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Monday, October 17


Texas herds Buffs, runs them over cliff

After such a spectacular weekend of college football, with so many great games and so many storylines, we’ve yet to cover Texas win against Colorado. Part of that is because of the emerging national stories, but part of it was because there’s not a whole lot to say. There’s certainly little to criticize, despite the fact that Texas didn’t bother playing in the second half. And why not? The game was over in the first quarter.

The real story of the game was Vince Young, who was just about perfect. His line—25 of 29, 336 yards with 2 TDs and 10 rushes, 58 yards, 3 TDs—was PlayStation-like. He was outrageously good in the first half and allowed Texas to coast to an easy victory. There was a lot of drama on Saturday, but none in Austin.

The other big story of the afternoon for Texas was Limas Sweed’s big day. Seven(!) catches for 88 yards, including two touchdowns? It was the first time all year he’s looked like a big time, go-to receiver. Was it a fluky day or a sign of things to come? We’ll certainly find out, but at least for one week, he was great. If his emergence is permanent, look out. The Texas passing attack is quickly catching up to the running attack, making our offense, well… a lot like USC’s.

Next up? Texas Tech. We’ll take a look at the Red Raiders all week here at ATL and breakdown how Texas will keep the winning streak going. The short of it is: there is absolutely nothing Texas Tech can do to keep us from scoring, short of a Tonya Harding-esque attack on Vince Young. Much more to come all week.

To be perfectly fair, it wasn't Tonya Harding that attacked Nancy Kerrigan, she was merely implicated in the attack plot...

I hope for pointing this out, I don't get banished as a Horns fan. But if so, I understand.
You are banished
Something that hasn't been said that should certainly be noted is that Selvin Young played an entire college football game without handing the ball to the opposing team. Despite my constant yelling he was able to keep focus on the task at hand and hold onto the football. Kudos Selvin.
Selvin Young deserves credit for not fumbling but not for much else. The Horns played great and took what CU game them, which was the pass. VY was unbelievable. It was his best passing game of his career by far. But if we are to look at the game through critical eyes, then the criticism should still start with Selvin. 19 carries for 43 yards, an average of 2.3 yds / carry. And he had one run of 17 yards. If you take that away, his stats are 18 for 26, 1.4 yds / carry. Selvin didn't look explosive. He looked slow. He didn't sprint through holes. He danced until they were closed. His first step was not forward. It was always a little backfield dance. Please let Jamaal Charles be healthy this week.
I felt that Young's great day was shadowed by the national headlines. If it had been any other week Vince would be what everyone is talking about.
Selvin did not look great, but a game with out a fumble is a step in the right direction.
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