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Thursday, September 29


Kipe's Quotes

Some Texas related quotes from ESPN draft guru Mel Kiper in yesterday’s ESPN Insider chat:

*On the top junior quarterbacks in the country
Don (Greenville): Hey there Mel. Last week on your Big Board you listed hot junior quarterbacks as Omar Jacobs out of Bowling Green and Brady Quinn out of Notre Dame. I'd take Drew Stanton over either of these guys. Have you had any change of heart after seeing this last weekend's games?

Mel Kiper: The junior QBs are rated like this -- Vince Young, Brady Quinn 2, Drew Stanton 3 and Omar Jacobs 4.

*Stupid Sooner question of the day
Travis (Norman, OK): How is AD Peterson not in the Top 10 in the Heisman polls. He was the runner-up last year and he is a major part of the Sooners offense this year. I understand that we have 2 losses, but there are other candidates on the board who are much less deserving. When we beat Texas this year will that wake up the voters? -Hook'Em Down, Go Sooners! Mel

Kiper: First of all, Travis, Oklahoma is a struggling football team right now, and everybody thinks Texas is going to win that big one. Now, if they can beat Kansas State this week, and if he has a huge game against Texas and a brilliant finish to the season, then Peterson is in the mix. But he's not in the Top 5 right. Vince Young leads, there is Leinart and Bush battling it out at USC, Maroney is on board. Peterson has had some struggles in the early going. Don't forget, the Heisman is not a lifetime acheivement award, AD needs a big year right now.

*On Michael Huff and Rodrique Wright
Dj (Houston): How do you rate Michael Huff and Rod Wright as NFL prospects for Texas Mel

Kiper: Huff pushed his way onto my Top 25 big board this week. He's been a starter since his redshirt freshman season. He's very instinctive and athletic and it will be interesting to see if, as a safety, he shows cornerback-type skills as we get close to the draft. He could be a 1st rounder. Wright, I'd like to see some more explosion and destructive play from him. He's been solid, but not spectacular yet. I want to see that Oklahoma game among others and I want to see him dominate. He will have to in order to maintain a first round grade.

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