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Wednesday, October 19


Bet the farm: Texas vs Texas Tech Preview

The last two gameday previews have focused on pivotal matchups where something had to give. Against OU it was their run defense versus our run offense (win for Texas), and against Colorado it was their pass offense versus our pass defense (win for Texas again). This week? There’s literally only one question about this game: will Tech’s vaunted passing attack be successful this week?

The answer is yes and no. Will they complete 25-30 passes? Probably. Will they accumulate 300 yards of passing? Probably. Will the passing offense be successful enough to keep up with Texas and keep Tech in the game? Not a chance.

The one element of Saturday’s game that Texas must focus on is field position. So long as they make Texas Tech start from inside their own 30 yard line all day, there’s no way Tech can win. Absolutely no way. The only chance Texas Tech has is if the Longhorns gift them good field position and they can get points off short drives. Otherwise, the Texas defense will keep Tech from scoring enough to win.

On the other side, there’s simply no way for Tech to stop the Texas offensive attack. Vince Young scored four touchdowns and had 300 yards of total offense against them last year. And the Vince Young of last year is a shell of this year’s version. Texas is going to score and score often. Tech’s quarterback this year, Cody Hodges, is decidedly better than last year’s, Sonny Cumbie, but he hasn’t seen anything even remotely resembling the Texas defense.

For all intents and purposes, Texas Tech is 3-0. They’ve beaten Kansas, Nebraska, and Kansas State. There are about sixty NCAA teams that could do that. They’ve yet to face anyone with a real defense and for that matter, they’ve yet to play anyone with a real offense. Why the spread is 16 points is beyond me. If you have some money lying around, bet on the Horns. They’re a lock to improve to 7-0 against the spread this year.

We’ll keep previewing this game throughout the week, but let this serve as notice: we’re predicting a Texas blowout. Our initial prediction? Texas going away, 58-20.

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