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Tuesday, October 18



I’m having a tough time picking up on what the rest of the country thinks of Texas Tech. It’s starting to feel like a lose-lose situation for the Horns this weekend. If they lose to Tech, or barely win, it will be seen as a sign of weakness for Texas. But if they win, the Texas Tech “Fraud City” charges will just get blown up further. Clearly, the latter option is preferable, but it’s hard to see Texas being able to make any “statement” from this game. The best we can hope for us total demolition of Tech. Something like 66-3. Much more on this game throughout the week.

I think that the perspective of Tech will not be determined this week, but in the following weeks. If Tech goes on to win all of its games, then I think they will not say anything about us beating a team which does not deserve its ranking. If they have a subpar finish, I think it will make us look bad. I don't know if it will hurt us in the BCS this week, but ultimately we should be ok. As long as we are in the top 2 at the end of the season, that's all that matters.
The tech win will be impressive if we are able to hold them to a low point total. Tech may have played inferior competition but they at least dominated and took care of business (unlike Stanford against UC Davis). Tech has the tools to win out after losing to Texas and I think a team with one loss is always impressive and should be counted as a quality opponent. Texas needs to take care of business...after all I think the teams that Tech hammered think that they are a dominant team!
66-3? You a-hole.

I question your allegiance when you suggest that score, bean.
you're right. it is lose-lose for texas. texas tech has the worst strength of scheudle in the nation, toss aside like 3 other schools, so everyone is expecting a blowout. And if you lose, then hello cotton bowl (isn't that the shitty bowl you guys play in every year, besides last year's mack brown beg-a-thon rose bowl?) Whatever you do, just don't lose because USC wants to destroy your program just like they did to oklahoma. WIn big bitches
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