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Thursday, October 6


Gameday Breakdown: Fans

Loyal reader Andrew Windler correctly pointed out this omission and wrote to us with this.

At best I can remember, this will be my 15th Texas – OU game in a row and one thing’s for certain, OU fans haven’t changed one bit in that time. Every year, win or lose, most Texas fans say the same thing: “At least I don’t have to drive back to Oklahoma.” What a sullen death march that must be.

It’s well-documented that Dallas makes more money when OU wins. And why not? Where in Oklahoma can you get such luxury items as: water in a bottle, toilets that flush, bedrooms that won’t fly away in a tornado and lap dances by women that aren’t related to you. Dallas must seem pretty highfalutin, what with their paved roads and all.

This game is one of the few great match-ups on a neutral field. 50%Texas fans, 50% Oklahoma fans. Not by weight of course. OU fans have the edge there.

There are basically two types of T-shirts worn at the Texas – OU game and both of them prominently feature the Longhorn Logo. If you’re a Texas fan, you wear it right side up. However, if you only have one toofus in your mouf, you wear it upside down or possibly with the Horns broken off, a la A&M.

That’s pretty much it; there are Pro-Texas shirts and Anti-Texas shirts. Sure, you’ll get some cross-over like when an old timer Sooner wears a solid red shirt or a young Texas fan thinks it’s funny to wear a shirt with a little boy micturating on the state of Oklahoma. The fact of the matter is, OU fans hate The University of Texas more than they like OU. How else do you explain the Anti Texas sentiment? Sure I hate OU, but I’m not going to waste $20 on a shirt just so I can wear it one weekend a year.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the hook ‘em horns sign. God bless Harley Clark, the UT cheerleader for thinking this up. This year also marks to 50th anniversary of the horns down sign. Shortly after Longhorn fans everywhere raised their pinky and index fingers, the smartest student on the Oklahoma campus thought what a sweet prank it would be to turn it upside down. It used to bother me to see horns down, but now I realize it’s about respect. But now that it’s everywhere; it’s the best free PR. You see it every time Texas playssomeone. And you know why? It’s because everyone watches UT play.

They don’t just think of this stuff by themselves. They have to watch other fans do it. (“I learned it by watching you, Dad. I learned it by watching you...”) Opposing basketball fans from the Final Four do it. College World Series fans in Omaha do it. Michigan and Ohio State’s fans did it and we’d never even played them before. Hell, even A&M fans do it when we’re not even playing them.

So if you’re going to the game this weekend here’s what to expect from OU fans:

*First and foremost: Horns down. You might think they’ve caught a case of rheumatoid arthritis, but they actually have movement in their fingers. Just ask their sister.

*Second: They will know a thing or two about RVs. They even bring their nicest RV to the game and drive it around the field… as if that impresses us.

*Third: Just like all fans, as a group they’re assholes. Surprisingly though, once you get to know them individually, they’re still assholes. Go figure.

*Fourth: You will hear their song, Boomer Sooner. But be nice, it’s the only song they know how to play.

*Finally: OU sucks, now and forever. Now matter what the final score may be.

Advantage: Significant Texas edge.

Dont forget about the bdazling. Texas fans be ready to see plenty of upside down longhorns made out of plastic rindstones. And the ever clever Tuck Fexas. Also, dont ask what Boomer Sooner means, they dont know and you are just going to have some white trash Sooner smelling of beer and puke yell at you.
And Texas fans are the best in the world! Are you guys going to stay for the entire game this year, or are you going to evacuate early like your side of the stadium is on fire?
How does the Texas fight song go again, "I've been working on the railroad all the live long day..."
Yep, that's origional.
Boomer Sooner!
Damn, just as the, uh, Okie "dolphinfan" was about to make a point, he has to spell 'original' the very 'origional' Oklahoma way.
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I think dolphinfan proves the point that the article made that Oklahoma fans hate Texas more than they like OU. Why else would they spend their time reading Texas blogs?
You know, it's pretty sad when a University bases it's entire tradition on the hatred of another school (see OU Sat. and Texas Hate & M's fight song, horns down at every game, etc...). I hate Oklahoma, but it's not just their premier 2nd high school, it's the whole state. I think it should be re-named "Lake Texas" (after a few modifications).

“I’ll answer that question for Anonymous.” I write about all Big 12 schools on my blog and therefore I look at blogs from all schools. It’s a good way to get information. In Oklahoma we call it research.

It’s funny that I reply to a post that is bashing Sooner fans and the state of Oklahoma and I’m the one who is obsessed with Texas. Hello pot my name is kettle. I guess you guys are obsessed with OU fans.

Why are you not talking about the game? You have a great chance to win. You should win! The truth is that you are so bitter after the last five years that you can’t sleep at night. You know this is supposed to be your year and yet you can’t shake that feeling that Mack Brown is going to screw it up.

I guess I do need to use spell check more often.
Dolphinfan, we're glad to have you around. (Even if you are an Okie.)

Good luck on Saturday. Just watch out for that wind. I hear it can be tricky.
You do make a point. I cannot deny that OU fans are in a position of comfort this year. If they lose, they were unranked and it's not a huge surprise. If UT loses, however, I think I'm going to either kill myself or Mack. And yes, dolphinfan, UT is on edge because we are nervous for our head coach, especially at the RRS.
A few point of contentions though, Bob Stoops hasn't exactly been the greatest of coaches the past two years, and his team's performance at the Big 12 vs. K-State, as well games againt LSU and USC are examples that no Sooner can deny. Also, your point of calling reading sports blogs "research" is the reason why OU is a second-tier university while the University of Texas is quickly becoming one of the elite ACADEMIC programs in the nation (easily top 10 in all disciplines of engineering and business).
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