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Wednesday, October 5


God loves me

There is a God! Jamaal Charles will start, according to this Dallas Morning News article. This is a huge sigh of relief, and will likely save me and my medical insurer a significant chunk of money. I’ve been having cold sweats fearing a Selvin Young backfield to open up against OU, but it appears Mack will spare me.

Jamaal Charles is quickly becoming one of my all-time favorite UT football players. I am officially driving the bandwagon. Jump aboard, ladies and gentlemen. The view is nice!

I guess Charles is the best freshman Mack Brown has ever seen. We all know about Cedric Benson not playing, but even Derrick Johnson didn't start as a freshman for Mack. And it took 63-14 for Roy and BJ to become starters over Brandon Healy and Ryan Nunez.

My guess is Dean Smith told Mack not to play freshman when he was at UNC, and it's taken this long for Mack to realize that Dean's rules are no longer relevant.
That or Mack realized his aspirations to be exactly like JoePa were about to be cut short with another loss to OU.

I have a feeling after this Saturday the Jamaal Charles bandwagon is gonna get REAAAAL full.
Peter you have it right on Jamaal. I think he has the chance to be better than anyone we ever had and that's pretty good company. I had been thinking about who he reminds me of and one of the TV guys Saturday mentioned Barry Sanders and I thought, thats it!!
Same strength, balance and cutting ability. By the way, I consider Sanders the beat that ever lived.
I'm not just riding the bandwagon, I'm steering traffic. At the pace he is going, Charles should be considered the best back in Texas' awesome running back history by the time he leaves (hopefully in 4 years). Maybe with a stellar outing he could get noticed for some Heisman love. But I'm still hoping Vince takes that one.

Looks like JoePa wants to be more like Mac:
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