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Tuesday, October 11


TX-OU Game Stats

It hasn’t been often that we marvel at stats after the OU game. Let’s continue to relish this one. Take a look.


Anyone know what happened to JC? I saw him come back in the 2nd half to the bench, and obviously with the game in hand, there was no point risking him out there. But is he good to against CU? THere's no way i (or any other longhorn fan) wants to see selvin out there to start
Sorry I don't know what happened to JC. That is a damn good question though. It would be nice if someone looked into that...
The disparity between JC and SYoung couldn't have been any more dramatic than what happened against OU. We had 2 back-to-back, one play drives in the first half. First was a handoff to SY which resulted in a fumble and a subsequent OU 3 (thank you Defense). The next drive - first play - we hand to JC and one great move and a couple terrible tackles later : UT 6. Please don't be hurt Jamaal.
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