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Monday, October 17


ATL Top 25

1. Texas (Playing better than USC)
2. Southern Cal (Team of destiny? Or destined to lose?)
3. Virginia Tech (DNP)
4. Georgia (Not dominant, but quietly effective)
5. Alabama (Prothro absence showed in close win)
6. Miami (Best defense in country, with apologies to VA Tech, TX)
7. LSU (Les Miles sucks)
8. UCLA (We’re not big believers, yet)
9. Texas Tech (See: UCLA)
10. Ohio State (Santonio Holmes is a stud)
11. Florida State (That’s more like it)
12. Notre Dame (They were the unlucky ones on Saturday)
13. Boston College (Lucky to beat Wake)
14. Auburn (Yawn)
15. Tennessee (Yawn)
16. Penn State (Williams injury is end of Cinderella run)
17. Oregon (Decent team, but nothing special)
18. Wisconsin (Winning ugly counts, I guess)
19. TCU (Gotta have one non-major conference in here, right?)
20. Florida (Chris Leak is not an Urban Meyer guy)
21. West Virginia (Solid, if unspectacular, team)
22. Virginia (Huge win for potentially reeling Cavs)
23. Michigan State (The offense is special; the defense is forgettable)
24. California (Not the same as last year)
25. Nebraska (An improving team; will be solid next year)

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