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Tuesday, October 4


Why OU Could Win

While I will be predicting a UT victory later this week, ATL would be remiss if we didn’t at least look at the other side of the coin. Here are the Top 7 reasons the Sooners could be marching out of the Cotton Bowl on Saturday afternoon with their heads held high.

1. Rhett Bomar—The red shirt freshman quarterback and former top high school recruit seems to have found a groove. Against Kansas State, Bomar went 12-22 for 139 yards, a TD, and no INTs. While those numbers don’t jump off the page, they are productive. Bomar seemed to gain comfort as the game wore on. After rotating quarterbacks in the season opening loss to TCU, Stoops has gone exclusively to Bomar, and he has improved game after game. And don’t think just because he is a freshman that he can’t lead his team to victory in his first try. Anyone remember Peter Gardere?

2. OU running game—No, the Sooners are not the top ranked rushing team in the country. And yes, Texas has a much more prolific running attack. But the Sooners are currently averaging over 200 yards per game. Adrian Peterson has been slowed this year by a high ankle sprain limiting his touches and his effectiveness but is expected to play on Saturday. Is there a better time for a coming out party? If Peterson suffers, OU has Kejuan Jones as a solid backup. Jones is a senior and would love to complete a four year sweep of the Horns.

3. Special Teams—Ours are still suspect even with Aaron Ross, while OU’s have been very good this year. Kicker Garrett Hartley is a perfect 13/13 on extra points and 5/7 on field goals with one miss coming from more than 50 yards. We don’t want this one to come down to a kick.

4. Turnovers—OU is coming off a turnover free game vs. K State while we coughed up the ball twice at Missouri. The team that wins the turnover game usually walks away victorious. An early Texas turnover could spark Sooner hopes and lead to a long afternoon.

5. Bob Stoops—The man is impressive. He hasn’t lost a Big 12 regular season game since 2002 to Texas A&M and hasn’t lost to Mack Brown and Texas since 1999. He has coached the Sooners to the BCS title game three times including the last two seasons and already has a national championship ring. OU is showing signs of life and if anyone can lead them to victory it is Stoops.

6. Expectations Game—For the first time in years, Texas is expected to win and win handily. UT opened as a 14 point favorite. OU comes in with two losses already is just looking to stay in the Big 12 hunt. Texas has its eyes on a bigger prize. Texas is the better team. Texas has more talent. Texas has all the pressure. OU gets a chance to play spoiler with nothing to lose.

7. Mind Game—If Texas sees another inferior opponent who can’t match up at any position, UT wins. If Texas sees the Oklahoma Sooners who were pre season picks by some to play for another national championship, who routinely come into Texas and steal top recruits, who have won the last five straight, and who still walk and talk with the swagger of a top team, OU wins.

Texas should and will win this game. I just don’t want to look back and wonder what happened. Please pick these reasons apart and give Horns fans more confidence.


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Thanks for showing up Johnny Bringdown.
Dont you guys sleep?
The reason not to wory:
Vince Young.
Rhett Bomar, if they manage to keep it close will implode, Vince will not.
Adrian Peterson has proven this year that he is not as good without a pass threat, and he is injured.
Special teams are getting better, but it is not going to come down to a kick.
Turnovers, OU was playing K State, did you see them against UCLA?
Bob Stoops is good, but you have to lose sometimes.
Expectations, there is pressure on both teams, this is Dallas, who cares who is going to what bowl, both teams know it is a must win.
Mind Game, please refer to my reason not to worry.
OU could win if Texas' bus fails to arrive at the Cotton Bowl in time for kickoff. Or if the same people who gave Major food poisioning in 1999 get ahold of Vince's Wheaties.

That's about it.
I go to sleep at normal times but since the blog is on East Coast time it looks like I go to sleep at 3 am
I think you're right on track and not many people are willing to admit that they share your views. lost s02e02 is an AWESOME place to discuss LOST.
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