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Tuesday, October 18


ATL Preseason Hoops Top 25

1. Texas (Partisan vote? Sure. Could Texas win it all? Yep.)
2. Duke (Sheldon Williams is a college beast. He'll be a lousy pro.)
3. Villanova (Look out. Returning everyone.)
4. Connecticut (Rudy Gay is really, really good.)
5. Arizona (Is anyone more consistent than Lute Olsen?)
6. Michigan State (Izzo always has a strong team)
7. Oklahoma (Boooooo. They’ll be thugtastic once again.)
8. Memphis (Great, great athletes. Need to be better ball players this year.)
9. Gonzaga (A perennial top 10 team. Impressive.)
10. Kentucky (Could be special this year.)
11. Syracuse (The Orange will struggle early, but should come on strong.)
12. Boston College (Solid, bruising team.)
13. Louisville (Pitino is a college mastermind.)
14. Stanford (I hate their former coach, Mike Montgomery. A lot.)
15. UCLA (Big step forward for Bruins this year.)
16. Iowa (Was close to being very good last year.)
17. Texas Tech (Knight has done well to make them Top 20. They can’t go higher.)
18. Kansas (Young and loaded. A year away from title contenders.)
19. West Virginia (Returning much of last year’s team.)
20. Alabama (Should be strong in the SEC.)
21. Illinois (Dee Brown is back.)
22. Ohio State (See: Kansas)
23. Georgetown (Jeff Green is the best young forward you’ve never heard of.)
24. Oklahoma State (See: Kansas)
25. Maryland (Gary Williams turns water into wine.)

This ballot is the official ballot of ATL in the BlogPoll Top 25, which will be run by friend of ATL and Iowa State blogger, Alex. Visit his site, and the Blog Poll (not yet up), here.

Not that I like him, but you hate Trent Johnson? I don't remember him doing anything egregious that I can remember...is there something he did that I forgot about?
Correction - I'd forgotten that Mike Montgomery was gone to the NBA. God I hated that guy. Nothing against Trent Johnson. Still, dumbest mascot in sports.
Yeah, I hate that guy too, but not as much as I hate Lute Olsen.
Were is North Carolina? I know they are not the team they were, but they are the defending Champions.
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