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Tuesday, October 11


Road to Pasadena Oct. 11th

The first BCS ratings will be released next Monday. We will be looking deeper into them later this week. But it's worth mentioning that the polls seem to love us while the computers don't. The Horns destroyed OU on Saturday but a win vs. the Sooners isn't worth what is use to be.

Tier 1--The Favorites
1. USC--is either just toying with us or this team is not as good as their last two. For the third straight week, a USC opponent had a legitimate shot to win the second half. This week in South Bend. Go Irish!

2. Texas--won handily despite twelve penalties and three fumbles. Must keep winning to impress the voters. A ranked opponent visits Austin this Saturday. Chances are we see Colorado again in Houston.

3. Va Tech--let Marshall hang around for a half before dominating. Right now, Marcus is playing better than big brother Michael. This week is an off week for the Hokies before the final push toward Pasadena.

4. Georgia--is the top national champion contender in the SEC. They have now beaten the Vols in Knoxville three straight times. Schedule is favorable for an undefeated season. They don't play Alabama or LSU and get Florida in Jacksonville. Running the table in the SEC still looks daunting though.

Tier 2--The Contenders
1. Alabama--an off week for the Crimson Tide last week. This week they travel to Mississippi. They surely have the inside track to the SEC West title but still have games with LSU, Tennessee, and Auburn.

2. Florida St--continues to roll under the radar. This team won’t be tested until the last game of the year. If Drew Weatherford plays like his defense, look out.

3. Penn St--got an enormous win at home vs. Ohio State hurting our chances for Pasadena. How cool did the students' section look? I don't know if I have ever heard louder Big 10 stadium. Landmines are still in the way of a perfect season: @ Michigan, Wisconsin, and @ Michigan St.

4. UCLA--shootout win vs Cal late Saturday night. The Bruins are 5-0 and will be favored in their next four games before finishing with Arizona St and USC.

Tier 3--Need Help
1. Notre Dame-the Irish were off this week reviewing their early season success and getting ready for the stretch run. This week USC visits. Even with a second loss, they could be in a BCS bowl.

2. Other 1 Loss Teams--there are too many to analyze. I think at least two teams will go undefeated so these may be out of luck. Teams to watch though: Miami, Florida, LSU, and Cal.


I truly believe this is the week USC gives it up. They're not as good as advertised, and Reggie Bush is hurt. By the way, if I'm not mistaken, one of the BCS commandments is that if Notre Dame wins 9, they play in a BCS bowl no matter what. Someone look that up, but I'm pretty sure I'm right.
From the BCS website -

Any team from an independent institution Conference, USA, the Mid-American, Mountain West, Sun Belt, or Western Athletic Conference that is ranked three through six shall qualify for automatic selection.

1. If one or more teams other than Notre Dame qualify for automatic selection under this provision, Notre Dame shall also qualify provided it is ranked in the top ten or has won at least nine games.
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