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Monday, October 17


Quotes from the Colorado Game

On Vince Young

“Vince’s performance was the best today that I’ve ever seen him.”
--Mack Brown--

“So much for hangovers. I was worried about it all week ... He [Young] just breaks teams backs.”
--Mack Brown--

“He makes anything he wants to happen on the football field.”
--Offensive lineman Jonathan Scott--

“He just takes off and adds another dimension, and it kills us.”
--Colorado linebacker Jordan Dizon--

“We did not underestimate his throwing ability at all. His receivers made great plays, he made great throws, and we didn’t get any pressure on him.”
-- Colorado coach Gary Barnett--

“I don’t care if I have to run 100 times or pass it 100 times. Whatever it takes to win is all that matters to me.”
--Vince Young--

On the Notre Dame-USC game

“There’s no disappointment. We just won a game. They're doing their job, we're doing ours.”
--Vince Young--

On the Texas defense

“They just flat stopped us. Our game plan got shut out.”
--Colorado running back Hugh Charles--

On Texas' dominance

"We got outplayed and outcoached today. We would have to play almost perfect to win the game today."
--Gary Barnett--

On rankings

I felt like Texas was a more dominant team than the Miami team we played three weeks ago. I voted Texas number one and that's not going to change. They are a great team, and Vince Young is a heck of a football player."
--Gary Barnett--


On the final quote from Barnes: Smart man! I've never seen a more dominant team. I think Texas is being overlooked for #1 mostly because of SC's pedigree. Their two previous seasons have clouded the voters judgement. Had they not won last year and the polls started today, Texas would be a CLEAR #1 team and SC would be happy with a top 5 vote. They haven't been dominant in many of their wins this year and Texas has only been close in one, against a very good Ohio State team. Our D can hold SC to less than 30 points, but SC's defense has not, nor will not face a quarterback, or player of any position, anything like VY. They are fast, but we are faster. Our offensive line would dominate like what you saw Sat. against Colorado. VY would have all day to decide what he wanted to do. I can't wait to shut the entire state of CA up about their precious Hollywood boys. GO SC. Meet ya in Pasadena!!!
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