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Friday, October 7


Why Texas Will Win

It's 24 hours before the big game and my confidence and excitement are soaring. I haven't anticipated at TX-OU this much in years. And in about 28 hours we can begin the celebration. Texas will win this game and win it handily. I want this one so much I can almost taste it. I sat in the stands a few years ago when we lost by nearly half a hundred. Payback is a b*#&^.

OU has a decent rushing defense but it won't matter. TCU, Tulsa, UCLA, and Kansas State don't exactly feature impressive running games. We do. Ours is more than impressive, and it will shine brightly on Saturday. Look for VY and Charles to gain close to 200 yards combined. And as the OU safeties cheat up to help, VY will hit at least one big one over the top probably to Taylor or Pittman. We simply have too many weapons. If OU chooses to really stack the box, VY play his Heisman like passing role, ala Ohio State. If OU plays us straight up, look out. VY will be zone reading the Sooners to death. And I haven't even mentioned our excellent over the middle threat, David Thomas.

On offense, OU's chances don't look much better. Their offensive line is depleted. Their running back is gimpy and their QB isn't experienced enough yet to win a game with his arm. Look for Chizik and the Texas defense to play OU straight up. I don't foresee too may gimmicks. Our base defense will be more than up to the challenge. Dibbles and Wright will clog the middle forcing Bomar and Peterson to look elsewhere for running room. As they dance to the outside and pray they make a corner, look for Harris and the rest of our linebackers to be waiting. The Sooners also have very little chance of hitting home runs with their wideouts. None warrant double coverage and only Travis Wilson deserves our attention. M. Griffin, Brown, Huff, and C. Griffin will have no trouble shutting down the passing game.

If this wasn't a rivalry game, Texas would be favored by 20. But it is the Red River Rivalry, and we haven't won in five years, so we are only favored by 14. It won't be that close. Texas is better all over the field and for the first time in years will be better on the sidelines as well. There is not another team on our schedule that should beat us. This year's Sooner squad is not even in our league. Only two things could prevent us from winning this game or any other. 1)If we play too conservatively and play not to lose. This starts with Greg Davis and Mack Brown. It has happened in the past but won't happen this year. GD opens it up, uses all our weapons, and puts up 40+. 2) If we somehow get bit by the turnover bug. This shouldn't happen either. Charles takes care of the ball like he's guarding a new born. VY won't be asked to win this game with his arm, so interceptions are unlikely. I think Texas could even overcome a turnover or two.

Prediction: OU hangs in for the first quarter on pure emotion. After that Texas rolls. VY and Charles appear to be running down hill. The Texas D holds Bomar and Peterson in check as well. This one won't come down to a 4th quarter blitz or a made last second field goal. Texas wins going away, 42-10. The south end of the Cotton Bowl will be emptying quite early on Saturday afternoon. Enjoy the Texas State Fair Sooner fans.

For more predictions from the media, check this link out:


Here's my pick:

Texas 44, OU 10.

I have absolutely no worries about this game. Bob Stoops wouldn't have the rep he does if he coached at Baylor, and he Sooners' talent level this year is that of a mediocre Big 12 team. There's nothing he can do to delay the inevitable onslaught of Texas points.

Texas is stacked. Bobby Bowden eventually won them all when his talent edge was so overwhelming that nothing could stop the 'Noles. That's what has finally happened at Texas. We're the big bad bully that cannot be beaten (at least not by this sorry OU team).
My prediction:
Texas 28, OU 17

I have been to far too many rivalry games to get overconfident about this game. Remember how OSU always did against OU when OU was favored by so much? Emotion is a tricky thing, and if one team is playing with way more emotion than the other, it can backfire. I like to keep it cautious and assume that OU will put up a good fight.
I tend to agree with the general pro-Texas sentiment, but I think Longhorn fans need to realize that OU has consistently had the top recruiting classes year in and year out, so the talent is obviously there. Even their backups at the offensive line positions are great talents. The problem with OU this year seems to be a lack of teamwork, since most of the team is new. Ultimately, I believe Texas' experience will win out, but UT needs to be wary. With the talent OU has and a little bit of luck (or misfortune from UT) and it could be a close on. Then again, I thought that'd be the case for Mizzou as well...
Of the 2003 recruiting class for OU, out of 24 players, 10 are still with the team. Starters from that class? 1. The punter. That's good recruiting? And are you serious about the OU offensive line? They're playing freshmen because it's all they have. They are suiting up 8 (EIGHT!) O linemen for this game. Texas' third string line is better than this OU line. Get a bit more grip on reality, or at least do some research, before making ridiculous statements like that. Texas wins in a romp over this group of chumps.
Yes, the 2003 recruiting class didn't pan out as they had anticipated. What about the classes after that? Don't get me wrong, I'm a HUGE Texas supporter (and alumni) - you can check the blog I write for or ask the writers of this blog. I'm merely saying that OU's recruiting classes are phenomenal. The same holds true for Texas, and that's why in the past five years, UT and OU have had the most victories. And yes, I'm serious about the offensive line. They are talented, INDIVIDUALLY. That's why they play at OU, because they are incredibly gifted athletes. But then if you kept on reading, I said OU's problem was a lack of teamwork. The lack of teamwork and experience, especially at the offensive line, will be OU's ultimate downfall this year. So before you get so angry, READ. Then, read again.
Didn't pan out as anticipated? Really? Dude, you sound like an OU supporter, despite your claims. If that happened at Texas we would call for Mack's head. That is an absolute disastrous failure on the part of Stoops and his staff. If those were great athletes, as you claim, they would be playing and OU would be a much stronger team. You know who they lost out in that class? Tim Crowder and Robert Killebrew, two players who could have added quite a bit to a OU defense that has very little depth. Nice job, Bob. And after that? Well, you have a 2004 class that is too early to measure yet, except for Peterson. And before that? Well, if that 2002 class were worth a damn OU wouldn't be in such bad shape now. And I did read, Trot. And what you wrote was "Even their backups at the offensive line positions are great talents." First, what backups? And this offensive line is not good, despite what you say. I've watched them. Individually, or as a team, doesn't matter. They are not good. And what, are they all running different plays? It's not teamwork that is the issue, it's lack of talent and depth. Failure on the part of Stoops and his staff to recruit well over the past four years. Stoops is a great gameday coach, but remember he won a national title with mostly John Blake's players. Maybe he's just not as good at judging college talent as Mack. I doubt you'll ever see Texas have a season like this where the bottom just falls out.
Got to side with Eric on this one. The fruits of recruiting are enjoyed years down the road, and if OU is playing freshmen linemen that means the lineman they recruited a few years ago failed to pan out for one reason or another. The head coach is responsible for recruiting, so it's fair to blame Stoops for that.

And if Texas ever returns to playing freshman lineman, someone f'd up years before.

We've had to play freshmen d lineman for years (not this year) becuase of busts, but Mack always made up for it by recruiting more studs to replace the busts.

Using this theory, I predict you'll see some freshamn WR studs next year wearing burnt oragne to compensate for Shipley and Sweed not amounting to much.
We're doing awesome this year, and that's great. But which head coach thought it'd be a great idea to bring Adrian Peterson to the RRS? Did we really think that was a good recruiting strategy? Regardless, UT has made some bonehead moves before, and OU has made some typical Okie-behavioral moves, it's all part of the game. Sometimes it's not even the coach's fault, it's on dick players like Ryan Perriloux.
It's probably a defensive mechanism on my part not to invest too much emotionally in the Horns this week because this loss would suck a LOT. Anyhow, I still stand by what I say, and I'm sure it'd be easier to attempt to explain myself in person. I'll be at the Iron Cactus, downtown Dallas, watching the game with the rest of the alumni, so come on down, I'll buy anyone a round who finds me, and we'll talk during our 28-3 halftime lead.
I would reserve judgement on Shipley until he plays, as for Sweed, I don't see him getting much playing time once Shipley gets healthy.
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