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Tuesday, October 11


ATL Top 25

1. Texas (Impressive throttling of rival OU)
2. Southern Cal (If they thump ND, will consider bump up)
3. Virginia Tech (Still not sold they can win out)
4. Georgia (The SEC is overrated, folks)
5. Florida State (Cruising along, but is the offense good enough?)
6. Penn State (The freshmen are impressive. Feel good story of the year)
7. Alabama (Prothro injury means they won’t win out)
8. Miami (Best bet to beat VA Tech)
9. Notre Dame (Chance to shock the world this week vs USC)
10. UCLA (No defense, but a really fun offense)
11. Louisiana State (See: Georgia)
12. Ohio State (Loss at Penn State is devastating to Buckeyes AND Horns)
13. Texas Tech (Shaky win at Nebraska. Win is a win though)
14. Florida (Chris Leak is not an Urban Meyer guy)
15. Michigan State (Love Stanton and the offense; where’s the D?)
16. Tennessee (See: Georgia)
17. California (Heartbreaking offense vs UCLA; great running game)
18. Boston College (Yawn)
19. Auburn (See: Georgia)
20. Oregon (Second tier in the Pac 10 behind the big gunners)
21. Minnesota (Not elite, but quietly solid)
22. Wisconsin (See: Minnesota)
23. Colorado (Texas’ toughest test left on the schedule)
24. Louisville (This is the best the Big East has to offer?)
25. TCU (Who cares?)

Naturally, I dispute the claim that the S.E.C. is overrated, at least in comparison to the Big 12.

While having every confidence in the Longhorns' quality as a team, I believe they play in a weak conference and a head to head comparison of the Big 12 to the S.E.C. may be found at Kyle on Football, if y'all are interested.
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