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Tuesday, October 11


No time to celebrate

Make no mistake about it: Colorado is Texas’ biggest test left on the schedule. The Buffaloes aren’t a powerhouse, but they’re better than the rest of the Big 12 teams Texas has left to play. They’re well coached, their defense is solid, and the offense is improving. Throw in the fact that Texas is coming off a wildly emotional win, and you have all the makings of a stumble if the Horns aren’t sharp. It will be critical for Texas to quickly put the OU thrashing behind them and start focusing on Colorado. Gary Barnett will certainly have his Buffaloes ready to play.

The good news for Texas is that this defense is for real. If Miami is the best defense Colorado plays this year, then Texas isn’t far behind, if at all. Gene Chizik’s crew is for real. Colorado isn’t going to score enough to beat the Horns, but Texas is in a precarious position right now, needing to beat everyone handily from here on out to keep the voters impressed. Much more on this game throughout the week.


Is it just me or has Joel Klatt been with the Colorado program for like nine years now?
I do like the fact that our two biggest challengers, Colorado and Tech, will be games at home.
Ralphie has AIDS. -Adam
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