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Monday, October 17


Bring it on

Dear USC,

We took a little
shot at you on Saturday night because we wanted to see you stumble and because we want to make sure that Texas gets in the Rose Bowl. Now that the BCS standings have Texas looking okay so far, we’re changing our tune.

You haven’t lost since 1988 or something ridiculous like that, and as of today, we are officially your biggest fans. We want to see you win out and we want to face you in the Rose Bowl. We want to be the ones to end your streak. And after watching both you and Texas play on Saturday, I think we’re better.

Our quarterback is better. Our running back, Jamaal Charles, is eerily similar to your boy Reggie Bush. And now that Mack has kicked the Bob Stoops monkey to the gutter, we’re as confident as anyone. And before you start up with that Pac 10 smack, read this. Your conference is hovering dangerously near Big East territory.

There’s a new show in town, and Vince Young is the conductor. So please, get your act together, Boys from Troy. We want to see you in Pasadena. Longhorn Nation will be there. Will you?

All the best,
All Things Longhorn

P.S. Please teach your fans how to talk smack. With a football team as good as you've got, you'd think you'd have some decent smack to talk... Your fans are making the Sooner fans look educated.

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Texas #2 in first BCS:


It's getting too many hits. Just trust me.
I'm surprised that we did better in every computer poll than Va Tech, considering all the talk of strength of schedule and so on. Even Georgia did better in the computer polls than they did, so we should actually be rooting for Georgia to do well, since they probably won't pass Va Tech in the human polls, keeping both of them well below us.
Now this is what I like to see. A little cockiness from ATL. Travis has been singing this tune for a while. It took me until after OU to join him. And now I'm finally glad to see other fans realize it. the 'Horns are good. Real good. And I'd put them up against any college team this year, anywhere. USC got lucky Saturday. Lucky that the Irish's God-awful secondary picked the most inopportune moment to collapse. Lucky that they got a favorable spot that put the ball on the 1. Great players and a very good team, but nothing I’ve seen this year has sold me, even with ESPN/ABC vigorously fellating them at every turn. I’ll see you bitches in LA.
- Eric
OMG. You must be smoking crack to think that the TEXAS running back is Reggie Bush. Reggie Bush is way better than any player out there right now.
You guys in Texas are hilarious. We dismantled Oklahoma for you, and they still haven't recovered, and so you finally beat them this year after--what? Eight tries?

Last year you only got into the BCS because your coach whined and cried his way in.

The last time you won a National Title I think was also the last time the White Sox were in the World Series.

I stumbled onto this site last Saturday night, and now I check in for some comic relief.

Everyone in So Cal is hoping we play you, because it guarantees us another title. We're afraid of Va Tech--you know, the team with a track record, a real QB and a real coach?

Everyone OUTSIDE of Texas knows the #1 player in America is Reggie Bush, and the #1 QB in America is Matt Leinart--but Texas is a different country, isn't it?

Keep living in fantasyland, boys!
I love this site and I also check in for periodic comic relief as well. I like the way Texas forgets they were a dropped pass away from a loss to overrated ohio state. If anyone got lucky, it was texas when that assclown from ohio state gave them the game.I can only confirm that here at Southern Cal, we want Texas because we know we can crush them, but Virginia Tech seems to be more of a threat to us because they have a quarterback who can throw, tremendous special teams, and a very intellignet coach. Jamaal Charles is special in Austin and thats about it, Reggie Bush make him look like a high school running back, however, Va. tech won't come as easy. With one month to prepare for that soft Texas D, Sc's offense is gonna destroy and Carrol will have more than enough time to get the D ready to play. And guys, don't forget Pete Carrol is not Gary Barnett, Leach, or Bob "Choke" Stoops, he is the real deal. Don't be surprised when Mack "I'll Just Beg the Voters" Brown comes to LA unprepared for the best offensive show he'll ever see in his life. We'll see you in Los Angeles soon and we'll see you leave the 10 freeway sobbing your eyes all the way in traffic back to shitland, texas
There sure is a lot of uninformed trash talk from the Spoiled Children on here. What's the matter -- you couldn't find that girl Paige used to do your homework for you?

Va. Tech has "a quarterback who can throw" -- and Texas doesn't? Vince Young has 12 TDs to 5 ints, a 113 passing rating and is completing 67 percent of his passes. That's right, he can't throw.

Texas doesn't have a real D? Yeah, they're allowing only 4 more yards per game than Va. Tech, and they've been immensely better than USC. Gene Chizik has put in the best defense I've seen since Brown showed up, and that's including the four years Derrick "1st-round draft pick" Johnson was wreaking havoc.

Texas hasn't won a national championship since the White Sox won the World Series? Hyperbole aside, that's a bold statement to make considering USC took quite a dive after their 1978 national championship (though some bandwagoneer on here thinks USC won one in 1996). At least UT was in contention for the MNC in the 80s and 90s. Besides, the last time USC lost to TCU was, what -- that's right, 1999.

If you want to talk history, the worst Texas' Heisman-winning running backs do is smoke dope and go to Australia. The worst USC Heisman-winning running backs do is kill their wife.

Texas has a better defense than USC. They have a better quarterback than USC. They don't have Reggie Bush, but they have two solid running backs who provide threats on the ground and in the air. I'm looking forward to USC running the table through the Pac-10 -- which is just as weak as the Big 12 -- so Texas can lay the smack down on the most overrated team since 1996 Florida.
WAH WAH WAH WAH...is that all you guys are good at? Is fricking whining? wah reggie bush cheated by helping QB Leinhart into the end zone, wah wah they should of lost. WAh wah USC is overated. All this b.s. WAHing started last season after mack brown beat A&M and had to WAH his sorry ass into the rose bowl. So keeping WAHing texas, you bunch of fruit cakes.
BTW, i realize that Texas has the stats to rank them up there...but wow im sure any team that plays Lousiana-Lafeyette (Who the hell knows anyhting about this school?), and Rice, will garner awesome stats. Hell even my 15 year old brothers freshman high school team can compete with those schools. Just because you guys beat teams like them, doesnt mena you can automatically compete with USC (The winner of the last 2 National Championships and argubaly the best Player in COLLEGE FOOTBALL EVER with Reggie Bush.) Dont get all cocky Texas. USC will rape yall
The VA Tech quarterback certainly has something the Texas quarterback doesn't - a conviction record for statuatory rape.
Hey Texas, try beating oklahoma one more time, before you start preaching yourself as a good football team. USC did it for you in the orange bowl and gave you the leftovers this season. Your next Longhorns, see you in Pasadena bitches, you're next.
If I were USC, I would be praying Texas makes it and not Va Tech. One thing you can count on, is that Mack Brown will always make stupid coaching mistakes.
Geez, get a football team that's won the NC a couple of times, and all of a sudden, they think they're ready for the pros. USC has lucked out in several games already and will not go undefeated this year. Too bad, because I'm looking forward to kicking their candied-asses into the Left Coast in January. "Texas defense soft"? The only thing soft is your dick pal
Texas is overrated...sure you guys have vince young and sure you guys play in the better conference.but that's all u got.....How are you going to go up against a high power usc offense and their top ten defense...the answer is that you can't.....i would definitely love to see you guys play usc at the rose bowl...my point is don't talk smack unless you can back it up....remember oklahoma (2004)..too much smack talking and no backing up their smack.....
just look at your products in the nfl...cedric benson is a pathethic excuss for a texas running back....
Cut the crap. All the speculation about who would beat who is a waste of time until they actually play each other. The real issue is who deserves the #1 ranking THIS week. Texas hasn't earned that ranking yet, and USC has...for the last 28 weeks.
Dear USC fan, I am a realist. That being said, let me give credit where credit is due. I credit Reggie Bush for a self admitted cheat. I credit Matt Leinart for being stupid enough to go for it when the call was to spike. I credit Pete Carroll for not allowing instant replay so that the spot of the fumble could not be determined correctly. I also credit the ND secondary for flopping on 4th and 9. BTW, Leinart admitted that the pass was one of the worst passes he threw that game. Let me also credit the officials who actually got caught up in the moment and forgot about the rules of the game. And finally, let me credit the USC defense for letting ND have what looked like a offense. Texas is licking it chops after that display. You don't want to get into a shootout with Texas. Their defense is better that yours and they can stop you one more time than you can stop them. In the end, you should be pulling for VT because Mr. Vick will probably be arrested the night before the Rose Bowl for some sort of sodemy or sexual assault charge virtually handing you another title. Good luck to all and for the love of God, will the USC people please get you facts straight before you try to trash talk. I mean don't make USC fans look any dumber than they already are.
I am an old USC fan from way back in 68..and i have matured enough to know that Texas is a formidable apponent. It is true USC has had some close games recently but has anyone taken into consideration that their defense has been playing with 3 and 4th string players and still kicking ass?..well i agree USC has not been the pwer house we all excpected but they have beaten tough ranked opponents. I still think that they will hit here stride and watch out if they do...Texas, if i were you id not brag until there is something to brag about..as for USC...we dont brag either way...we just go out and win.
"If I owned both Hell and Texas, I'd rent out Texas and live in Hell." - William T. Sherman
Dear USC fan, I am a realist. That being said, let me give credit where credit is due. I credit Reggie Bush for a self admitted cheat. I credit Matt Leinart for being stupid enough to go for it when the call was to spike. I credit Pete Carroll for not allowing instant replay so that the spot of the fumble could not be determined correctly. I also credit the ND secondary for flopping on 4th and 9. BTW, Leinart admitted that the pass was one of the worst passes he threw that game. Let me also credit the officials who actually got caught up in the moment and forgot about the rules of the game. And finally, let me credit the USC defense for letting ND have what looked like a offense. Texas is licking it chops after that display. You don't want to get into a shootout with Texas. Their defense is better that yours and they can stop you one more time than you can stop them. In the end, you should be pulling for VT because Mr. Vick will probably be arrested the night before the Rose Bowl for some sort of sodemy or sexual assault charge virtually handing you another title. Good luck to all and for the love of God, will the USC people please get you facts straight before you try to trash talk. I mean don't make USC fans look any dumber than they already are.
Man there are some uneducated people making comments here. First of all, the idiots who think that Va. Tech should be ranked higher than Texas are stupid and don't watch college football. Secondly, Marcus Vick is better than Vince Young?? That sorry statement doesn't even deserve a response. Third, no Texas fan should be comparing anyone to Leinart or Bush...because we haven't won anything yet. But having said that, USC fans need to take a closer look at their team. Two time champs or not, your team is beatable. And Texas has the ingredients to do it. Your defense is nowhere close to what it was last year, while Texas' is better. See you in Pasadena on January 4th. Hook 'Em Horns!

Your president is a clod.
Your weather sucks.
Your women are hot, but wear too much makeup.
Your Astros will lose.
Your Longhorns will kiss the boots of Troy, if they don't fold sooner.

Our Bush is Better.
Reggie Bush and Lindell White are the best backs in the country, hands down. Both are better than Jamaal Charles. That's not a knock on Charles by any means, it just goes to show you how good they are. Steve Smith is better than any Texas receiver we have. And Leinart may not possess the athletic ability Vince Young has, but he's the college version of Tom Brady. Their offense is superior to ours, but our defense is amazing. We have the speed to keep up with ther receivers and contain Bush to the inside. I can not say that they can do the same. If Texas plays USC in the Rose Bowl, I'll give the nod to Texas off of strictly adrnenaline and emotions.
OK, let's just wait and see what you have to say after the Rose Bowl. You can make all the comments you want about schedule, etc...... Bottom line is, TX is better than Va Tech. USC has the potential to be unbeatable, but they are not playing that way, and haven't been for a while. They probably have the most talent, but at the level the top few teams are, the talent is very very close, so, what separates the games isn't only that. Keep talking trash about TX and Vince Young. You'll see. USC is not unbeatable this year. They may even get beat before the Rose Bowl. And additionally, if Leinhart keeps taking the punishment that he has been, he definately will be in serious trouble by the end of year. USC just better hope Bush doesn't go down, because without him, they are in serious trouble against the top teams (If any NFL team has their head on straight, they would pick Bush in front of Matt "over-rated" Leinhart. You know, Cody Hodges for Texas Tech would throw for 1000 yards a game if he had recievers like USC. Leinhart is over-rated. PERIOD!! Keep hammering us with your idiotic comments. We have no problem coming in as underdogs. Guess what, its gonna suck to be you when the final seconds tick off the clock on Jan 4th.
Of course Texas wants USC in the Rose Bowl. They have every right to fear Virginia Tech. We actually have the defense to shut down their "Heisman" QB. And neither of the "top two" teams have a special teams unit or a coach in the same class as us. Personally, I'd like for us to take on Texas rather than USC though. I know we can crush SC. I know we can stop the "NFL caliber offense." At least Texas would be team worthy of playing on the same field as we win our first national title.
VY is God. Period.

No matter what USC says, they haven't faced *ANYBODY* like Vince. Vince burned Michigan last year in the Rose Bowl, and he'll burn USC this year in the Rose Bowl.
The women of Troy are hot, but southern California men are just queer. Hell, you even had to recruit an Austin native (Benjamin Mackenzie) to play that OC show's main character.

If Sherman were alive today, he'd spit on southern California. Men with bleached hair should be shot. Bleh.
WAAAAAY to early to be talking noise from either school!
I have no problem admitting that USC is better than UT...for now. As a Longhorn faithful, I can't say anything until the two teams face each other...and they will come Jan. 4th. But after that game, all the UT-haters will see just how exciting and special this team is. To me, both of these offenses are about the same. Great running teams (both in the top 5 in rushing), with great QBs. There are two differences. Our QB can beat you two ways...and our defense is leaps and bounds better than USC's, and better than any defense that USC has faced, or will face the rest of the season. I love how people just throw out idiotic comments without actually looking at any of the facts and actually take into consideration how the teams are playing this season. Everyone knows that USC has won two National Championships. But that was in the past. The present shows all the signs of a UT vs. USC Rose Bowl...and USC is looking more and more beatable every week. And to the dork that made the President joke (and by no means am I a George Bush supporter), but you need to look at your own governor before you start talking about the people that come out of Texas.
Vince burned a two-loss team last year in the Rose Bowl that barely won the Big Ten. And, you had to rely on your kicker to win.
I love how you guys put yourself into the nation's elite programs after one successful run.
Last year, about this time, "FireMackBrown.com" was one of Austin's most popular websites. And oh how heated the arguments were... and now, it's "Mack for President"?

IF you win out and IF you win the Nat'l title, it'll be due to a win over USC, and winning an obviously weak conference. Yes, VY is hot, and he's nearly impossible to stop, but God forbid he should get injured.

UT fans, pray that he survives to the Rose Bowl.
First off, I love how USC is still claiming there "2" national championships. Didn't LSU hold the crystal after beating oklahoma, thought so. As far as whining, that is all pete carroll did to get his little trojans even a so called share of the title. So USC,you have one title technically and thats all Matty boy is gonna get. Vince and the boys were probably laughing at the USC,ND game because if that USC team is the one who is unstoppable they might as well skip the rest of the season and give Texas the championship. I guess a good ol ass whippin is what Matt needs before the NFL, if Nick Lachey doesn't give him one first.
What the hell is a Va Tech dork making a comment for?? He said that neither of the top 2 teams has a "coach in the same class as us"??? That dude must be high...what the hell has Frank Beamer done that is so freakin special?? The only way Va Tech fans deserve to make a statement on here is IF they can get past Miami in a few weeks...until then, beat someone before talking sh*t.
Does anyone know how long Matt Leinart and Nick Lachey have been dating? Just curious.
Texas shush please sit down and be quite, YOU HAVEN'T WON ANYTHING IN A LOOOOOONG TIME. If both teams make it to the Rose Bowl and that is a big if for both schools. USC will have played 6 teams that were ranked in the top 25. Can Texas say that? USC knows how to win in pressure situations, Texas had a decent win against a nice Ohio State team and that's about it.
Why USC continues to win. The most mentally tough team in america. They looked mortal because of three factors. 1. they have been on the road so preparation time is less. everyone's biggest game of the year is when usc comes to town and the home team is emotionally stoked BECAUSE THEY ARE PLAYING THE 2 TIME NATIONAL CHAMPIONS. As for Charlie weiss, he had 2 weeks to scheme out his plan, his team well rested ect. Give Pete carroll 2 weeks to work on ND's game plan & you have a different result. add to that the trojans have a bye coming up when they will be able to get consistency in their defense, & healup. their is no college team in america that can beat them. THEY CAN ONLY BEAT THEMSELVES.
I know, I can't believe Lachey left Daisy Duke for that Hollywood-wannabe.
Big Ten, when are you guys going to learn your lesson......KEEP YOUR MOUTHS SHUT!!!!!
"USC IS NOT " THE 2 TIME NATIONAL CHAMPION" ---- True, they have WAY more than that...
matt leinart is overrated? how? the ones who know are the ones that evaluate players for a living, or played the game. winning the heisman is voted by players and respected voters. NFL officials think Matt will be a top pick (which means he's not overrated) How about your boy vince? he might make the NFL, but definitely not as a quarterback.

btw, unfortunately we do have our governor, but we also have the best team in the nation til somebody knocks us off.
AWWWWW it's really a shame. Poor Poor Texas thinks they have some kind of shot against USC. Kinda sad if you ask me. Texass get's their ass kicked every year by OU and all the sudden 1 day you win and you are the shit na i don't think so. Hell you've got a QB who can't pass can't run and can't play. Can't wait to see USC wipe the floor with the shorthorns! Texas will be send home early. Thanks for playin TEXASS!
Ohh forgot to add. Pete carroll will take away vince young's running and shut down texas running game as they always shut down either the run or the pass. If texas has to pass to beat sc. they have no chance sine vince as great as he is. VINCE WILL NOT BEAT USC BY THROWING THE BALL.
queers and steers!! you've got both.hahaha
LSU '03 national champs.....usc '04 national champs.....get it right you jerk offs
Texas I again ask what have you won recently? Bitches are meant to be seen not heard, and until you win something shut your pie hole. "USC didn't play LSU, they didn't play Auburn, they shouldn't be national champs!" USC played the teams they were assigned to play and won. Scoreboard Bitches!!
look stupid...you sound just the same as in '03 when LSU won the crystal. waaaahh we are national champs cuz the ap says it's so....I'M NOT FROM TEXAS....YOU CALI ASS BANDIT.

Hey Texas, did LSU take your mom out and buy her Burger King before they gave her a Dirty Sanchez?

Why the love so much for LSU?....It seems to me if your so confident that Texas can beat USC wouldn't you want to be known as the team who took down a 2-Time defending champion?

Texas act like you have been there before.....fake it until you make it....You little bithces

PS: Tell your Mom I will be there at 8pm and she better have cash this time
You cali boys (notice the use of boys becuase last time I check, there aren't any real men out in California, you fruit cakes) need to take a chill pill. Both teams are good, and if they both make it to Pasadena, the game should be a blast. The season has been tough for both Texas and USC with equally difficult and easy games. But, leave it on the field. Plus, Cali boys need to seriously learn how to talk smack. You boys are pathetic.
i guess all the good ol' boys are done talking. every comment you guys have made are all assumptions and no facts. Facts please!!!

you guys are so hard up for anything cause all you have is football. come to Socal and relax a bit, it'll clear your mind and realize two things.
1. mack brown is a crybaby and a bitch.
2. you guys are overrated until you beat somebody.
what is is LoC chilling in that longhorn texas we gonna wipe usc ass Reggie Big shit Bush wreck might win the hesiman but Vince Young is gonna give him a run for his money we lost Ced and Derrik but we still wrecking so we will se you if noy va in the rose bowl
Oh my God.............you finally beat OU. Please UCLA hammered them this year and they still haven't gotten over the pimp slapping we gave them last year. WHO"S YOUR DADDY...........Bring Longhorn Nation over the Cally for the Grand Daddy of them all. I think we have enough Motel 6's in town to cover you.
What can Matt do except a grow a goofy ass beard. He has a good tailback and w/o that good tailback Matt would not have "1" national championship. Hell, w/o that good tailback Matt would not even be able to sneak a yard into the endzone. Vince young can't pass, your right... 25/29 336yds last week. Good point.
Go Tech!! Texas Tech!!!
Not and elite program?
records in the last 5 years
Pete Carroll and Trojans 42-9 83.4%
Mack Brown and the Longhorns 43-8 84.3%

Lets see didn't the longhorns win the Baseball world series? USC round of sixteen loss
are they not ranked by everyone at #2 in nation in college football? USC #1 lucked passed #9 ND to keep it's ranking
Now the basketball team comes out ranked #2 in the nation, USC not in the top 35

Hey USC howz the basketball program?
maybe y'all should stick with surf'n and rollerblading
hey Mr. kiper or any NFL rep,

how do you project mr. Young going in the draft?

he's a tremendous talent...i think he'll be an excellent fourth receiver and a possible kick returner...but no team will waste a solid draft on a unproven thrower.
UT.........As Nickelson said....You can't handle the truth!!!!

Fact.....You just beat OU. First time in 8 tries. SC owns them and OU hasn't recovered since.

Fact.....You barely beat Michigan last year and SC hammered them too.

Fact......SC has beaten OU, VA Tech, Auburn, ND all on the road. Tell me who UT has beaten....RICE

Bring your sorry asses down to So. Cal. Enjoy your visit to Disneyland because you are the next so called threat to go down....SOON.
i thought this was a football blog on texas and SC football? you texans are as dumb as your horses...
"maybe y'all should stick with surf'n and rollerblading"

This is about football....Also Y'all is not a word....Retard is however...
my horse is smarter than your honor student
USC has won 2 straight National Championships. What has Texas done Lately! Texas finally beats a weak Oklahoma Team, after 5 conecutive years of being outplayed & outcoached. The only championship Texas has won lately is COWTIPPING!!!
Just the football facts...

Heisman Winners
Texas - 2
USC - 6

National Titles
Texas - 3
USC - 11
This is what Dwayne Slay will do to your precious Vince Young this weekend...

Who cares about who USC beat last year and year before that. Thats over with. Damn, texas is gonna take the national championship from California.We might take your little Laguna Beach sluts too while were there. Might as well hook all we can while on vacation.
Ho hum....another year, another fiesty set of fans talking smack before they finally get humiliated on New Year's. Yawwwwwwwwnnn.....

"Not an elite program?" -- (I'll correct your spelling for you.) Correct. In football, you are NOT an elite program. National titles last 5 years:0, conference champs last 5 years: 0. A 1-5 record against your biggest rival since '00.

Not exactly "Elite" material to the rest of the country.
Hey Texas fans has Pujols ball landed yet????? Houston.....we have a problem!!

All you yahoo's out in Texas enjoy that big WHINE.....oops I mean win against OU (OVERATED UNIVERSITY) because the rest of the ink you will be getting in another big game will be how SC smack daddied you.............
Hey California, does your catcher know how to tag a runner out on a third strike?
usc fans face it, you're a stepping stone program!
Everyone knows that if you want to play football, you come to TEXAS!!!
This comment is for some bitch named "Joanna" who posted this statement about Vince Young - "Hell you've got a QB who can't pass can't run and can't play" First of all, I think think this bitch is from Arkansas (at least that's what I'm taking that AR next to her name to mean), so that right there gives her no room to talk. Secondly, what Texas QB has she been watching to make a stupid statement like that?? To all of you USC, UT, and any other college fans, why don't you watch a game...better yet, actually understand the game, before you decide to shoot your ass off with rediculously stuid remarks. You think you're making a clever statement when in fact all you're doing is making yourself (and in this case the state that you come from) look stupid and uneducated. If you've got something to say, make sure you got the facts to back it. That's why I'm not going to say anything bad about USC...at least not until UT beats them on January 4th. Until that point, USC has my respect and are the clear team to beat. My opinion is that I feel that our Longhorns have the best shot at beating them than any team in the league. Most games are won off on consistant and mistake-free offense, good special teams, and a solid defense. I think UT beats USC in that last category. And if you've watched any college football so far this year, you would understand why.
First of all, the past is the past. This is a whole new year. Let's face it, Texas is much better this year than they were last year, USC is NOT. They barely won against Notre Dame! Both teams should fear Virginia Tech. VT is the ONLY team with a menacing D, Special Teams, and Offense. Please spare me your "how many national titles have you won?" and "how many heisman winners does your school have?" None of that will help this year. No matter what team faces USC, whether it be Texas or Virginia Tech, USC will go down. Personally, I think that seeing USC in a another bowl game would be boring, except for the fact that they'll lose. VT and Texas will put a whooping on their opponents and I would like to see those two play in the Rose Bowl game. At least THAT would be a GAME.
as a fan of neither team, i've read this whole blog. my conclusion is SC has won one offical natl. championship and texas hasnt. The SC peeps are giving facts, while texas fans are not. the only way you decide which team is better is to play one another. other than that, you have to go with facts.

SC wins this debate.
SEC wins the national championship in 2003 (LSU). Auburn was undefeated in 2004 and should have had the opportunity to play USC. By the way, they beat the hell out of VaTech. I think you should all shut your mouths until you play in real conferences. When Texas Tech and California are your toughest conference games there is something wrong.
I think all of you should let the season get further along than the halfway mark before declaring either team a #1. On any given day both USC and UT can lose between now and then. Both teams are good teams but neither are invincible.
I think all of you should let the season get further along than the halfway mark before declaring either team a #1. On any given day both USC and UT can lose between now and then. Both teams are good teams but neither are invincible.
Actually, "y'all" is a word (see: Dictionary). Leinart and boybandmagee Nick Lachey are spending too much time together I think b/c he looks soft out there on the field. Texas is blowing teams out week in week out while USC is continually being pushed to the brink by every team they play (yes, even cough cough Arizona!). See Y'ALL bitches in January...hopefully USC beat Stanford and make it to the game! TEXAS FIGHT!
Texas the funny thing is you watch that Laguna Beach show, we LIVE it everyday.
Different year, different teams, same 'ol smack. SoCal has great talent, Texas has great talent. Austin is a great city, and LA...well, it's a city. LA has such a crappy fan base that even the NFL is leary of putting a squad out there. And, even Texas fans enjoyed watching you lay the smackdown on OU. So SoCal, shut your yaps and thank the football gods that you were allowed to escape mediocre teams this year. We haven't been tested yet, but you have needed to dig deep to beat the likes of Arizona (chumps), Arizona State (chimps), and Oregon (now that's a football factory.....yeah, right).
sec a "real conference"???
Stay out of jail & go to class first dumb ass!!
you all er dumb!! this aint no debate. texas is the best team. besides, our president lost the debate and we won. go texas! we'll get er dun....
I've never been to jail but I have been to Austin. Texas acts like it's a great city but there really isn't anything special about it. Sixth Street is just a second rate Bourbon Street or Beale Street.
Let's see...........SC has more Heisman's in the vault than UT. More football National Championships than UT. More baseball National Championships than UT. Wait........you do beat us in Stupid Presidents........2-1. You're up on us on places no one ever wants to visit....Too many to count.... And you have us in cities with unbearable weather and smell. And of course you really have us on teams that choke in the clutch........
I think you should all wait until the season is further along than the halfway point. Both teams still have quite a few games left to win before either can be declared the best. On any given day a team can win or lose and neither may end up undefeated. They are both great teams but neither is unbeatable.

The SEC is for pussies...Your conference has neither the best nor the worst teams which make you mediocre. Live with it. You can't even win an outright National Title! So go back inside to mommy so we men can talk.
SC can claim John Wayne as a former player and alum... tough to beat that. :-)
Some guy from California just boasting that they live "Laguna Beach" everyday and that we don't. Well, to that I say 1) holy shit you are the biggest californiagoddamnfaggot in the world for saying such a thing 2) one more time, you're a fag for saying that Tres) USC continues to be tested every week, again I say by even mighty Arizona, while Texas breezes through their season. Oh, and to that guy who posted the Laguna comment again, you (and USC) love the cock.
Let's see...........SC has more Heisman's in the vault than UT. More football National Championships than UT. More baseball National Championships than UT. Wait........you do beat us in Stupid Presidents........2-1. You're up on us on places no one ever wants to visit....Too many to count.... And you have us in cities with unbearable weather and smell. And of course you really have us on teams that choke in the clutch........

i had to copy this....before you texas boys write something clever, please read this. it's a paragraph full of FACTS!!!!
I've never seen a lousier group of fans than the bois who wear the crimson and gold sweaters for USC.

Bleached hair? You're gay.

Football knowledge? Painfully little.

How does an SC tailgate work, anyway? A bunch of metrosexual men get together and eat sushi, talk about their designer pants, and gossip while sipping martinis?

Sounds grand! College football fans at their finest! USC may have a good football team, but they've got the fan base of an MLS soccer team.

You can't even talk shit. It's so sad.
Texas you haven't been tested yet because you play a WEAK schedule! Ohio State is the only good team you have played. USC at the time beat two teams in the top 10 one in the top 15. All those games were on the road and please dont compare Austin to LA I dont hear about people wanting to move to Austin. Can you surf in the morning snowboard in the afternoon, and party with beatiful woman on Sunset Blvd. in the evening. Scoreboard Bitches!!!!!
Lets see...Texas beat Ohio State thanks to a Tressel fuck up of running two quarterbacks in a big game..but Vince made the big play at the end for the win which looked similar to Leinart last week. Texas beat OSU...OSU beat Michigan State who beat Notre Dame who should have beat USC. Bush is a monster but I have to give the game to Texas because they are getting better every week while USC is looking more vulnerable than ever. USC's offense won't look so hot when it plays a real defense.
Georgia and Alabama are both undefeated. They will probably play each other for the SEC Title. And as for national championships, more of those reside in the SEC than any other conference. So feel free to eat a dick.
Hey Texas jack ass..........don't have to tag a batter when you catch the ball. Maybe you didn't see that on your B/W 12" TV you have in the barn. Ya'll get ESPN in WACO???? Loved the faces on Bush and Nolan Ryan when they were watching Pujols ball leave the building. See you in January if you get by Texas Tech.
Okay, we beat OSU in The Shoe, and that's soft? I call letting Ari-fucking-zona hang till' the 4th quarter soft! I call having Reggie Bush push your QB in the end zone soft. USC makes their schedule tough by not beating the shit our of their opponents (see: Oregon, Arizona State, Arizona, Notre Dame, blah blah blah). Good luck with Stanford, I'm sure they will test you guys as well! California loves the cock!
Can't wait to expose you the way we exposed Oklahoma. 55-19, enough said. Act like you have been here before.
aren't have the sec teams on some sort of probation??
"half" stupid. No, there aren't any teams on probation.
Morning surfing, afternnon snowboarding, living it up Laguna Beach style.
Are these people really talkin shit about there football team?
ESPN in Waco, you ask? Yes, I believe so. Y'all have enough cock-lovers in San Fran? Okay. Next? Then you went on to trash the Astros for the last game. Good point - considering so many Cali teams are still in the playoffs and all. USC loves the cock.
Ahh, yes, the trash talk continues. I'm a Texas alum living in California and you'd think from comments here that USC is an NFL team. Not. # 1: USC has the offense but your defense will not shut down either Texas or VA Tech. # 2 If USC is so damn good, why these late 4th quarter wins- you're lucky to escape South Bend with a "W". Oh, I hope both teams win out. Let the trash end- this game will be decided on the field and not by alot of "bench warmer" USC fans who've probably never even played a down of football. Hook'em Horns!
How do you circumcise a Long Horn Fan?

Kick his sister in the mouth.......

Y'all watch what happens to Tech this weekend. It will give y'all a taste of what yer gonna git if you can get passed Washinton.
Do you really call them fellas you got in the defensive secondary football players? or they just some hippie burnout walk ons?
Who in the hell wants to surf? Surfing is for faggots who can't play football!!
As for beautiful women...anyone can look good when you're buying fake tits!!!
LA sucks!!
This is all ridiculous. First of all the only way to compare these teams is to compare schedules, which unfortunately are uncomparable. USC has played 5 of 6 games on the road and 3 top 25 opponents. While Texas has played 2 road games and 1 top 25 opponent which mind you was the only close game. SC has walloped every unranked team they've played as well, so Texas fans I know you guys are happy, but do us a favor and stop talking up your stats when you've got opponents like Missouri and Rice. I too hope both teams win out so this can be settled once and for all.

Next, there is no player comparable to Reggie Bush. That is not even a discussion worth having since every coach and sports writer in America agrees he's one-of-a-kind.

3rd- Please don't butcher Lendale White's name. I love how its spelled.

4th- I was on the sidelines for USC-ND and I can tell you first hand that both teams had breaks that enabled them to either extend their drive or in one case have a whole new shot. Thats what the sport is about. Whoever said that ND's secondary flopped in the end was watching some other throw by Matt Leinart to Dwayne Jarrett. While Leinart said he underthrew it, the coverage on Jarrett by Notre Dame CB Ambrose Wooden was perfect. The was literally zero room for that ball. Lucky should not be a part of this discussion as calls go both ways in every game at every moment. Ok I think this is long enough for everyone to chew on.
Carnell Williams is still the best running back ever born, right up there with Bo Jackson, Reggie Bush is the equivalent, since you play Pac 10 teams to,let's say kevan barlow, ya reggie bush if he ever played a real sec team he'd be put in his place, and be exposed, well sec rules,pac 10 drools, later
Carnell Williams is still the best running back ever born, right up there with Bo Jackson, Reggie Bush is the equivalent, since you play Pac 10 teams to,let's say kevan barlow, ya reggie bush if he ever played a real sec team he'd be put in his place, and be exposed, well sec rules,pac 10 drools, later
Has anybody seen the glamour shots of boyband Nick Lachey and Matt Leinart in SI? That is the gosh dang cutest thing ever. The guy who keeps boasting about Sunset Blvd and Laguna Beach really, really, really, loves the cock.
Cut the shit about how weak the Pac-10 is. Compared to what the Big-12.......Please. Open a book and look at the schedules and records. Your conference is WEAK. And your bowl teams sucked last year. Stop and do the math...........take your shoes off and use your toes if you have to, but get it right.
Hey other school, the one next to Texas A&M!,

You guys are so full of crap. Come on, we all know your QB is so overrated. He runs and that's about it. Last time I check Michael Vick had no national title or Superbowl ring. Chances are you guys will lose a game, not make the Rose Bowl and then bitch about how much better you guys are than 'SC. Have fun in the Dell Computer Bowl.
Nope- Cali. Bay Area in fact you idiot. I hope you're enjoying your smog down in "SoCal". Ah, and before USC talks more trash, you better get by CAL and UCLA. With these 4th quarter prayers, somebody is gonna catch you.
I agree TEXAS IS IN OVER THEIR HEAD! They are not that good and if anything, probably the most overrated team in the nation. I'd say ND, Florida, UCLA et al. are much better. We all know Texas U. always get bitch slap by Pac-10 teams (see UCLA) and come on we all know they are 2nd rate next to Texas A&M and Oklahoma.
I wonder how many of you California Queers will be back on here after Texas shoves a size extra large boot up your sorry asses. Probably not too many. And to the stupid bitch that said VY can't throw and can't run, please put down the crack pipe and stick to sewing or something more your speed.
The Big XII no doubt is having a down year, but regardless, the PAC-10 is year in year out soft. USC is having to go down to the 4th quarter w/ nearly every team, whether it be ND or Arizona. Texas is ranked #2 right now, but as long as you guys get past Stanford we'll see you at the Rose Bowl. Oh by the way our basketball team is ranked #2 right now and our baseball team #1 for the upcoming year. USC LOVES THE COCK!
Ladies and Gents:
Talk facts, not trash. Last I checked, Vince Young is having a better season than Mr. Leinhart with a weaker receiving core: Ladies and gentlemen, their 2005 stats:

Leinart: 125 completions of 198 attempts (63.1%), 9.83 yards per completion, 12 TDs, 5 INTs, 105.3 QB rating

Young: 93 completions of 138 attempts (67.4%), 9.83 yards per completion, 12 TDs, 5 INTs, 113.1 QB rating

Leinart is having a worse year than VY

Prepare to get hooked.
Thanks for playing Joanna, maybe lifetime has a room you can chat in
"Tx in over their heads"
Didn't k-State beat usc not too long ago?
bitch mutha fucka,ass cock,...that's good smack Texas? I like Texas, but you LongHorn fans are freagin' idiots.
USC - National Champs last year
Texas response - Your a fag

USC - Heisman Trophy winner last year.
Texas response - Your a fag?

USC - Just wins ALL there games
Texase response - ummm yeah but your a fag?

Great come come back your gay. Grow up Bitch!!!!
Somebody just said VY can't pass??? Last week he was 25-29 for 336 passing yards, 2 TDS, w/ an additional 3 TDs on 58 rushing yards. Not bad. Against OU: 14-27, 241 Passing yards, 3 TDs. Ohio State: 18-29 for 270 yards, 2 TDs. And that's just his passing stats for those 2 games. So, as for him not being able to pass - shut the fuck up. As for USC, they love the cock!
Dear Assclowns,

Neither Texas or USC would be undefeated if they played anyone with a Defense. Texas Tech? Notre Dame? Arizona State? Ohio State? Oklahoma? Give me a break. If Alabama and Georgia both get to the SEC title game without a loss (which is tough to do in a real conference) then one of you two pretenders is sitting out (and i doubt it's USC)...so here's to Texas vs. West Virginia in the Sugar Bowl...Hook 'em Horns
Passing Efficiency:
Vince - 171.4
Leinart - 160.7

Some of you USC fans should take up reading, it's fun!
Man, Big 12 bashing from the Pac 10? Now that is hilarious. I guess I should expect that from from SoCal people. Anyway, until our teams meet, this debate is null and void. I am a Texas fan, but I have to give USC it's due. They are a great team. As for the SEC guys, the only thing that resides there is a bunch of happy sheep. Now SEC, go home and suck on your mommy's tittie...
Just another SEC LOSER! Tech, Notre Dame, Arizona State, and Ohio State would run the table in that conference!
You mean the same Alabama team that barely beat that powerhouse Ole Miss?

I'm skeered
To the guy claiming USC's awards for last season, well congratulations. That was, yes I say again, last season. They year they're simply not as good. A great, amazing team...but just not as good. UT is great, amazing as well - and in my opinion, a much better team. Of course, we won't find out until January. Until then...if you guys keep talking crap about last year this and laguna beach that, you will not gain any respect.
I'll admit it, usually Pac-10 teams choke in big games. But with 'SC's performance against ND last Saturday(though controversial), they proove to me that they are legitimately good. Texas, you guys have a history of choking as well and haven't proove jack except beating a few teams that prove to suck anyways. In conclusion, shut the hell up and go plant some corn so I can have chips come January when I watch 'SC vs Florida for the National Title.
Marty McFly? Your screen name pretty much says it all, dipshit.

Nebraska grows corn you clusterfuck. Can't you at least get something right?
USC fans (and Californians in general) are pretty much like flies at a picnic.......they eat shit and bother people.
Lets talk about this year then shall we. Who is ranked number 1 in all the polls? I believe USC is. End of conversation, hey Texas the country has spoken and they think USC should be #1 and Texas should not. End of story. "Vince Young this and our defense that". Bottom line you are ranked #2 and that makes you are Bitch!!!

usc will lose
UT has played teams with a combined record of 16-19 so far. Only one ranked team so far. SC has played teams with a combine record of 18-19 so far but 3 of them were ranked in the top 20 until SC beat them.

UT final 5 games are against teams with a combined record of 20-10. Let see how they do with a tougher 2nd half schedule.
USC will probably not even be playing for the National Title.....you guys don't have the stuff this year and will lose at least one game....too many close calls already.
Look, Texas is a good team and is enjoying a great run. VY is a great QB who has made major strides this season. However, it is pointless debating this until both teams make it to Pasadena... undefeated (which is not guaranteed).

SC looks suspect...but SC fans have been hearing that for years. But the facts are the facts. SC has been dominant against highly ranked, nonconference opponents the last three years (Iowa in 02, Auburn/Michigan in 03, Virgina Tech/Oklahoma in 04)- all on the road. The last time SC lost a non conference game? On the road against #5 ranked Kansas State in 2002. Since then... 2 Heismans (soon to be 3), 3 BSC Bowl wins (all agaist supposedly "more physical" teams), and 2 National Championships.

Tough to beat the facts...
Matt Leinart vs. VY

ill take VY any day of the week over him
"ill take VY any day of the week over him" -- I'm afraid the NFL draft will prove this statement to be a huge joke...
University of Sucking Cock
im afraid your loss to texas on Jan 4 will make USC the biggest joke of the nation
USC has been good in the past....no one is saying otherwise, but the truth is you guys are not that dominant this year, and will lose probably one game before the end of the season.
I can hear it. Texas is just about crying when they say USC didn't win it in 03. I have a question why is it that every major sports publication, radio and TV show says... " USC two time defending national champion" When talking about us. I have one other question what did Texas do in 03? Thats right nobody cares but Texas fans.
LSU...get over it....It was a shared national title in 04.

No need to get testy just cause your out of the picture already.
I don't think those are Texas fans saying you didn't win in '03....those are probably LSU fans
the only reason anyone cares about usc is because all you fuckers hop on USC's dick the minute they are good... texas fans are texas fans for life, they dont like whoevers good one year then change thier mind the next
I just looked at USC's schedule-sorry PAC 10 folks but it's weak. The Big 12 is weak too. All this hype about 1 or 2 nat'l titles for USC- this is meaningless. It's Oct 2006 (hello)...last time I checked, your "NEXT" game counts, not the previous game or 28 in a row...Let this be settled in the Rose Bowl:) fun reading
"texas fans are texas fans for life, they dont like whoevers good one year then change thier mind the next" -- Uh, yeah... guess you never heard of "FireMackBrown.com"
Guys, go easy on these poor USC fans. Deep down, they know Notre Dame really beat them last week (see Bush Push, luck Leinart fumble, bad ball spot) and now they're getting a little nervous. Just feel sorry for them and move on.
"im afraid your loss to texas on Jan 4 will make USC the biggest joke of the nation"-- I'm afraid you're incorrect for assuming I'm a USC fan or alum...
dosent mean thier not a texas fan stupid fuck

"dosent mean thier not a texas fan stupid fuck" -- Jeez, did you get your degree from there? Let me correct your spelling and grammar. Wait, nevermind... wouldn't help.
OK genius, why would Texas fans be debating the '03 National Title? Those are LSU fans, stupid. Don't make me draw you a picture
There aren't any real men in Cali? Come down to LA, not hollywood or laguna beach, but Gardena, Inglewood, etc. and tell them what a bunch of pansies they are. Texas beat Michigan by what a field goal in the Rose Bowl. USC wiped the floor with that same team the year before. Doesn't suprise me with these comments from a Big 12 school. Most of your so called colleges have diplomas that are only good for wiping your ass with
Hey Longhorn's. Bitch this, Fag that, Cock this, Fuck that.........sounds like you Cow-tippers have some problems articulating without including your dicks in the conversation. Come on, give me some something besides the "F" words (fuck and fag). Or is that all you can come up with since your team really isn't that good. Can anyone get your back with fact instead of shit?? SAD.......
Hey Texas fans- it's a shame we're being bombarded by all these arrogant USC spoiled children. Any word from Austin on Jamaal Charles status for Saturday?
what does Inglewood have to do with anything, your a pansy because i say so, not because of where you live
Reggie bush is one of the best running backs in the college football but he's a senior. So what Jamaal Charles is a freshman and would have only slighly lower stats if he didn't miss the last game and the offence didn't go so completely through Vince Young. Leinart is good QB but he's a senior and his stats are'nt as good as Young's. Just like USC has Lendale White, UT has a good second running back in Selvin Young, I tend to think having a recieving corps of Taylor, Thomas, Sweed, and Pittman the slight advantage on offensive goes to UT. The real difference between the two teams is the defence. USC's secondary is not that good. UT has only allowed 88 completions with an average of 4.7 yds per pass, USC has allowed 127 passes averaging 6.9 yds per pass.The defensive lines of each teams have comparable stats 2-1 ratio of sacks given to sacks given away which makes there offensive lines also comparable so it should be a dead heat on line play. In first downs and 3rd down conversions they are about equal as are their Penalties and fumbles lost.
It will play out like this Leinart/Bush will cancel out Young/Charles and the line play will be equal. The big difference will be the USC secondary which will get burned and give up more plays, yardage and important 1st downs than UT's secondary and that will be the difference in the game.
Yeah, I guess the other 49 states that think California is GAY are just wrong. You are truly a genius.
Hey Tex-ass,

SO you finally beat Oklahoma, to bad you can't beat them when they are actually ranked. You have a good team, but shhhhhhh. You haven't won anything yet. Win a couple, maybe even a few national championships in a row...then you can "pop-off".
Oh, forgot "fondle my left ball".....Great Texas stat. Can you give me something Texas has done on the field lately. Don't give me OU. Been there Beat that....Don't give me how great Vince Young is. Not a Heisman winner last year and won't win this year. Good player, just not the best.
hey my name is most of the usc fans in the country. i only like them because they were good the past few years
Hey Bromide ass wipe........Reggie Bush is a Junior..........Jack ASS.
U.S.C.'s streak will end and I hope it's done by the 'Horns. All S.C. fans are a bunch of D.B.'s and bandwagon jumpers. So it's going to be fun to watch them drop off after their "team" leaves.
Hell the only person worth watching on that team is Bush. Not that wuss Leinart, nor that homesick punk Jarret, or even that cleft-lipped poster child White. It's all Bush.
So S.C. fans just suck it and watch out for that fall, because it's a long way.
Hey...."HERS" another fact. If your dick is in my ass, I can't feel it.......and you can't spell.......which one is more important to you????
doesnt cali have the highest gay population in america? if so, theres a stat for ya
Texas fans, please don't post any FACTS to these poor misguided USC fans, it will just confuse them.
Every USC "fan" on here just shows more and more why California is the joke of the USA....thanks guys, keep up the comedy track.
kinda quieted down
Yeah, I guess all the California nutbags finally accepted their inferiority.
Maybe it's "Tea Time"?
The joke is on you. We in California dont really care about what you think? The bottom line and it may hurt a little bit is that for the most part you are irrelavent. This is just something fun for us to do today in California. Tommorow you'll still be here on this blog and we'll be on to bigger and better things. Texas in the scheme of things you just dont matter!!

Vince Young is amazing. Your young running backs are good. And your defense has done quite well. But against WHO?? What team with a consistent offense have you played???? Ohio St.? Please. Oklahoma? Is Texas good, heck yes. But before you start guaranteeing a victory (let alone a trip) to the Rose Bowl, you might wanna watch and see how well this amazing defense shuts down T.Tech, you know, the team averaging 55 points a game.

Oh...and ask Oklahoma if Matt Leinart is overrated.
And you're assuming California is relevant to us? Your state is the biggest joke in the country, only you're too stupid to realize it.

You ARE good entertainment though, I give you that.
Indeed... Ahhhhnold is worth a good laugh almost daily.
And since someone asked for FACTS, here's a few for you:

California has the highest rate of serial killers in the nation.

California buys electricity at mini-bar prices

California is home to Hollyweird, that "enlightened" hotbed of intellectual thought
Texas...YOU HAVE DONE NOTHING! You talk as if your team has actually accomplished something. You beat an incredibly overrated Ohio St. team with a terrible offense. You beat an Oklahoma team that has yet to heal from getting raped by USC last January. You may indeed accomplish something, even beating Tech this weekend, but YOU HAVE DONE NOTHING yet.
Just a few REPUBLIC OF TEXAS current sports facts.... y'all little bitches!

UT Baseball: National Champs
Spurs: National Champs (& super favorite to repeat!)
Astros: World Series bound
UT Football: Rose Bowl bound
UT Basketball: Final Four bound

Geeez!!! I don't care about your football repertoire you Cali suckers... but is there any sport we don't excell at?!?!?
Watch out four your asses 'cause we're gonna deflate them come January!
All of you are crazy!!! I am a longhorn fan and I have to admit that Reggie Bush is the best college football player out there right now. VY is by far second. Without Reggie USC would be lost and without Vince Texas would be lost. Matt Leinart is not the quarterback VY is, because Vince puts some much pressure on the defense, like Reggie does. True Texas hasn't won a title since 69, but all of that is the past and you have to play now. Nothing against Leinart, but Bush should have won the Heisman Trophy last year. One more thing before I go lets not forget since you talk about the past, the state of Texas puts out more D-1 atheletes than any other state. If all of those stayed home, no other school in the country could compete. Does Adrian Peterson ring a bell? Two years ago in the NFL, arguably the top three backs were from Texas or came through Texas. Ricky is one from Cali, and the other two Ladainian Tomlinson from Waco, and Priest Holmes from San Antonio. So don't diss this State. Texas is not the number one recruited State in Football for nothing.
You watch our movies and TV shows. You follow our trends albeit three years to late. 32% of the US's GNP comes from the great state of California. The country thrives when California does. The US economy is dictated by Calfornia. We are the leaders in computer technology, the arts, space engineering, and oh yeah we have the number 1 ranked football team.
VY is a poor mans Mike Vick who is gonna be the next Kordell Stewart in the NFL. Yah he has some nice stats this year, but who wouldn't against Rice and Louisiana Lafayette (who?!?!)? Matt Leinart won a heisman after his best receiver (mike williams) left and has been clutch in every close game that he has played. who is TX even comparing the two? Leinart is going 1 in the draft and VY is gonna be lucky to be a third round pick.

and why is the SEC even on this page? u guys don't have the first second or third ranked teams this year.



If you're deluded into thinking that Cal makes all the movies and all the TV shows in the US, then there's not much help for you. I imagine New York would take offense to that. And why on earth would we or anyone else "follow your trends"? Most of them are too ridiculous anyway. But hey, if you want to pretend to a moral victory, be my guest. You guys are a legend in your own mind.

As for your little football team, come back on here when you lose that first game this season, if you can nut up for it that is.
welp, im bored at work and decided to get my entertainment by reading some texas shit. some you have good points - texas is a legit team, they've got a good qb, solid young rb, and an improved defense. some of you are just dumb - "Vince Young is better than Matt leinart??" "Jamal Charles is as good as Reggie Bush????" do yourselves a favor - go out and rent the 'SC football dvds from the past 2 years. this is what you'll see: an amazing team, one that periodically struggles with consistency but that pulls through when it matters (vs ND on Sat), the best backfield in the history of college football (Leinart, LenDale, and Reggie), the best defensive coach in football, a team that dominates when it's questioned (Oklahoma orange Bowl), and one loss (in triple OT on the road over 2 yrs ago). Talk all the shit you want...no one beat us last year and no one will beat us this year. #1 for a reason
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