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Wednesday, October 12


Texas vs the spread

Texas hasn’t been a great team against the spread in recent years. Last season the Horns were only 5-7 against the line that Vegas set. This year, the Horns are 5-0. What gives? For one thing, the rest of the country hasn’t caught on to how good Jamaal Charles is. People see us lose Cedric Benson and they assume that the running game is going to take a hit. Second, there’s this perception of Mack Brown—fair or not—that he’s not really a winner, even though he is. The mounting losses in big games and zero conference championships have him cast as a good recruiter/bad coach type. It’s not particularly fair, but it’s not particularly important.

The real story is that this year’s defense is extremely stout, the offense is very tough to stop, and we’re not even playing our best football. USC keeps getting knocked for playing at 80% of their capacity. I can’t say that the Horns have put together everything all at once for a game yet, either. Too many fumbles and penalties have kept the Horns from truly being an elite team. So far, they’ve merely been great.

Great has been enough to go 5-0 against the spread this year, though. This is a special team, and if all the pieces come together for a complete game, we can beat anyone in the country. Maybe USC at the top of their game is unbeatable, but we’re not far behind. Texas will face a stiff test this week after the emotional Oklahoma win. Colorado isn’t a bad football team. It wouldn’t be terribly shocking if we came out a little flat. Apparently, that’s what a number of people are expecting. After opening as 19.5 point favorites, the line has shot down all the way to 17. Looks like some people are expecting a reasonably tight game against the Buffs. I disagree. They won’t score much, and we will. How’s that for insight? Horns go to 6-0 against the spread this week, folks. I guarantee it.

Full breakdown of the game coming soon here at ATL.

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