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Thursday, September 29


Q&A with Mathew McConaughey

The Los Angeles Lakers have Jack Nicholson. The Boston Red Sox have Ben Affleck. And Texas has Matthew McConaughey. The long-haired actor with that sweet Texas drawl is a UT-alum and as big a supporter of the Longhorns as you’ll find in the celebrity world.

Sports Illustrated’s Richard Deitsch sat down with McConaughey recently for his weekly Q&A interview. Whatever you think of McConaughey the actor, you gotta love McConaughey the Longhorn fan. Some highlights from the interview.

On his pep talk to Vince Young
SI: Prior to Texas playing Michigan in the Rose Bowl, you grabbed Vince in the tunnel and offered some final words. What were they?

McConaughey: I said It's a perfect time. It's a perfect time.

On what it takes to be a champion
SI: Your team has a much harder road to the title game than USC, though?

McConaughey: What I am hoping and seeing is that you can either think you'll be a national champion. Or you actually believe you'll be a national champion. Vincent Young is a guy who is a champion and actually believes it, and you are starting to see the team start to really believe. The Ohio State win was such a huge game, especially to win there. You see people starting to believe. The system believes. You don't get by OU if you are so worried about OU. The thing about OU is: Yeah, OU is a great team but they are in our way. The Red Sox didn't get by the Yankees until they quit worrying about the Yankees. The Sacramento Kings didn't get by the Lakers because they were always worried about getting by the Lakers. The last five years, hey, that's been the rhythm. OU has just had our number. They just plain-out beat us.

On the athletic talents of Vince Young
SI: As a proud Longhorn alum, state your case for Vince Young as the Heisman Trophy winner?

McConaughey: You want to talk about dynamic players? Besides his physical attributes and how it looks as if he's gained four yards and then you find out he's gained 18, the main thing with him is his will. You saw it in the Rose Bowl and against Ohio State. When there's an unsuccessful play -- incompletion, interception, fumble -- his head starts to rise and not in a cocky way. He believes. There's a difference in thinking you are a champion and knowing that you are. And the guy knows he is.

Read the rest of the excellent interview at SI.com

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I am so glad someone cool like Matthew McConaughey is the Hollywood face of our program. I can't think of anyone who a higher coolness rating than MMcC, one that is permanently secure. I've never met someone who hates him.

Just like Belushi in Animal House will always be the quintessential frat boy, MMcC will always be cool.

His contributions to our generation's pop culture are obvious, thanks to Dazed and Confused. Anything he does from here on will be excused because he's Wooderson.

Tell me you won't always remember these lines:

1. I get older, the girls stay the same age.

2. Be a lot cooler if you did.

3. L-I-V-I-N.

These sayings are timeless, and when you say them you have to channel MMcC and his coolness.

The ladies want to be with him, and the guys want to be him (or at least hang out with him).

And he loves his Longhorns.

Cincinnati has Nick Lachey. Other teams have former athletes pimping them. We get MMcC. Thank God.
The thing is, the few times I was in the student section, which he has box right above, he spent most of his time talking to the Co-eds and not watching the game. But McConahead makes up for it by the clasic picture of Ricky diving into the endzone with McConahead giving the touchdown sign in the background with a beer in his hand. Does any one have that picture from the Statesman?
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