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Friday, October 14


Letdown week?

The more and more I learn about Colorado, the more and more I think we'll get a solid test this week. I can't see the Buffs leaving Austin with a win, but I like that we'll be facing some stiff competition. It's a good test for us and will be a good indicator of how strong we are. If we blow out Colorado, we're every bit as good as we think we are. If Colorado gives us a tough game, which they're capable of, it will mean we're not quite as far along as we thought.

The real reason I'm so confident in a win is the defense. Sadly, Colorado is probably the best offensive football team we've faced so far this year, so we'll see exactly how good this unit is, but I like our chances to keep them in check. If the offense is anywhere near its A game, we should win by 20+. But if the offense sputters and/or turns the ball over a lot, we could be in for a dog fight.

I'm going to revise my pick ever so slightly, taking three away from the Horns and giving a few to the Buffaloes. Texas wins, 34-16.

I think Colorado is in the same league with Texas, and will be competitive for three quarters.

But in the fourth, our lineman will wear theirs down on both sides of the ball. Two late scores will push the final margin up.

Pick: Texas 41, Colorado 20.
The Statesman is reporting the Jamaal Charles is questionable for Satruday after reaggrevating his injured ankle on Wednesday. We will likely see heavy doses of Selvin Young. As long as he holds on to the football, we will be fine. Unfortunately, he hasn't done that yet this year.

I see the CU being able to move the ball enough to score some points, especially off a turnover or a big special teams play. I don't see them having enough firepower to outscore us though. Bean is right though, Colorado is the best offense we have faced this season. Texas controls the line of scrimmage and VY takes over with another 100+ on the ground and 200+ through the air. Texas wins but it will be closer than the experts think 27-17.
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