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Tuesday, October 11


Monkey off the back

There's been plenty said about Mack Brown getting a monkey off his back. Yes, yes, agreed. Okay. But I have my own monkey to kick to the curb. I write on this blog with the quiet objectivity that I've picked up from my favorite baseball analysts, but Christ, I've been dying to just kick the objective analysis to the curb for a few moments and let it rip.

I hate Bob Stoops. I hate the state of Oklahoma. I hate Mike Vernables. I hate Brett Rhomar and his twin sister, Rhett Bomar. I hate Boomer and his tranny lover Sooner. Shit, I favor pro-American Indian legislation in hopes that it screws the state of Oklahoma.

I hate their pathetic fans, hate their third world institution they call a college, and hate that we even allow them in Division 1-A. Vince Young may be our Sooner killer, but we could have killed this bird long ago by just implementing a literacy test on Division 1-A athletes.

By the way, Bob Stoops: you're a friggin pussy for not giving Texas the credit they deserve for waxing your ass. Mack Brown, for all this warts, at least took his losses like a man, giving credit to his opponent and being positive, hoping to do better next time. You're such an insecure egomaniac that you can't even do that. You're like the sleazy small-dicked used car salesman in True Lies that's gotten by on his bullshit but can't hold up when his own balls are held over the flame. Shame on you and your lousy program.

I don't care if you beat Mack Brown for the next ten years. I'd rather have him and be a part of this classy program and university than be a part of your low-rent bullshit operation.

There, I feel better.

Coming tomorrow: A breakdown of the Texas-OU third down efficiencies.

Hook Em Horns.

Fuck Em Sooners.


OH here we go again....Must I remind you that only steers and queers (fags for you uneducated Texans out there) come from Texas?!

Lousy program? Are you blind? You all keep up the BS and make yourselves feel better. There have been more Rhodes Scholars, PhD's, and NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS out of OU than Texas could ever dream to have. All you Texas fans will ever have to hang your cowboy hats on is your constant wet-dreams about being what you are not and will never be...A WINNER!!

By the way....there is only one UT in this country and it ain't in Texas.

Where to begin... The reason you are so used to seeing Mack Brown lick the boots of OU Football for the past 5 years is because we made a joke out of your school, your football team, your head coach, and yes the poor kids that Mack Brown has recruited to a promise of 4 years of standing in the shadow of The University of Oklahoma. The reason you didn't see Bob Stoops behind a microphone begging for forgiveness like good ol' Mack was because when you play in (3) National Chamionships over (5) years there is little to be sorry for. The fact is that when we left the Cotton Bowl in previous years we left knowing that we had just trounced the hopes and dreams of a top (5) Texas team and Texas fans everywhere. Texas always has a great program, that is until you put them on the field with Oklahoma. And I really hope you are happy about your win over an unranked, rebuilding football team without Adrian Peterson at 75% and without a prolific QB, but don't get used to it. You f'n Wankers!
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