you throw that game winning pass to Lendmesome Weed. I almost missed it, man. I was right in the middle of giving a holistic massage to the Dalai Lama when you threw it. Dude, totally awesome. Anyway, I'm serving my suspension and getting ready to play again for the Dolphins. My stash ran out and I'm broke, so, you know, I guess I'll play.

Say hi to Mack and the gang for me. Hey, is that guy still selling Maui Wowie on the corner of 6th and Guadalupe?



Well. How nice of him. Hey, no one’s ever accused Ricky of being an asshole. Just sort of crazy. Despite all his shortcomings, which we’ve commented on here before, we hold a special place in our hearts for the Heisman trophy winner. We can all sympathize with wanting to check out on our jobs for a while, though we don’t necessarily agree that it’s okay to bail out on your obligations. Nevertheless, we’re happy that Ricky’s headed back to the NFL, proud that he’s still following Texas athletics, and hopeful that he has good days in front of him.

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This is just another step in a 12-step program to fix Ricky's image. He'll be back for the Dolphins in a few weeks now, and little stories like this will keep popping up becuase being a Ganjaback isn't really a good image these days.

The UT SID office will always do whatever they can to help out current and former UT atheltes, and they do a damn good job. Whether this really happened like they say, no one will know, but it's a feelgood fluff piece.

I don't really care, though, if Ricky is a quitter. I'm just glad he's back and I think he's going to lead the Dolphins to the brink of the playoffs.

My feelings on Ricky can best be summarized by this scene from Chapelle's Show:

"Are you aware that Michael Jackson is facing possible charges of child molestation?"
"Do you believe he is guilty of these allegations?"
"No, man."
"Well, what if I told you the children could correctly describe Mr. Jackson's penis."
"Hell, I can do that. I'm guessing there's a shaft... couple of balls... a head.. some hair, possibly pressed, permed hair, and some glitter."
"...... correct."
"So you still believe he is innocent?"
"The guy made Thriller, man. Thriller..."

Ricky's a pothead quitter, but he's our porthead quitter. He's Ricky, man. Ricky.
Sweed added, "For someone on that high of a level..."

Someones gunna have to tell him that u cant us the words high in any interview about ricky...just sounds wrong...especially if your name is "SWEED"
Might've liked the joke better had you picked an actual, existing street corner.
Uh, 6th and Guadalupe is a real street corner dude.
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As a Dolphin fan, I will always be grateful to UT for Ricky.

I was glad when he came here, I was glad when he left (which had multiple beneficial effects: (i) forcing Dave Wannstache out, (ii) bringing Nick Saban here,(iii) causing Nick Saban to leave LSU (because I'm a Gator too), and of course (iv) allowing Ricky to follow, or at least look for, his Muse), and NOW, I'm glad that he's back.
6th and Guadalupe is not a corner
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