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Thursday, September 29


In support of Mack

We just want to be very clear about one thing at ATL. We're big supporters of Mack Brown. We're going to guess and second guess and scrutinize every little move, but that's just part of the job here and we're just annoying and hyper-critical like that. But make no mistake about it: we think Mack's the best thing to happen to this program in a long, long time, we whole-heartedly support what he does on and off the field, and we're happy to have him at the helm for as long as he wants to be. Memories of Mackovic and McWilliams are scary enough. Count your blessings, Horns fans.

Unless, of course, we lose to Oklahoma again. Then we take it all back.

Are you speaking for Wiggo?

Yes, I am a supporter of Mack Brown. I am not a diehard Mack lover. I don't think the world revolves around him. But I am a fan. He is much better than Mackovic and much better than McWilliams and Akers. We are now a top 5 program year in and year out. We haven't seen that kind of consistentcy since Royal. So, Mack has done a great job. We have beaten Michigan and Ohio St and are riding a wave of confidence toward the California coast. I will however reserve the pedestal of greatness for coaches with titles. Mack and Texas are on the brink of greatness. But until we win the Big 12 and the national champioship, we are just potentially great.
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