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Wednesday, October 12


Ms. Cleo's Weekend Forecast

This whole crystal ball thing doesn’t appear to be working. Bean tried some predictions on his own. That didn’t work. So, we tried the consensus method. A miserable failure. For the record: Travis and Bean went 2-3 last week. Andrew and the Consensus went 1-4. So, we threw out the crystal ball and brought in Ms. Cleo. Hey, we're not the only ones who think we need a little black magic good luck.

USC (-11.5) @ Notre Dame
AW—This week it all falls apart for the Trojans. The weak Irish secondary is a problem. But Touchdown Jesus will intervene. I can’t believe I just wrote that, I hate Notre Dame.
Pick: Notre Dame
PB—A huge game with huge implications. Pete Carroll might be the second best coach in the game for once. Take the Irish with the points.
Pick: ND
TR—Head or heart… My dilemma is I think that USC isn’t as good as they were last year, and that the Trojans can be beaten. However, Notre Dame’s secondary got shredded by Michigan State. Dammit. Texas’ ascension to No. 1 continues to be delayed.
Pick: USC

Ms. Cleo says: Me thinks the Irish a-getting lucky this weekend. Touchdown Jesus covers da spread. Pick:
Notre Dame

Michigan St (+6.5) @ Ohio State
AW—Michigan State is no good on defense. Lucky for them, the Buckeyes offense is pretty bad. Don’t be surprised if we see two OSU quarterbacks in this one. Pick: Michigan St
PB—Great offense vs great defense. Ohio State offensive struggles continue. Spartans on the road, in an upset. Forget the points, take the money line.
Pick: MSU
TR—Even though they let me down last week, there’s no way I can pick the Buckeyes lose two at home before Halloween.
Pick: OSU

Ms. Cleo says: Me a-lovin the Spartan offense. Me also a-lovin points in a Big 10 game. Pick: MSU

Florida (+6) @ LSU
AW—Chris Leak will be asking for Ron Zook after this one. LSU defense holds tough. Florida will be out of the SEC race.
Pick: LSU
PB--The Gators aren’t as bad as Alabama made them look. Les Miles sucks. Take the points, but this is one I won’t be betting. Pick: Florida
TR--Lay the points. The Tigers are good at home.
Pick: LSU

Ms. Cleo says: Two teams from da swamp? What to do? Take da home team! Pick: LSU

Florida State (-7) @ Virginia
AW—I won’t be picking against the Seminoles this season. They seem to really be putting it all together. Pick: FSU
PB—Farm bet of the week. Virginia is reeling. Florida State is improving every week. I like the Seminoles in a big way.
Pick: FSU
TR—Something smells about this one. Remember, one by one the unbeatens will lose this season, and Florida State isn’t good enough to win all of its game. Call it a hunch.
Pick: UVA

Ms. Cleo says: Virginia has some
bad, bad karma. Pick: FSU

Nebraska (-2.5) @ Baylor
AW—Vegas is giving the Bears points? They just won a Big 12 road game and now get home to cozy Waco. The west coast offense struggles in the land of Baptists.
Pick: Baylor
PB—The doormat of the Big 12 no more! The Bears are back! Wait, they were never here. This is silly. Two pretty bad football teams. The Big 12 really is down, though it’s nice to see the Bears showing up to play this year.
Pick: Nebraska
TR—As much as I’d like to, there are certain things that can never happen in this world. The sun cannot rise in the West. And Baylor cannot beat Nebraska. If the Bears do win, start preparing, because the Apocalypse is here. Pick: Nebraska

Ms. Cleo says: Waco is not friendly to black people. Pick: Nebraska

here's my prediction...

Miss Cleo doesn't help your success rate...
She goes 2-3, but beats Andrew....
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