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Wednesday, October 12


Bush-Charles watch

Jamaal Charles keeps pace with the Heisman candidate:

Jamaal Charles: 64 rushes, 576 yards, 9.0 yards per carry, 6 TDs; 10 receptions, 124 yards, 12.4 ypc, 1 TD

Reggie Bush: 71 rushes, 621 yards, 8.75 yards per carry, 6 TDs; 13 receptions, 191 yards, 14.7 ypc, 2 TD

Charles seems to be in the position that Bush was last year: underclassman stud not fully appreciated in part because of his Heisman-worthy junior stud quarterback. Hey, we're noticing, Jamaal.

The comparisons with the USC situation of last year are pretty uncanny, actually. Last year, Leinart got a whole lot of (much deserved) love as USC had a perfect season and won it all. What people realized, at the end of the year, was that this Reggie Bush kid was awfully good, too. Still, it was Leinart's year and he took home the trophy.

Could Texas have the same story this year? We can certainly dream, can't we? The dream scenario: USC loses to Notre Dame this year, with Bush and Leinart absolutely killing the Trojans with turnovers. Texas wins it all and Vince Young wins the Heisman. He passes on the NFL and Texas returns next year the consensus #1 team in the country with two of the top Heisman candidates in the country.

Dreaming sure is fun, isn't it? Hey, at least we can this year. At this point in each of the last five years we were licking Bob Stoops induced wounds. Thank God we cleared that hurdle.

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