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Saturday, October 15


USC should have lost

This is a basic football rule.

Helping the runner
An offensive player is not allowed to assist a runner by pushing or pulling them forward.

Link is here.)

That's exactly what Reggie Bush did for Matt Leinart on the game-winning touchdown sneak at the end of the USC-Notre Dame game.

This is a 10-yard penalty, and Bush's offense was blatant. Leinart was stopped cold, and Notre Dame would have won.

If the penalty had been called, USC would have had possession on the 11-yard line, but with no timeouts they wouldn't have gotten a play off.

This is as bad as the Colorado 5th down fiasco in 1990.

The Texas Longhorns should be the #1 team in the nation. This is why Hornsblog votes them this way in the blogpoll. USC had to resort to cheating to win a game and remain undefeated. This is just another reason they do not deserve to be ranked #1.

For the record, we want a piece of you USC. Bring it on.

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In addition to that (although it is rarely called), how about looking at the replay of the play before to get a proper spot of the ball.

That ball flew out of there at somewhat of an angle out of bounds, and they give it to USC inside the 1-yard-line. It should have been no closer than between the 1 and the 2.
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Pete Carroll voted against replay before the season so they couldn't use it. How fitting.
Haha, talk about an obscure rule. I think I see that one get broken in every single game, usually when some fat offensive lineman tries to move the pile by pushing the RB from behind.

On the upside, if an obviously concussed Leinhart keeps leading with his helmet he won't have a whole lot of braincells left by January.
my mistake - i just figured we were all in the 21st century by now.
deal with it
The officals got it right.
Trojans #1

All that matters is they are still #1 and Texas is still a second rate team, who has not played anyone, to date. Who have you played, that was ranked, this year?? Ohio State? What havent they lost a few games, already, are they even in the top 25? Oh, the big something river game?, against Oklahoma, hell who hasen't betten them. I remember a certian Trojan team blowing them out in the National Championship game last year. Play someone and then talk this trash. I would put money on that Irish team to beat the Longhorns. I would put money on most of the PAC 10 teams to beat or give the Longhorns a run for their money. But hell most of them are ranked. ND is #9 and took thier first loss, but they still are a better team than the Longhorns. Who have you played again???? Maybe you will make it to Pasadena in January, if you make it past Texas Tech. But if you don't I will be back, to hear your whinning. Second to none!!!! The Trojans will fight on, on, and on. Will you see roses, I hope so, but we still have a few RANKED and Undefeated teams to beat.

One more thing

Reggie Bush is a better running back then Vince Young, any day of the week. Ohhh I'm sorry he is supposed to be a Quarter Back. Lord help Texas if that guy goes, down!!!!!!

From a USC fan--yeah, we should have been penalized for assisting the runner. Reggie even crowed about it. Obviously the Trojan coaching staff better go over that rule with their ballcarriers. Oldtimers like me will remember Bart Starr's famous QB sneak that beat Dallas in the championship game, before the first Super Bowl. The GB running back, Chuck Mercein, I think, is shown with his hands up as Bart crossed the line, but he wasn't signaling TD. He was showing the refs that he wasn't assisting Starr. The Packers had a coach back then who had an eye for detail. Congrats to the Irish--you played us tough!
Alan in Arcadia
blah! blah! blah!
Hey Longhorn fan, scoreboard baby...Just remember, second place is the first loser...that's where you'll end up in the rose bowl

Someone find a USC fan that watches the rest of the college football world and knows anything. I'd like to meet him. ND has TWO losses now and a pathetic defense and is not worthy of that #9 ranking. Yes, Ohio State is in the Top 25 (#15, likely moving up a couple after beating MSU). Not to mention the fact that UCLA is very, very lucky to be unbeaten are 2 scares from bad teams. UCLA is also the only undefeated teams left on USC's schedule and should no longer be like that after their last 2 games. Granted, Colorado and OSU are the only two ranked teams we have played and we'll need to embarass TTU to prove ourselves. The Big 12 is weak, but the Pac 10 is not much better. UCLA, Cal, and Oregon all belong at the bottom of the poll or just outside of it and the bottom half of the Pac 10 is weak as hell. I'll admit that USC is #1 until someone proves otherwise, but we don't need USC fans in here discussing things they know nothing about (which includes everything college football related outside of LA). I'll take Texas by 15 or more against every team in the Pac 10 except USC.

Hook 'Em Horns
I nearly had a heart attack today watching the UCS-ND game. Yes, God truly is a Trojan. I'm sure the prayers were flying on both sides. Hats off to ND who proved they really are the fighting Irish. Thanks for a great game and a fabulous ending, Trojans. Reggie Bush will be this year's Heisman winner. USC still rules.
You're whinning about an offensive player assisting another? How often do you see that a in game?!? On every short yardage play maybe?! Your Longhorns were one dropped pass away from losing to Ohio State! Don't be surprised to see your Longhorns ranked 3rd behind Virginia Tech very shortly. Maybe even in the next polls!
USC fan for years! Go Trojans!
holy shit, where did all the trolls come from?

Frankly, I'm glad USC won. Except for the fact that we're playing in LA, I want to beat "the best" to win the national championship.

yeah, it's in quotes for a reason.
They came from Rivals.com, where I posted TR's view on those damn cheaters.....

You Texas fans should be happy, this will enable you to play USC in January, then there will be no doubt who is #1 when USC runs up 700 yds of offense againts a soft Txas D
Good luck Texas at being #2 when the BCS poll comes out next week and your strength of schedule knocks you down. You'll get a little taste of Cal.
Sounds like the same stuff fromm 2004. Does anyone rememeber the last time #1 and #2 met. And how USC was called a second rate team. ooooooooppppppppsssssss!

Congrats to Notre Dame. They showed me something today

A - LA
To Mr. Trojans are #1 (Marshall):

I grew up in the south, live in LA, went grad school at USC and really don't like USC. But, I saw this game today, and I do believe they are the best in the country. However, the hook 'em horns guy on this post site is right about USC fans not knowing anything about football in the rest of the country. Of course, that goes along with most Angeleno's myopic view of the world that it revolves around them (newsflash - most of the rest of the country doesn't care about every little move the Lakers make, either).

I can tell you that the PAC-10, except for USC, is really fairly weak much of the time compared to the SEC and some of the other major conferences. That's why by the end of the year, USC's players are all still fresh, whereas all the schools from the other major conferences, especially the ones who play an extra conference championship game, are beat up with injuries.

All of that said, I again believe USC is the #1 team right now. That was tremendous playing and coaching today to beat Notre Dame (who are now coached by the former New England Patriot's defensive coordinator over the past few super bowl years). However, if you actually want to try and persuade anyone about USC, you need to stop ranting and just waving the flag and get some facts straight: First, today was Notre Dame's second loss, not their first. Second, Ohio State was ranked number around 6 when Texas played them and is still ranked high. Dismissing Texas' win over Ohio State in Ohio as being weak is just plain stupid. I think it took a lot of b***s for Texas to schedule a non-conference game against such a highly ranked team. Texas deserves kudos for that. Just like Tennessee is playing Notre Dame outside of their conference this year. Third, it's just completely wrong to say that most of the PAC-10 teams are ranked. They're not and they shouldn't be and they will be beat by other major conference schools in the bowls, if they make it.

My final thoughts are that the season still needs to progress to see who USC should play at the end. Texas looks good and Vince Young is great, but if Alabama goes undefeated and wins the SEC championship game over a top 5 team (proably Georgia), I would have to go with Bama. They hammered Florida 2 weeks ago. I'm actually a Tennessee fan and hope they don't do that to Tennessee, but if they do, and beat Auburn, LSU and the conference championship game, it would be hard to pick Texas over them.

Final say on the best coaches in college - three really stand out, based on their records and ingenuity - Pete Carroll, Bob Stoops (sorry Mr. Trojans are #1, but Oklahoma has been in about 5 of the last 6 or 7 national championship games; just because they're having a rebuilding year doesn't mean that they're no good. Moreover, like I said before, schools outside the pac 10 get their players all beat up during the tougher regular season, which lets USC walk in and beat the in the championships). And, I hate to say it, but Steve Spurrier. I've seen my teams beat by him so many times it is pathetic and I should hate him, but his record speaks for itself. I think he's the only other guy in the country who would have done what Pete Carroll did tonight. South Carolina has never been a big football program, but it will be interesting to see where they are in about 4 years after the team is filled up with his recruits. Jimmy Clausen, the California wonder boy quarterback who passed for 58 touchdowns last year as a sophomore(that's right - 58 - some have called him the Lebron James of football) has already been calling Spurrier. I'd love to see Spurrier against Pete Carroll's team in a few years. It sure would not be boring.

And for all you Texas fans, I used to live in Texas and love it. I've been disappointed that the program has not been at the top the way it used to be under Darrell Royal in the old days. Maybe you're on your way back up now. But don't count OU out just because of their down year. Texas will have to beat OU consistently when OU is back to it's winning ways before I feel it can be considered a consistently strong program. Good luck longhorns.
Now that's a very good opinion, it'd be hard to argue with an undefeated ACC or SEC team making the Rose Bowl ahead of the Horns. There's no point in worrying about the BCS standings in October. The only BCS standings that mean anything are the ones that come out in early December.

Hook 'Em
I seriously wonder if all these SC fans around here actually knew what a football was 4 years ago.

All I see are a bunch of Nick Lachey wannabees huddled around a computer wearing their Matt Leinart or Reggie Bush jersey trying to talk about a sport that's only played halfway on their coast.

Get some Pac-10 teams to play a little defense this year and then come calling. And stop hanging on to the memories of your unstoppable teams from the last 2 years. This year's team just doesn't look as strong.
Fight On,
I really hope on November 25 that Texas A&M kicks TU Tea Sippers butts in College Station,
USC Trojan Fan
Now we have southern californians calling us "TU" and "Tea Sippers?"

I'm sure a victory by A&M would certainly help you sleep easier during the nights leading up to the Rose Bowl.
Texas fans need to quit bitching. Their schedule sucks, they think oklahoma makes them a national title contender after they won. That win at ohio state means nothing now that they are going to have multiple losses. A win in a hostile environment, such as notre dame, with everyone doubting you is far tougher than playing an overrated ohio state team struggling to find a qb. If that was Vince Young and Texas trying to compete in South Bend, you would have seen at least 4 interceptions and a huge Irish victory. Vince Young is ovverated and I don't know what Texas plays, but snapping it to Young and praying no one tackles him isn't football. Also, no one cares about Texas, the BCS computers will not let them play in Pasadena. You hornless wannabes better pray for Mack Brown to one again open wide and get on his knees for the voters. UT sucks. FIGHT ON TROJANS !!

Nuff said! GO USC! Number 1 today, tomorrow and in January!
How about looking again at the punt return for a TD. There was a USC player right there in position to make the tackle at the start of the play and he was hit from behind and there was no call. Also, the personal foul call, supposedly a helmet on helmet tackle. He never got hit on the helmet The was a USC player who came flying through there with his helmet down but he missed him. Also, the personal foul on Bing on the fumble. Everyone was down in the pile jostling for the ball. You could of called that on anyone.
ND is a great team full of champions and money players who come through when the money is on the table. Unfortunately this year it didn't work their way. Why not just acknowledge that instead of crying like a spoiled brat and calling the trojans cheaters.
I think it is fair to say that Florida, Texas and California are easily the richest talent pools in the country.

But I fail to see how there is no doubt that California produces the best football players. Besides SC, what school that recruits predominantly in California has even come close to sniffing a national title or even a top 5 finish? Oregon in '01? Washington and Oregon St. in '00? Arizona in '98? I don't know how many recruits these schools pluck from California.

Shouldn't these California schools have more success?
To everyone complaining about USC:

Did you miss the Orange Bowl last year when USC absolutely TRASHED Oklahoma?

Dear Longhorn fan: you'll be next, assuming you make it that far. I'm trying to remember the last time you played in a national title game. We have four or five since then.

Win a title, then pop off.
I would like to bring up a point that Texas fans are scared to admit. Mack Brown can't coach. His job was saved because Oklahoma's good players decided to graduate, ohio state was an overrated team, and because he begged voters to put Texas in the Rose Bowl against a crappy Michigan team. Everyone is dissing USC's win at Notre Dame as lucky or whatever. I think Texas wouldn't have lasted a quarter in that game against either team. Weis and Carrol are 2 masterminds that are untouchable. Brown? I wouldn't be surprised if Vince Young isn't wiping his ass for him. Texas relies on an overrated quarterback who can't throw. Pretty pathetic if you ask me. I think Longhorn fans should focus on the real deal, lack of coaching. Don't even mention rose bowl, put Brown against either Weis or Carrol and see how Texas comes out smelling like a cheap suit. UT will lose to Texas Tech, if not, Virginia Tech will push em out of the polls. Virginia Tech's defense? Now thats what I call D. Start taking notes Texas.
USC 3 Roads Games -vs- Ranked Teams, 3 Wins, Texas NO Road or Home games -vs- Ranks teams. Anyone in the Nation should know by now, who's the best team. The Norte Dame game was everything a game should be, two teams fighting to the end. Now the top ten teams in the nation, how many could have gone into SouthBend, and walk away with a victory. Only 1,USC TROJAN'S, a team with as much heart I've seen in a long time. So to all the Texas fans, USC has played some tough teams this year, and still not finish, Don't let the Longhorns easy schedule fool you into thinking there ready to take the field against the Trojan's, because they are NOT, and next week against Texas Tech, will be the first test, (other than Ohio State) this year. By being the 2 time champs, and riding a 28 game winning streak, every team bring their best against the Trojan's. And they deal with that week in and week out.
typical whining by a texan. What will be your excuse when your southern oklahoma team gets whupped by USC in the rose bowl (thats if you can bet by southern oklahoma tech). Deal with it!
Mother of Christ. I now officially hate SC fans. First I am pretty sure Weis was the O coordinator and not the Defensive. Second OSU was ranked 4th when we played them. They now have 2 losses and are still ranked in the top 15. Notre Dame is a "feel good" team that is always artificially ranked. They will probably drop down just a few spots. UCLA is 6-0 and is behind at least 3 teams with a loss, why? Because everyone in the know, knows they suck and that a Pac 10 team ,other than SC, would be slaughtered if they played in any other major conference.

About Vince Young. Have any SC fans watched him play. Did you see him today? Did you see him against Michigan? He is a Stud. What makes him better than Reggie Bush is that he touches the ball on every play. He also is not a run first QB. He missed on 4 passes today. 86% completion over 300 yards 0 INTs and 2 TD's. Oh yeah he also rushed for 3 more TD's. Not to mention that the receivers that play on USC are far better than Sweed and Pittman.

As to strength of Schedule. I am not entirely sure that Stoops figured the only way to screw Texas was to loose 2 other games. He had to know that we would beat him this year. So why not lose a few to muck up our chances at a title shot. Jack ASS! I hate Oklahoma slightly more than Cali.

When everything is said and done we will have beaten everyone we faced, as will have SC. I suspect that we will have only two teams each that we have played still in the top 25. The fact that some moron said that SC faced more ranked teams makes me giggle like one of those girly men that make your laws in Cali. Fact is at the time of play SC has faced 3 ranked teams Notre Dame being the highest at #9. Texas has faced 2, the highest being #3 OSU. After next week with both programs wining we will have each defeated 3, at the time played, ranked teams. Bottom Line, get over your "we play more ranked teams" BS. Facts are facts and that is a straight up lie.

For the sake of College football I hope that SC and Texas do end up at the Rose Bowl. Not only will we give the Trojans the toughest game they will play. All the Texans going out to watch the game will try and help out the Gene pool in CA by hooking up with the girls in Cali!!!

Hook 'em
Correction OSU was #4 not #3.

Hook 'em

Vince who?
Damn, more USC fans that know nothing about anything else outside of LA. Take a look at the fucking numbers on Notre Dame's defense, that should have told you the game shouldn't have been that close, no matter where the hell the game was taking place. As I've said, Notre Dames defense is damn near pathetic (420+ ypg going in, not counting the shredding USC gave it) and certainly not deserving of a Top 10 national ranking. USC's schedule is not much tougher the Texas's, and as stated earlier, UCLA, Cal, and Oregon haven't proved that they deserve the national rankings they've been given. Let's note that ASU is 3-3 and no longer ranked. That same fate befalls Cal after it's loss to Oregon State today. The Pac 10 is made up of 1 great team and a whole bunch of average teams to bad teams, just like the Big 12 this year.

Adam's comment is right on the money, only 2 teams that USC plays will remain ranked at the end of the season and the same will occur with Texas.

As far as us losing to Texas Tech, our USC faithful didn't see what we did to the better Tech edition last year (I believe last year's Texas Tech team is better than this one at this point, but with who they've played, no one really knows). There's no way the TTU defense will be able to stop Texas, particurly if it had it's problems (440+ total yards given up) against a mediocre Nebraska team (this offense had its problems agains a DII team and Pitt for crying out loud) last week. The only question is whether or not the Texas defense gets enough stops so the offense can control the game. I think they'll do just that.

Hook 'em
how pathetic. a baseless argument of cheating, then streaming into yet another argument of calling the PAC-10 a weak conference. That should qualify you to membership the SEC, but it won't get you a #1 ranking. But I will admit it is entertaining and shows your lack of knowledge of anything other than southern Oklahomanian ( which amounts to little in the first place).
Hey take it easy on the Texans...calling them an SEC school is an insult...they at least spell correctly and organize their mindless drivel into paragraphs.
Prove to me the Pac-10 isn't weak. You USC fans seem to be stuck on the notion that the Pac-10 is a strong conference this year. At least the Horns fans here understand the weakness of the Big 12 this year. The computers don't like us for this very reason. If you want to say the Pac-10 is strong, back that shit up with some facts and I'll actually respect your opinion.

The Pac 10 and the Big 12 are the weakest of the major conferences this year (The Big East doesn't even !@#!$%* count, it's lower than both anyway). If your telling me that the conference as a whole can compete with the ACC or SEC, then you are full of shit. Of course, if I said the same thing about the Big 12, I'd be full of it too. Personally, I believe the Pac-10 is slightly stonger than the Big 12 from top to bottom.

The funny thing is that a couple of the computer ratings used in the BCS that I've looked at (as of 10 Oct) rate the Pac-10 as the 5th best conference in the land (behind the Big 10, ACC, SEC, and Big 12 in that order) in their conference rankings.

Hook 'em
The computers hate TExas and Mack Brown. It doesn't matter Texas, can you say hello to the Cotton Bowl again this year. Who watches that lame Bowl anyway, besides the jealous fans of TExas who haven't smelled national championship grass since...Yeah, you get my point. Newsflash, UT has done nothing to this point. The win at Ohio State doesn't mean anything now because Ohio State is no longer #4, it only matters where the teams are ranked when its all said and done. So quit saying Ohio State was such an enormous win. It was a quality road win, something SC has done 3 times this season. How many times has Texas done that this season? Yeah, hello Cotton Bowl. And damn, that Texas mascot looks like he is sedated to the point of falling over...damn
We are all aware of how much the computers hate us. However, didn't it occur to you that the worst we'll do (unless we lose to TTU) is another BCS game (the Fiesta Bowl, maybe). The Cotton Bowl pits the Big 12's No.2 against the SEC's No.2. Yet another one who knows nothing about what he's talkin about. Speaking of computers, FSU and PSU, two teams with higher computer ratings lost today, so that helps UT's cause considerably.

Hook 'em
Its funny how everyone love to hate on the pac 10 and talk about how weak we are. Im no fair weather SC fan I was there and at the games from 96-99 I watch as carson sat on the sidelines in a cast and remember the romping TCU gave us. But this USC's offense is number one and our defense is second only to the 04 SC defensive line. I would argue to say that the way ND played today , they could and would have beateb UT or any other college team out there.
My hats of to ND for providing me with one of the greatest moments in SC football. We can all sit back and watch this game on ESPN classic in the years to come. UT i dont really think you deserve the #2 spot. VT and USC's schedules are much more competitive and if you really believe that UT could have gone on the road and accomplished what SC has done this year. Then my daddy was right when he said that the reason birds fly upside down over texas is because there is nothing worth SH*)ing on.

hook that

DAMN! More Texass fans that know nothing about football outside of AUSTIN! Talk about myopic!
All you people who have negative things to say about USC are only hating on them for having won the game fair and square. Why was it fair for Notre Dame to win without the clock being stopped, but not fair for USC for having won at the 1 yd line? Stop hating, USC is the best..get over it.
Trojans #1

First let me clear the record. I am Marshall from above. Mr. Anonymous (too chicken shit to leave a name, typical Texan) from above pointed out a few things. First I said ND only had 1 lose, prior to playing USC, and they lose to a very good Michigan team, second, you claimed you know everything about football, but babbled on and on abuot the PAC 10 being a weak division, well lets look at last year, 5 teams from the Pac 10 to bowl games or 50%. That's half the conference for you Texans Fans. This year there are 5 top 25 teams in the Pac 10 (UCLA 12, Cal 18, Oregon 20 and Arizonia who just fell out due to Pac 10 loses, and who have they lost to, each other, many to USC, so don't say they don't belong there, Once again put any Pac 10 team against any team in the country and you will have a great game. It took balls to take Ohio the 2nd game (USC had a bye that week, and sent out challanges to all takers, guess Texas didn't wanted to ensure a run). Please the Longhorns were one dropped ball from lossing to Ohio. I was cheering for Texas to win that game.

As for being a Californian, yes born and raised in Cali, but I am writting this from Northern Virgina, the lone Trojan fan deep in Hookie territory and the Trojan Flag has been hanging high since August, amongst all my VT neighbors and coworkers. Please so don't tell me Mr. Anonymous about raising the banner. It's high in enemy territory. I was at the USC - VT game last year, talking trash among the 80,000 + VT Fans, all the way to the end. That Va Tech team is good, so Texas fans, be prepared for a fall. I would not be surprised to see VT #2 due to Texas weak schedule.

Let me tell you about Mr. Marshall's Law on trash talking.

Marshall's Law of trash talking. First if you are from a state or area, then you have the right to talk trash about the other schools from the area (i.e. Texas Tech, TCU etc.) Then second if you went to the school, then you can talk trash about schools in your Conf or teams you played and beat!, last and most important, as I see it under Marshall Law, you can only talk about teams nation wide, if and only if you have worn the uniform, and played the game. So, Texas sucks, All Florida teams Suck, Tennesse, they truly such (how could you bring the choking Vols into this, every year they are ranked and choke!)So can you talk about any team nation wide, I can. ND is a truly great team, I can say that becouse I've played in South Bend. So before you start poping off, see where you stand on the chart!!!!

Second to None. USC

God I can't wait for January

Damn we need a playoff system Good luck Horns!

The only reason USC won in the final 7 seconds is because the game was called by PAC 10 refs.
The ball should have been placed at the 4 or 5 yard line. It clearly went backwards. No way it should have been marked at the one inch line. USC lucky. If Texas and VT win out that might be the top game.
USC continues to prove that they truly are the #1 team in the nation. You don't accidentaly win 28 games in a row. USC showed the heart of a champion. I'm a Los Angeles native living in Texas (unfortunately) and let me tell you come Jan. 4th USC is going to drag the longhorns by their horns all over the rose bowl. Go USC fight on.
Yesterdays drama at South Bend, Michigan, and Columbus, should help align teams for 10 spots in a playoff. (with 1 & 2 earning first round byes) Instead it leaves the top ten virtually meaningless accept for the top two spots. I hope Texas and USC lose so the BCS games will be a bigger mess than last years debacle. Can anyone imagine college basketball finals being decided by one playing two three months after the regular season with 38 consolation games?
Give credit to a great USC team for overcoming a terriffic Notre Dame team, a boisterous crowd and 6" high grass! Putting down USC doesn't serve you well as a supporter of a great Texas team!
Wow! What a game. Both teams played their hearts out. It's too bad the fans from other teams can't admit that and move on. Why do you need to belittle two great teams to boost your own suffering egos? Every competitive sport played has missed calls... on both sides! Maybe you didn't know that??? USC won the game. Maybe you didn't know that??? USC is undefeated! Maybe you didn't know that??? It's just a GAME! Maybe you didn't know that??? This is my first and last time I will waste time on a "chat" page. GO USC from an OREGON football not-so-much fan.
be careful what you wish for, USC will be in the Rose Bowl and whoever is lined up across from em is going to get pounded just like last years weak big 12 team Choklahoma......two horns with a lot of bull*!#~ in between isn't gonna cut it..and do something bout those ugly baby poop orange jerseys....yeeech. FIGHT ON....2 TIME NATIONAL CHAMPIONS. third times a charm.
Man am I sick of all you people on the east coast. USC is No. 1, until somebody beats them. Here we go with the bad calls, Reggie Bush pushed Liennart into the the end zone, yes not a great call by the officals. What about the horrible call in the 2nd quater when on a third and 10, the Notre Dame tight end clearly made a catch out of bounds, and then they went on for a touchdown, goodby 7 ponts, if the call is made correctly, and there were other bad calls against SC. That's football, I am a UCLA fan for 35 years, but the lack of respect for Pac 10 football really gets to me. All I heard was how Oklahoma was going to kill SC in the National Championship game, not even close. Unlike the Big 12 honks that run this site, I respect Texas. But like a championship fight, until some team clearly beats them USC is No. 1
Cry me a river! Longhorns fans were rooting for the Irish for a reason...they don't want any part of USC in the Rose Bowl. This was the greatest game in the history of USC vs ND, bar none. I only hope UT can keep pace with the Trojans and stay undefeated. We want you in January. Threepeat!!!
For those SC fans who keep saying that Vince can't throw, i am just wondering if you have watched one snap of a Texas game. When is going 25-29 for 336 yards, 2 TDs and 3 rushing TDs against a ranked team overrated. Reggie Bush will likely win the heisman, and well deserved after his performance against ND, but there is no doubt that Vince will be at least the runner up, and well deserved at that.
Also, after the way Texas has been playing, VT is not going to pass them in the polls (other than the computers), i would be more surprised if VT passed Texas than if Texas passed SC.
Mr Marshal
You call Michigan (3-3, and not ranked) a very good team and then try to dog on Ohio St, who is ranked 14th and will probably move up after their victory. That seems like your view is a little clouded by being a homer. USC is #1 until they lose, which they almost have for 3 weeks, but UT would be glad to meet them in the Rose bowl. The reason we want them to lose is that we can look objectively at our conference and if Va Tech or Bama/Georgia wins out we might need some help to get there. ND has a great offence, but don't pretend that they have a great D or Michigan is a great team. USC fans, dont get your panties in a bunch, you will be #1 no matter what as long as you don't lose.
The Irish were lucky to be in this game; If USC lost it would have been because they beat themselves.

The refs blew more calls in favor of ND all day long and they finally made a right call at the end of the game.

Get over Reggie giving Matt a push for the TD. The best team won, USC played their worst game of the season & ND played their best. The refs blew many calls in favor of ND and issued many more penaties against SC, even though the Irish were giving the cheap shots.

If SC losses this year it's because they beat themselves, but I would love the see a USC vs. Texas for the National Title.

If it happens Longhorns buckle it up tight or it's going to get knocked off.
When Texas and USC square in the Rose Bowl, If USC makes it, the country will see who the #1 team reall is.


I'm not impressed with USC anymore.
Hopefully all you trojans will stop doubting the longhorns when we beat Texas Tech by 20 points in front of the gameday crew this week. I can't wait for Gameday to be back in Austin, watch out for Vince to light up the red raiders.
Hook em horns
Jan 4 2006 will be a meeting between the nations best 2 quarterbacks(Leinart and Marcus Vick) the best 2 teams(4 all texans who havnt figured it out USC and VA TECH)with the USC winning a close game. Texas will still be whining bout the confrence championship game where they lost 2 colorado after the bufs destroy texas like k state did 2 ou a couple of years ago. then we will here o SC doesnt play a conference title game but they do play on dec 3rd the day texas fans will never forget
To all the USC Fans:
I can understand how us pointing out a bad call in your victory against ND may be upsetting. There are have been numerous questionable calls in big games since the first big game. (A financially painful recent one was the 2003 Miami Pass Interference against OSU).

However, that doesn't mean that you should actually think that Texas is a terrible team, or that Texans are stupid or whatever lameness you were able to come up with. It just shows your extremely biased ignorance. Dat's just ignoran. Nobody on this site said you guys were a terrible football team; it was just implied that we should be the #1 team, and you guys around 2-5. Which however irrelevant it may be, has got to be expected rhetoric from a blog covering the #2 team.

With that said I got to see the last 1:00 of your ND game as I was passing a tailgate on my way from UT's drubbing of Colorado. Even though I believe that last 10 seconds were extremely questionable, I was surprised at my content with the result.

You see, I realized as I was watching us lay the wood to CU and do as we pleased on both sides of the ball -that I was watching the best team in the country (we could have put up 70 points on them if we had wanted. If we had passed every down with the option of a Vince scramble they would have been helpless to stop it - I know none of you watched that game so you will have to take my word for it(Not: I DVRed your ND game and have watched it). You guys are really good and a 28 game win streak in many minds deserves a number 1 ranking, but just being really good doesn't necessarily make you the best.

Our CU asskicking was not a fluke against a terrible team - we are actually unbelievably good this year. Our defense is incredibly coached, fast and experienced. We have the next Reggie Bush (which is my way of giving Reggie Bush props), our quarterback is a freak of athleticism, and most importantly our offensive line dominates. We are NOT one dimensional. I am sure you will see the scores from the rest of our season, and I guarantee you it will be utter domination (and if you think that our Big 12 schedule is all that much weaker than your Pac 10 than you are delusional. Sure you trounced OU but does no one remember TTech (third in Big 12 South) trounced Cal (#2 in Pac 10 - you remember your nailbiter against them?) in their home bowl).

So I realized that I want UT's National championship year to come against whom most everyone percieves as the best team of recent years. I don't want to play VTech. I say bring on USC, and the only chance of an USC 2006 Rose Bowl victory is if UGA, AL, or VT run the table and UTs strength of schedule holds us back.

So USC please win out. I want to fly to sunny LA this January to revel in your notorious hollywood superficiality for a couple of days, and then watch Vince Young run circles around your beloved Trojans (he can pass too). Nothing sounds more fun than dancing down sunset blvd. until sunrise with my horns held high basking in the glory of another UT National Championship. So ship the sherbert - HOOK'EM HORNS!

I grew up in Oregon and then went down to Los Angeles for college at USC in 1996. I just missed the year they were 1996 National Champions when Keyshawn was on their team and they won the Rose Bowl as well against Northwestern I think. From being an out of state alumn I can agree with the SEC and Longhorns fans about LA sports fans and all of Califronia sports fans being sometimes ignorant to the facts and think that the world revolves around LA. There are alot of dumb people in California. There are alot of dumb people everywhere. You Texan fans are guilty of that as well and blind. Im also a realist, fair, and honorable person. USC as a team did not play very well and still won the game in very hostile territory. There were many calls and missed calls that went against USC that should not have been. The big one was when their were 2 blocks in the back during the ND td punt return. It was so obvious on the replay that I couldnt believe they didnt call it. The refs were paid. Also they called a personal foul on the defense when the running back of ND fumbled the ball. And when they were trying to fight for the ball they said there was a foul. There was no foul there! If they did not call that personal foul it would of been 4th down and 20 and they would have had to punt it. But instead they gave them first down and 15 yards. Notre Dame was on their 10 yard line when that happend. That was bullshit. USC this year should just keep running the ball with Bush and White all game. They have been passing way too much. If they correct that they are unstoppable. Bush is the best player in the country. He should of got 5 rushing TDs that game but just got only 3 tds and 165 yards rushing. At the end of the game they could of spiked the ball to kick the field goal and they still could of won the game going into overtime. But they took a risk and it paid off for them. It almost didnt though. So you can say if this or that Longhorn and SEC fans. Everyone can tell that your are very jealous of the Trojans and West Coast football getting the attention it deserves after all these decades of college football. Stop crying at the fact that East Coast, Southern Football, and SEC football is not as popular as before. Stop trying to make excuses you babies. We know it and you know it that USC is the best team this year as well as the past 3 years(mostly because of reggie bush...we also had carson palmer :). He is the best player in the country. I have a good friend and athlete from Alabama who knows alot about SEC football and sports in general. He brags about it all the time. He went to Miami for college and played tennis for them. He even admits that USC is the best team in the country and last years team was the best team in history. Pac 10 football conference this year is a strong conference. The conference strength is always up and down. We will see when its all said and done after all the Bowl games are played who has the best conference. There have been many years when they say Pac 10 football sucks, but we win most of our bowl games. Last year we didnt do so well. This year we will beat up the SEC, southern, and east coast teams this year as well. Whoever plays USC in the rose bowl they are going to get spanked. Texas, Miami, or Virginia tech. Those 3 teams have no defense against USCs offense. Good luck you fools. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!
Also alabama and penn state are overrated. So is georgia.
Longhorn fans, I hope you do make it to the Rose Bowl, though I find it highly unlikely. And if you do, the likelihood of Texans hooking up with any California Girls in the presence of Matt and Reggie? C'mon now! This isn't the Cotton Bowl, which is where you will likely be playing your bowl game.
Hey Oregon alumnus: USC didn't win the national championship in 1996. They were 9-2-1 that year. Way to know your program history. Get off the bandwagon.
A few things...
1) I HATE USC. I hate them more than any of the Texas fans, because I went to UCLA (where we beat them in both basketball and football all 4 years that I was there, so back then they weren't even much of a threat). That being said, I think they are the best team in the nation right now, but have a fair number of flaws, as do many other teams in the country. Their weak starts against Oregon, ASU, and Arizona, and their close win over Notre Dame show that if a good team comes and plays against them for 60 minutes (or maybe even 45 minutes), USC can be beaten. Then all those fair-weather, spoiled-brat fans can stop talking so much trash. Where were you guys in the 90s? By the way, Keyshawn is a crybaby, and he never won a National Championship or a game against UCLA. Believe me, I am rooting for a USC loss either on December 3 or against the Longhorns in the Rose Bowl. Both Cal and UCLA have a chance to beat USC, and even USC fans admitted to me that UCLA got screwed on a ref's call that would have won them the game last year.

2) For people who talk about USC fans (and Los Angeles residents) not knowing much about football and only caring about their own region, you sure do pump up the South and talk smack about the Pac-10 a lot. Sounds to me like the pot calling the kettle black. Sure, you'll point to Cal losing to Texas Tech, but conveniently forget about Texas losing to Washington State the year before when Texas was "screwed" out of the BCS, and Cal was "justifiably" left out.

3) By the way, I went to UCLA for undergrad and went to Texas for business school, and I am a HUGE fan of both schools, so I am not just some Pac-10 geek who doesn't know about football outside of my own bubble like many people who comment on this site and the people who purportedly do the same on the West Coast. I have lived on the West Coast, the East Coast, and the South, so I have some perspective about how people view the teams in each region.
To be honest, the Pac-10 the last few years has not been very good outside of usually 2 or 3 teams. This year, however, we actually have a tough conference where almost every game presents a challenge. By the way, judging teams on their bowl appearances is stupid. For teams outside the BCS, most of the players don't have the drive to win as badly as they do during the regular season when a championship is still in sight. They can crow all they want about "respect" and whatnot, but I believe both Texas and Cal lost their Holiday Bowls because it was a letdown after not making the BCS, not because the other team was clearly better. We might as well judge teams against their toughest non-conference team in the regular season instead, since it is usually 2 or 3 games into the season and most teams still have dreams of getting to a BCS game.
By the way, I have to add that I am also not totally convinced about UCLA yet with their close wins every week, but even if they lose all of their games, I'll still watch every UCLA and Texas game. Don't lump all of us Pac-10 fans in with those dirty Trojans.
Dirty or not, they still haven't lost since 2003. You have to respect that.
Even though I do think the football players are "dirty Trojans," I was referring to the Trojan fans who were shooting their mouths off and making stupid, misspelled comments.
From a completely objective point, (Florida) it is obvious that USC is not the best TEAM in the nation. They do have the most talented all-around player(Bush), but he alone cannot deliver a 2ND (yeah 2ND)National Championship.
Why are there so many "Trojan Haters" in the world? USC is undoubtedly the most talented team in college football. As for those Texas Longhorn fans, keep dreaming about defeating USC; and for those Notre Dame fans, what does it feel like being a loser!!
From another objective and educated point (I go to the University of Pennsylvania...if you think it's Penn State, you've already proved my point about educated...U of P is the 4th ranked school in the nation, academically), USC is heavily overrated. For years, the PAC 10 has been fairly weak. Cal was left out of a BCS game because of their pathetic strength of schedule. While I'll be the first to agree that VTech has a much harder schedule than UT, don't forget that they also have a stronger schedule than USC. So under some of the logic I've read in this blog, VTech should be number 1.

And while we're on the strength of schedule train, how about Georgia for number 2? So under that logic, NEITHER USC nor UT deserve to be in the National Championship game. The thought behind the strength of schedule argument is null, because it sadly applies to both teams.

Kudos to UT fans recognizing that the Big 12 is very weak this year. I'm sad to say that Californians still can't figure anything out (how's Arnold doing as governor again? Still happy you got rid of Davis?). I mean USC fans, you saying that the PAC-10 is a "strong" or hell even "Decent" league is like saying that the Ivy League is like the AFC East and that Harvard could win the Super Bowl.

Now, let's analyze the games. Every week I pray USC loses. Call it the "I'm sick of seeing them pull of these last minute 3 point victories" syndrom. UT at least has the decency to be blowing out their opponents (sans OSU, but OSU does have a very solid football team). ASU was winning by double digits at one point over the precious Trojans. If USC is so great, how come it takes a last minute drive every week to win these big games?

You can say all you want to about how much better USC's offense is and I'll agree with you there, but don't discount UT's O or even their D. USC D has been fairly weak all year. For some reason they only figure stuff out in the second half and do a fairly good job down the stretch. That's all good when you're playing an ASU or a Notre Dame, whose Ds are about as anemic as USC's. UT's D may not be lightyears ahead of Notre Dams, but if you could choose one, which would you take?

Pretty much here's the position breakdown:

QB: Leinart can throw with the best of them, but he runs like Drew Bledsoe. Vince Young has finally learned how to throw the ball on top of running with it.
Advantage: Push. (I know that pisses both UT and USC fans off, but it's true, they both do what they do extremely well).

RB: White and Bush. Need I say more? But the RBs for UT aren't that bad either, the Frosh they have (don't know his name) looks pretty good.

WR: USC consistantely has great WR. But here's what make UT WRs interesting: they can block. When you've got a QB like Young, you almost have to know how to.

O-Line(including TE): USC and UT both have spectacular O-lines. What I wouldn't give to have a couple of them slip into the late first, early second round so the NY Giants could draft them. Advantage: Push.

Defense: USC gets their stuff together in the second half, UT brings it the whole game. Advantage: UT.

I think if the National Championship is UT-USC, it would be a spectacular game. So many question marks, no one really knows any for sure answers. Can the UT D stop the USC WR? Can USC stop Young? What about Bush?

But here's the thing that seems to escape your minds: USC isn't even remotely close to being a hands down favorite against anyone. Neither is UT. To argue who is number 1 now is kind of pointless because I could see at least one team (USC seems more susceptible) to losing a game and getting kicked out of the championiship game. USC is number one until someone dethrones them, but don't think that if they keep winning by 3 or 4 points and UT keeps blowing teams away that a simple win will keep you from being "dethroned".

And finally, here's my plea. USC, no one cares about how popular Matt Leinart is on campus. I don't care that the only class he's taking is Dance. I mean for heaven's sake I know his schedule better than mine. So please, pleae get your crappy little school off of my tv and out of my mind.
OMG. All you Longhorns fans are smoking crack. For one thing Texas has played Powder Puff teams the whole season. They are all cream puffs. Give me a break.
We have many injuries on our team u DUMASS! Especially on defense. 3 of our DBs our on the IL. 2 of them our are first string playes. GOD get a life.
DUMASS...riiight, how 'bout that a USC education.
im not a hater...i love usc cuz im from la...but ima a college football FAN. i think usc is hands down the best team in the country...they have beat some pretty good teams this year...a couple of them ranked...oregon, ari st, and notre dame...all pretty good teams...some mite look at usc struggles as a weakness but let us not forget that they won those games by coming back...that must count for something...not to mention they were all away games. as for texas, they have played one ranked team that i can remember...the buckeyes...they have already lost twice. they are still good but not a team that scares me...a little bit over hyped...but texas is good but i think that va tech is slightly better...that defense is stingy...texas just hasnt played anyone up to this point. lets see wat happens wit texas tech...and isnt texas tech like this every year beforfe they start to play the big boys in the big 12...and then they suddenly fall off the radar...i would like to see all these teams play each other but i still dont see usc losing anywhere...fight on trojans...kav
Okay. First, congratulations to all you USC fans for getting a hard fought win. You beat a very, very good Irish team but you do have to admit that Matt Leinart is luckier than s*** for fumbling out of bounds instead of just getting tackled! Then, you have to admit that the refs overlooked the fact that the ball flew out of bounds at the 2 yard line instead of the 2 foot line. No comment on Reggie Bush's push because that's too controversial to even care about. Overall: Congratulations!!!

Second, how can anyone say that Vince Young is overrated? Before the season started he was only known for his foot work with the Texas two-step but after being shut down on the ground at Ohio State he had to resort to his arm and it proved to be worthy since he racked up 270 yards. Oh, by the way, he also was 25 of 29 for 336 yards, 2 TDs (3 more TDs on the ground) and 0 INT this past weekend. Has Leinart ever had a completion percentage close to that?? And how can anyone say that we were a dropped ball away from a loss at Ohio State? Vince threw that pass on 2nd down which means if Limas Sweed had dropped the ball, it would've been 3rd down! Oh my god, 3rd down! That means that there would've been 2 plays to make 10 yards before turning the ball over on downs. All I can say is idiot!

Third, the Texas defense is weak? Have you even watched a game when Texas is playing? We have the 2nd best run defense in the nation! Our passing defense hadn't been tested before the Colorado game last Saturday, but holding Joel Klatt (Colorado quarterback for the unknowledgeable who are reading) to 189 yards through the air, a week after he ripped the Texas A&M secondary for 398 yards, shows no sign of weakness. You can say that A&M's secondary is really weak, which I will totally agree with you about, but Klatt never looked comfortable in the pocket and the only time he was efficient was when they had him run a PA bootleg. For the person who commented on Texas as having a weak D...here's your sign!

Fourth, Texas Tech has played powder puffs all season but us here at Texas, we've played some harder games than that. I want to see USC go in to The Shoe and pull off a 4th quarter game-winning drive when a record crowd of 105,000+ are screaming their heads off and the student section is chanting, "F*** you Texas!!!" Also, make the game at night (Ohio State had never lost at Ohio Stadium at night before) and make it the most hyped non-conference game in the 21st century. Think USC could handle it?? It had been talked about for 8 months while USC's precious win at Notre Dame was talked about for a couple of weeks.

Fifth, who in the world commented on the Pac-10 being stronger than the Big 12? That is a flat out joke! The Pac-10 has USC and...well crap I don't remember any of the other teams. The Big 12 has Texas, Texas Tech, Colorado, and a weakened OU team that could still whip 9 out of the 10 Pac-10 teams. We saw what Tech's run 'n gun offense did to a whining Cal team in the Holiday Bowl. Cal should've been in the Rose Bowl?? Really? Note: I believe that USC is the best team in the country but they do play in a weak conference.

There is a lot more football to be played this year but right now Texas is sitting in 2nd place in the BCS poll very nicely. Unless Texas loses we won't be sliding behind Va. Tech anytime soon but we don't have to worry about them since Miami will take care of that controversy on Nov. 5. Also, Alabama will be dismissed from the contenders on Nov. 12 against LSU, Georgia might make it through Florida and the rest of the regular season but not the SEC title game, UCLA will lose to USC, and Tech won't make it out of Austin without a loss!

Rose Bowl pick: USC vs. Texas. Yes, a match-up that pits the University of Texas against the University of Spoiled Children. Last thing, fans who write blogs need to keep up with their stats before commenting on them and learn how to freaking spell!

Hook 'Em!
I guess that 1 team OU couldn't whip in the Pac-10 would be UCLA, since UCLA beat them this year already, 41-24. And I would like to see them take on Arizona St, Oregon, or USC. After watching both the Big 12 and Pac-10 this year, it is pretty ridiculous for people to say that the Pac-10 is weaker than the Big 12. Here are the ranked teams in the Pac-10:

USC (undefeated)
UCLA (undefeated)
Oregon (has lost 1 game, to USC)
Cal (has lost 2 games, to USC and Oregon St)
and just outside the top 25 is
Arizona St (has lost its 3 games to USC, Oregon, and LSU).

So aside from 1 bad loss from Cal, all of these teams have only lost to higher-ranked teams.

That is 4 ranked teams (and in all honesty, I think Arizona St is a much better team than Cal, and should be ranked instead of them).

In theory, that means 4 good teams (good enough to be in the Top 25) and 5 or 6 teams which aren't good enough to make it into the Top 25.

Now, let's look at the Big 12 and BOTH of their ranked teams (yeah, BOTH implies there are only 2):

Texas and Texas Tech

Both are undefeated, and Texas is a legitimate BCS Championship contender. I would say that Texas Tech and UCLA are both on equal footing (undefeated, but neither can really say they are legit BCS contenders, and this doesn't even take into account what has been deemed by pretty much every college football analyst as one of the weakest non-conference schedules (for Texas Tech) in the nation).

That leaves a disparity of 2-3 ranked teams. Advantage Pac-10. By the same logic, that means 2 good teams (and hell, I'll even throw in Colorado which just fell out of the Top 25), and 9 or 10 teams that aren't good enough to be in the top 25.

Pac 10: 4-5 Top 25-worthy teams
Big 12: 2-3 Top 25-worthy teams

Simple mathematics, boys and girls.

Outside of those ranked teams, I would say that the conferences are pretty even. I think if you took the next 3-4 teams in each conference, they would match up pretty strongly.

But the fact of the matter is, the 2 best teams (right now) are Texas and USC. People can whine all they want about which conference is better/worse, but it comes down to which 2 teams are the best. It is pretty obvious that the Pac-10 people think that it is the better conference, and the Big 12 people think that theirs is better, but I think that Texas and USC are the two best teams in the nation.
Sorry about typing so fast when posting a message. I dont care about the mistypes on the blog. I dont have time to waste like you do. I work for a living you ignorant fools. Comon give me a break. You criticize and are so biased against USC it is so obvious. What about the calls and missed calls that went against USC and in favor of Notre Dame? Read the posted comment about missed calls and calls first.
This whole discussion is pointless, both teams are over rated (USC and TEXAS) although USC is much more so. At least Texas plays more that one half-way ok program per year. Neither team would survive a 8 games in the SEC. Look at the number of teams from the SEC in the top rankings every week, over 1/2 of the SEC teams are in the top 25, 3 in the top 10. So who cares, the media plays up an over rated USC and poor old Tex never makes it to the big dance. For the money I think GA or Ten could be either one....
Have lived in Texas most of my life but went to an SEC school. Would never go to UT, but would take them over 'SC any day. SC is barely hanging on in their wins. Yes, they are undefeated and should be ranked #1, (for now), but would take Vince Young over Mr. Leinert as far as talent. I, too, feel the SEC is a much more difficult conference than Big 12 or PAC10 put together. By the way, you Cali's need to get off whatever you are on and get a life!
USC is not 'hanging on'. I bet Longhorns and Young and co. couldn't beat Notre Dame by half a point.
USC is just thanking GOD they didnt have to play the team AUBURN had on the field last year!!!! They were strong and ready! USC's winning streak would have ended there.
I go to A&M and my hatred for UT has now reached thru the roof. How dare you guys can even think, imagine, conjure up the fantasy that the Longhorns can even keep up with USC in a game of football. UT doesnt even deserve having their school's name next to USC on the polls. UT doesnt even deserve breathing the same air as USC football players. Oh im sorry, UT loyalists' argue that wah wah, we have awesome stats that rank us at the top of the list in all categories and USC barely wins, wah wah. (They got their WAHing from their sorry hick coach Mack Brown) Well UT fans, do not get all excited because you beat Louisana Lafeyette, Rice University, and OU and think that you deserve a shot at USC all of a sudden. Yes yes you guys beat Ohio State, but if your gonna accuse USC of luck, god damn you must of saw about 2 million miracles in the game against Ohio State. Remember earlier this year in the Orange Bowl, the Sooners were supposed to give the Trojans a run for their money. hahaha we all remember what happened. What makes you think you Longhorns are any different then last years opponent? YOUR NOT! If USC plays UT, USC wins by minimal 21 points. HOOK THIS BITCHES....

Dear Anonymous aggie,

I guess since your team is horrible, you have now become a Trojan fan?!? Is that really how bad things are in College Station, realizing you have no chance to beat Texas so you pin all your hopes on the one team that does have a chance to beat Texas? Talk about sour grapes. Texas doesn't even deserve to brethe the same Air? You will excuse me if I disregard your "analysis" as biased and unfounded. The thing the UT team will be Hooking this year is A&M, and they can anme the score. Better Mack than Caoch Fran by the way.
Cody Hodges
Joel Filani
Taurean Henderson
Jarrett Hicks
Make sure the guys on the PA at Durrell OK Royale bleachers practice those names this week...
The PA guy has been practicing all week: "Cody Hodges sacked at the Texas Tech four yard line by Aaron Harris for a loss of six yards."

Texas Tech has NO chance in this game. None.
You USC fans are ridiculous, I am from South Florida and I thought Miami fans were bad. As we say to those bandwagon Hurricanes, "Hey (USC fan)! Where did you go to school?"
JM: "Pac-10 doesn't play defense"?!?! Where did you borrow that line from, your Grandpappy? Let's do away with that tired refrain and focus on the fact that USC is likely going to...The ROSE BOWL, getting the Heisman -AGAIN- and becoming NATIONAL CHAMPS! -AGAIN-
Typical Aggies fans, can't even spell or use grammar correctly. I can't say I'm surprised. Most college football experts (Mandel included) will list Texas as the best team in the country this year alone...but there is something to be said about defending a title. USC is #1 until someone beats them, even if they have amazing amounts of luck and Bush pushed Leinart into the endzone...so what? End result is...they win. USC vs. Texas in the Rose Bowl is the game everyone wants to see...USC fans thinks they'd blow out Texas, that's amusing. By the way, what's with all these USC fans posting anonymously? I expect that from FAggies...but what are you Trojans so afraid of?
I don't think 'SC would blow out UT--at least not like we did to ChOklahoma. However, Gen. Sherman said it best: "If I owned both Hell and Texas, I'd rent out Texas and live in Hell." - William T. Sherman
Sherman was a Yankee bastard
Obviously, General Sherman never visted Watts where the beautiful USC campus resides. What a dump!

Texas fans need to shut up until we actually do something-which hasn't happend since DKR retired.
Then we can have a good time with the USC cheerleaders that formerly worked for Heidi Fleiss.
College football is a farce until it can provide an actual champion. It is fantastic to watch and more interesting than the Pros, but it is a joke when it determines a champion.

I'm an OU fan and USC handed OU its ass last January in a bad way. I don't believe USC would have won by so much if the game was a week after the season ended or even won, but nonetheless the better team won. A month is a long time to wait for the national championship game. That long of wait provides for a poor product on the field. Both teams had a month, but some teams do better with that much time off. It's like the beginning of the season, a comedy of errors. The fans deserve better.

I'm not sure USC would survive a SEC type schedule. Week in and week out to have a tough game is tough. the CRAP 10 is just a step higher than a Pop Warner League. USC would get more respect if it had to play a schedule like the SEC teams.
I love how SC fans like to say that Vince Young can't pass and that he just runs the ball every play. Care to look at the Passing Efficieny Ratings this week? You probably don't want to if you are not an Orangeblood. VY is #4 in passing efficiency and Leinart is #8. Both players have 12 TD passes and 5 picks. I guess Leinart suks too then. If this wasn't enough to shut you folks up, add to that that when VY decides to run, he has accounted for 478 yards and 5 touchdowns on only about 11 carries a week. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Oh, and to address the "soft" defense issue, Texas is 2nd in total defense and 7th in scoring defense compared to SC at, let me check, 35th in scoring defense and 45th in Total defense, 2 spots below Troy State. Granted SC has won many games in a row, but if you play with fire as often as they do, you will get burned.

Hook 'em!
Charlie Weiss is a genius. He out coached Pete Carroll. It's reasonable to believe that the Patriots were so good because of Weiss and Crenell. When Weiss gets quality players from top to bottom like USC, USC will lose in a big way just because Weiss is a better coach. Carroll lost an awesome offensive coordinator. You'll see how good the new guy is when Bush, White and Leinart have left.

You'll also have to be impressed with Notre Dame playing a difficult schedule. I don't know if it is stupid or smart, but impressive. When they win the National Championship, it is deserved.

Watch out when Weiss gets his recruits. We all know he can coach another coach's players.
As a Longhorn fan I am amused at the endless rambling by both UT and USC fan, the game against Notre Dame was great for two reasons: 1; Notre Dame lost, which in my world is only slightly under the thrill of the uRedskins losing: 2; this keeps the USC-UT showdown on track. I think USC at this point is a better team than UT and will probalby beat UT by 1-2 points in a championship game, but a true fan of any team wants to have a chance to beat the best, which is USC. Also aggie fan needs to get a life, it must really chap them that Longhorn fan doesn't care about them as much as they do about the Longhorns - seems to me they have a little 'horn envy. GO UT, keep winning USC, we'll see you in January
David Barecky
If I have to listen to one more Texas fan talk about how good they are I'm going to snap. You never win the national championship. You always underachieve. USC should of lost? How about the ball the Ohio State tight end dropped? Or a missed field goal? Texas shouldn't even have beat Ohio State so just shut up. Until you can make a legit case for your team, don't make up stupid webpages. USC deserved to beat Notre Dame just as much as Texas deserved to be Ohio State. Tool.
Seriously TU fan(s), reading the garbage you guys/gals write here is pretty damn funny. “Y’all” live in your own little reality world I see.

USC won against ND; if the shoe was on the other foot, none of you here would be saying anything about the “push” or the “spot” of the ball. Believe me, I wanted to see SC loose as much as you did (UCLA alumni), but they (USC) have scoreboard. USC deserves to be #1 until we (UCLA) beat them Dec. 3rd.

TU is over rated, and TU cannot even hold the jock straps of the schools of the Pac-10. At least with USC, besides having money, you need to have a high school degree to get in; to get a degree from TU, one does not need money, or a high school degree, just a lot of chewing tobacco and an awful orange shirt.

Now, lets look at some statistics (I know for some of you that is a big word, so look it up)-

In the last 15 years, TU has gone 2 – 5 against the Pac-10.
In Bowl Games, TU has gone 1 – 3.
Lifetime against SC you have won, well, never… 0-4!

Mack Brown has been smart the last few years, want to contend for a national title, don’t schedule games against the Pac-10. One would have thought he learned that after his predecessor (I know, another big word, so look it up) John Mackovic was handed the 3 – 66 loss against UCLA; Mack thought he could get even the next year, I guess in a way he did, this time only losing to UCLA 31- 49. There was not better way to think one can contend in the Pac-10 than scheduling a game against Stanford the following year (TU won 69 -17), you sure showed the Pac-10 you can hang with the big boys (that is what you call sarcasm; again, look it up); bummer that the following year you tempted fate once to often and lost to Stanford (who by the way was not ranked, unlike TU at #5).

The point to all this was to make it clear that TU could not, can not, nor ever be able to compete with the schools of the Pac-10, so wake up, and just enjoin being over rated while it lasts.
Ok from one Aggie to the moron Aggie who is trying to get in the middle of this. STOP! While reading this I was very happy to not see us mentioned anywhere....no posts spouting off how bloody bad we are this year, just some good old smack from the two top teams in the nation. So from now on to all SC and UT folks ignore what any other (Aggie turned Trojan) fan posts, cause its a bit embarrassing. I'd rather the country forget how bad we are this year. By the way with the guy who said Mack is a better coach than fran...... I totally agree, can we get R.C. Slocum back?
I live in austin and can't stand the longhorns. I hope they get beat soon. please please please texas tech beat the longhorns, even if that doesnt happen it's not like they will win the championship. i am not a fan of USC but I am definently not a fan of the longhorns. They made such a big deal about beating the Sooners when TCU beat them already so to quote Rick Flair (WWF wrestler) "To be the man you must beat the man" and the longhorns haven't proved that.
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No one calls the pushing on the runner because it usually IS a fat lineman pushing for an extra inch, but when the player doing the pushing has a 5 yard running start that's a bit different.
Yes yes, mack brown is god blah blah, best coach, blah blah, etc etc...I swear you shorthorn, I mean Longhorn fans were calling him real harsh names last year around this same time...whats with the change of hearts you fruitcakes?!
One of the USC fans should help their buddy out with how to spell "whinning." Seriously, the PAC-10 is always overrated, USC has won ONE national championship, and you will get your *ss kicked in the national championship game this year.
hey USC fans, I think you guys have struggled for 4 consecutive weeks now although no losses. You better watch out for my beloved HORNS becasue I guarateee that if and when we meet in the Rose Bowl, our defense will close up shop. Offensively, we're about the same only we have more weapons. Defensively, there's no comparison that the TEXAS D is stronger. I would bet on beating USC by double digits. HOOK EM HORNS
USC fans yall are retarded. Saying Vince can't pass is ridiculous. He just went 25-29 for over 300 yards and 2 TD's. Also quite saying Texas schedule is awful. Who has USC beat. Arizona ST. almost beat yall and they arent even ranked anymore. Oregon had a halftime lead vs. SC and everyone knows they are awful. Arizona played yall tight for 3 quarters and they are pathetic. Saying TX, going into the Hoseshoe during primetime, not being a quality win because OSU is overrated and a multiple losss team, is just retarded. I can use the same argument against yall. Yall's most quality victory is against ND. Who has ND beaten? ND is overrated. They are ranked high because at the time they beat PITT and Michigan they were both ranked high, but now look at those two teams. In conclusion Texas schedule is in fact just as tough as yalls is, and we play the 2 best teams on either teams schedule in Ohio ST., and Tech. SO shut-up and wait till Jan. 4 when we are crowned Natl. Champs.
Howdy and YEEE HAAAAA Texas. How's veiw at #2 in the nation. The view from #1 is very nice!!!
"YEEE HAAAAA" ? Isn't that the call of the Troy boy's when they are "riding" one another? I guess thats why their mascot is a condom.

Gee, where were all these SC fans prior to Pete Carroll showing up?
Besides jumping each other they jump the old bandwagon!

Great Team-Sorry ass fans.
Louisiana Lafayette, Rice? Wow your team takes on all challengers. I have been a fan for over 20 years through to good bad an ugly. It just that hear in SoCal we have a life and football is just one of many things we enjoy. All you have is Texas football and since they haven't won in over thirty years it must be very frustrating. GO RED RAIDERS!!!!!
This blog is so bias. The author deletes all the good 'SC smack. Bottom-line is that Texas wants to thought of as a football state. But the truth is, when it comes to football talent, CA and FL are top dogs. Texas, and I'm being kind, might crack the top ten.
Face it Texas U, you are are second rate to Texas A&M, and maybe even Texas Tech and TCU!
Texas its so funny to hear how you will slap around USC in the Rose Bowl. Since no one can see into the future the past must be used as a guideline. Over the last several years what has Texas done beside choke in the big game. Besides playing a decent Ohio State team this year your non-conference schedule has been a joke. USC two national titles, two Heisman winners. We play the best in the country routinely on the road. Finally the bottom line is this we haven't lost in a very long time.

Now I know what Texas will say " USC has been lucky, or has had to cheat to win" The thing of it is we have what most winning programs have chararcter,desire, and a never quit attitude. Thats why we always find a way to win, and until you, Texas can do the same you team will never be threat to SC.
Fight On for ol' SC
Our men Fight On to victory
Our Alma Mater dear,
looks up to you
Fight On and win
For ol' SC
Fight On to victory
Fight On!

All hail to Alma Mater,
To thy glory we sing;
All hail to Southern California,
Loud let thy praises ring;
Where Western sky
meets Western seas
Our college stands in majesty
Sing our love to Alma Mater,
Hail, all hail to thee.

Fight ON SC!!!!
For one thing, all you USC people that keep pointing to the dropped ball in the Ohio Game, I will use your own line, SCOREBOARD BITCHES. Tastes bitter in your own mouth!!!! Yes ND and USA was a great game, yes Bush pushed and helped out, Yes Weiss said he hopes his running back would do the same. SO enough of that shit. How can you silly USC people say Mack brown isnt a good coach. 4 seasons with 10 wins or more??? His first losing season is as head coach for NC in 88, two years later made them 6-4 two years took them to a bowl game. Has been in a bowl game since 92. I am not even going to touch the soft Defense issue. That is a product of pure idiotcy!!!!! I cant believe I heard one of the USC fans rant about living the Laguna beach life. For the love of College football, put a helmet on and play in front of a running 18 wheeler!!!!! I am from Texas and stationed here in California. I love Texas and I have to admit Cali isnt a bad state, But please dont be so ignorant. How can you Talk about the President of the USA just because he is from texas ( damn right any other wuss would have been a lil bitch after 911.) when you have AWNALD as govenor.He is no better nor worse. People from texas are not stupid, Arkansas YESSS, ( been stationed there too) but not texas. Vince can throw this year, unfortunately he couldnt last year. Our QB has improved, yours well, hmm I think he has gotten worse. We got rid of " i want a heisman" benson, and got real true running backs. We will be in the Rose bowl. Tell you what you can be 1 and a half time champions,. I will be happy with 2 Rose bowl Championships back to back. So USC Thank you and god bless and eat shit and die!!!!
PS i forgot to put my name on that comment, My name is Chris Deck, and QUIT LIVING IN THE PAST< MORE CHAMPIONSHIPS MORE HEISMANS< BLAH BLAH Hollywood magik and the past doesnt mean shit come rose bowl.
Mack Brown is a very good coach who has brought Texas back in the national eye. Pete Carroll is a great coach who hasen't lost in 28 games. By the way USC travels again this week that makes 5 road games 4 of which have been against ranked teams. Texas has played 1 road game against Ohio State.
Stats dont lie

Three road wins against ranked teams

Texas -
One road win against a ranked team

Ranked #1 in the country

Texas -
Ranked #2 in the country (but for how long?)
Hey Texans? I understand the only thing you have is football, but come on, don't you have farm animals to play with? What about your cousins? Everytime I watch King of the Hill I think about Texans.
Keep on talking. Just be man enough to give credit where credit is due after the Rose Bowl is over. Your a fool if you think UT only has football. UT has rivaled Stanford for the top college sports school, for years now. We are fully aware of how powerful USC is this year. To have our team bad mouthed doesn't bother us. We know about our past history of not completing the season (bowl games) strong. We won the Rose Bowl last year, and if you want to continue to consider us "no competition", then all I can say is just wait. I can guarantee you, Pete Carroll does not consider UT a "sub-par" team. Whether we beat you guys or not, I do guarantee we will give you all you can handle.
"Hey Texans? I understand the only thing you have is football, but come on, don't you have farm animals to play with? What about your cousins? Everytime I watch King of the Hill I think about Texans."

HEY RETARD YOU MIGHT WANT TO LOOK AT COLLEGE BASEBALL. CHAMPIONS 2005 College Basketball final 4 2 years ago. You are so dumb, Dont talk on this forum again. You are apparently a product of some hippie parents with a tough of homosexuality. You must be one of those " i live the Luguana beach style" idiots. Everytime I see a pathfinder (slightly handicapped people contracted to work on the base) I will think of you!!!!!!

Chris Deck
Houston Astros, World series
Thank you God Bless Eat shit and DIE
Ranked #1 in the country

Texas -
Ranked #2 in the country (but for how long?)

that could go for USC too. All it takes is a loss and they are out. But you might somehow think that even if they lose they will stay on the top. Once again you have to come harder that that
you guys are all retards, no one ere knows what they're talking about.
WHO CARES - you idiots can taunt and yell at each other over who's #1 or #2 or whatever, but it really doesn't mean anything! Maybe you all should just grow up and do something productive with your lives. There are a lot more important things than a stupid sport.
Ranked #1 in the country

Texas -
Ranked #2 in the country (but for how long?)

Umm according to new BCS polls texas is 1 USC is 2 just thought I would let you know

"Maybe you all should just grow up and do something productive with your lives. There are a lot more important things than a stupid sport."

Maybe you should eat a big pile of shit and die.

Chris Deck
I hate USC, I hate all of the butt darts... Texas will beat them in the championship IF USC can get past UCLA.. .USC doesn't ever play anybody good.. look at the big ten, every week you have a tough opponent, in the pac 10 you have to play out of the conference (notre dame) to get a close one.. USC shoudln't be #1 at all, oh wait, and they aren't in the BCS standings.. GO DIE TROJANS
As much as I hate to defend USC, I hate more reading shit from TU fans that are about as smart as a... well can really think of anything... If Texas plays USC, they will loose, not even a question.. in fact, if Texas played almost any team in the Pac-10, they would loose. You're #1 in the BCS today dumbass, but your schedule blows, so enjoy because you will fall fast. Have no fear though, because the BCS blows too, you most likely will make it to the Rose Bowl, but you won't be playing USC because UCLA will beat them... think of it as a gift from the Bruins, and enjoy your backdoor national title, one you do not deserve... Texas... what a bunch of... well, you know...
one more thing... quote from sportsillustrated.cnn.com/sioncampus/...

"Vince Young isn't to worried about the debate over the Longhorns No. 2 ranking, but with a weak Big XII, maybe he should be".

Nothing could be more true! F- USC, F-TU... Go Briuns!
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